What to Watch: Monsterland, Emergency Call, Emily In Paris, The 100 Series Finale

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After seven, sometimes divisive seasons, The 100 draws to a close this week.

There are a lot of streaming options debuting, including Hulu's Monsterland and Netflix's Emily In Paris.

And if you're hoping for a little more reality, ABC weighs in with Emergency Call, which is quite good, and Weakest Link returns to NBC with Jane Lynch as the host. Find out what else is in store below!

WTW Sept 26

Saturday, September 26

9/8c Falling for Look Lodge (Hallmark)

Lily dreams of being a hotel event coordinator.

She's thrilled when she's given the chance to do so by helping Noah, a hotel guest, finish planning his sister Justine's wedding at a remote lodge.

This one stars Clark Backo and Reign's Jonathan Keltz.

Sunday, September 27

7/6c Love Unplugged (UPtv)

Welcome back to TV, Mischa Barton!

Barton and Pretty Little Liars alum, Sean Faris, star as a married couple who put the romance back into their relationship after a blackout.

If there is one love lesson we need to learn this year, it's how to reconnect without turning on and tuning out.

This one looks great! Check out a preview now.

8/7c Big Brother (CBS)

After the last of Big Brother's most iconic All-Stars departed, we're left with a battle for HOH among the others. Chances are one of the infamous Committee will members will win, which is boring, but the real interest is in whatever BB legend, Dr. Will Kirby, is doing next door.

8/7c 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? (TLC)

Don't expect Paul and Karine to be a part of the explosive tell-all, but there is plenty of drama to make up for it.

Colt is forced to face not one, not two, but three of his exes, and it's all conducted through Zoom! Will Deb go too far to shield her son?

Meanwhile, Tammy vows to cause some more problems for Kalani and Asuelu. It's crazy!

9/8c Real Housewives of Potomac (Bravo)

After Michael's latest infidelity scandal, a post-partum Ashley presents him with a post-nuptial agreement. The women try to understand the root or Monique and Candiace's recent blowout.

9/8c Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up (ID)

Joe Exotic officially roars onto Investigation Discovery this weekend. ID’s definitive sequel, Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up, examines the biggest question in true crime today – what happened to Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis?

This three-hour special takes a new look at the evidence surrounding Lewis’s mysterious disappearance, featuring exclusive jailhouse interviews from the biggest character in the world: Joe Exotic himself.

My friends are as into Carole Baskin as you can get, and from the first episode, this is like a dream scenario for them with its attempts to take down the DWTS contestant.

The two-night event begins Sunday at 9pm and concludes on Monday at 9pm, with the first hour currently unlocked now at IDGO if you can't wait.

9/8c Lovecraft Country (HBO)

We'll finally learn what happened to Hippolyta after her trip to Ardham seeking answers about George's death.

Also, Tic searches for information about a cousin of his mother while looking for The Book of Names.

And why is Leti suddenly queasy?

9/8c Bob's Burger's (Fox)

The Belcher's return with Season 11 and it's just the distraction we all needed! And it sounds just as delightfully weird as all the other episodes.

Bob encounters an old friend -- his rubber band stress ball -- and Tina tries to learn a hand-slapping song. Spoiler alert -- she's not good at it.

And good news, gang. We're giving Bob's Burgers reviews another try, so if you watch, check back here afterward to chat about it!

Monday, September 28

8/7c Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Tyra Banks will (likely struggle) to host Disney Night as the remaining contestants bring the magic of Disney to the ballroom. Who wants to bet Carole will dance to the Lion King?

9/8c Filthy Rich (FOX)

Always playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, Margaret figures out how to use the exposure of the Monreauxs' scandal to her advantage and benefit.

She puts a disgruntled Eric in charge of the charitable wing of the company where he'll likely seethe and plot to his heart's content.

Rose finds out the truth about her new "brother" and potential paramour.

10/9c Emergency Call (ABC)

As someone who seriously considered pursuing the job, this deep dive into 9-1-1 operators is welcome.

Their unique position is so important to emergencies, as they set up the scenario that emergency responders walk into.

I can't help but think their jobs are more important than ever in the current atmosphere, and the real-life inspiration for some of our favorite fictional shows on television is quite moving without overly dramatizing the calls.

Luke Wilson is a perfect host with his particular blend of charm and concern, like the caring family member we'd all love to have.

Tuesday, September 29

8/7c Weakest Link (NBC)

Jane Lynch is a suitable host for the premiere of this game show revival.

Eight strangers work together during an intense trivia game while picking off one another one by one until someone wins the million-dollar prize.

Wednesday, September 30

8/7c The Masked Singer (Fox)

Group B makes its debut and we are introduced to six more celebrities in masks!

Will they be easier to identify than Group A? Or will we be clueless and searching the internet for spoilers like usual? Hint -- it's the latter.

8/7c The 100 (The CW)

It's the end of the line for this once-hot drama series. The characters have lost a lot during The 100 Season 7. But, with one war left, it looks like they will be losing a lot more. Don't expect everyone to survive.

This show has never been about happy endings.

Thursday, October 1

Robert the Bruce (Crackle)

Robert the Bruce is billed as an unofficial sequel to Braveheart, and now you don't need to pay to see it.

Crackle has this movie about the one-time Scottish king and the fight for Scotland's independence against England for free. Yes, free.

If you aren't watching Crackle's free options, then you should consider it. Robert the Bruce is well-cast and beautifully filmed.

It's also a very dramatic story about how regular people unwittingly get caught in the political crossfire, which seems awfully timely in 2020.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (CBS All Access)

It’s off to the holodeck for some shenanigans as Mariner gives the Dark Side a try. Heck, if she’s gotta clean its bio-filters, she might as well enjoy it too, right?

Our review of this penultimate episode of the season will be scoping all the Easter eggs!

The Salisbury Poisonings (AMC+)

It's utterly shocking that I didn't know about this story out of England, in which a town is thrust into chaos when several people are poisoned with Novichok.

If you have AMC+, you should take advantage by watching this story, which follows the lives of those effected from unwitting bystanders to cops. Some were poisoned and others investigated, but all of their stories are told in detail.

8/7c Big Brother (CBS)

In the most exciting and unexpected thing to happen all season, Big Brother will have a two-hour episode with a surprise, unprecedented three-person eviction. It's what we and the remaining houseguests deserve. Bring on the slaughter!

10/9c Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

With the Federation and the Klingons on the brink of war, Burnham must get herself out of the brig if she’s going to help stop the conflict.

Meanwhile, T’Kuvma stokes the flames of Klingon pride and Captain Georgiou contemplates a desperate plan.

Will this new Star Trek story start off with a whimper or a bang? Check back for our review, revised and revamped, of what was originally the back half of the premiere!

Friday, October 2

Dick Johnson Is Dead (Netflix)

Kirsten Johnson lovingly engages her ailing father in a film about his death, both physical and spiritual, as he begins a descent into dimentia, which, after losing her mother to Alzheimer's, she understands all too well.

They're both frank and emotional as they make light of the seriousness of their predicament while experiencing much of it first hand.

Kirsten beautifully shows the devastating effects of the debilitating disease and the importance of making the most of every moment, while her father gamely enacts the many different ways he might leave this mortal coil.

Emotional and wickedly funny, Dick Johnson Is Dead is a love letter from daughter to father.

Emily in Paris (Netflix)

With Younger Season 7 delayed due to the pandemic, Emily in Paris is the next best thing. It has Darren Star's signature wit, an excellent lead in Lily Collins, and a beautiful Paris backdrop.

We'll have a full review dropping Wednesday, so keep you eyes peeled.

Monsterland (Hulu)

Hulu releases a new anthology series that successfully equates fantastical monsters with those with which some of us are far too familiar.

A good portion of the episodes show the debasement and depravity adults express when entrused with children as parents or guardians, while others explore monsters of different varieties.

It's another unsettling series in a year that's filled with them, from Watchmen to Lovecraft Country to The Third Day.

They all examine fictional demons with the demons humanity fights and often succumbs to. Monsterland is a great addition to the fray and highly recommended.

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