For Life: The Fight is Just Beginning In First Look at Season 2!

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Aaron Wallace is back.

For Life, the 50 Cent produced hit drama inspired by the real-life story of Isaac Wright Jr. returns on November 18 for its sophomore season.

And not only did ABC drop For Life Season 2's key art, but it also released a trailer to get you pumped for the new season.

For Life Season 2 Key Art

When we left Aaron Wallace, a judge granted Aaron his retrial. It's his first major step toward freedom after his imprisonment nine years ago for a crime he didn't commit.

However, the newly appointed Attorney General and the man deadset on making Aaron's life hell, Maskins, halted Aaron's transfer.

The season ended with Aaron trapped in prison with a bunch of inmates (among others) who had it in for him.

The trailer for season two gives off a more hopeful tone as we catch our first glimpse of Aaron outside of the prison walls.

Aaron in Court  - For Life

He shares a moment with an inmate who tells him not to forget his experience behind bars. Aaron promises that he won't.

While some inmates weren't fans of his, it appears that he leaves the prison with some congratulations and cheers.

In the voiceover, Aaron expresses a drive -- calling, if you will, to represent and fight on behalf of other inmates who are in the same position that he was in as a wrongfully convicted man.

He wants to help many of his former peers, including his prison best friend and former cellmate, Jamal. When we last saw Jamal, EMTs were loading him into an ambulance after an attack, so it's a relief that he has presumably survived that ordeal.

Fallen Friend  - For Life

Making sure that Aaron remains in the fighting condition is his ex-wife, Marie.

It appears she's the one who picks him up from prison when he's released, and she's right there encouraging him to keep fighting the good fight.

It makes you wonder if the new season will delve into their relationship more, now that Aaron is out. We'll also hopefully get to see Aaron reconnect with his daughter and newborn grandson.

According to Deadline, the new season will also incorporate the COVID-19 pandemic, which could be riveting and emotional, particularly if they choose to address how the pandemic ravaged prisons and affected inmates.

Trouble  - For Life

The season will also touch on the Black Lives Matter protests in addition to its continued exploration of the flawed criminal justice system and exposure of injustices within the legal system.

The trailer is hopeful, with an inspiring tune and a tagline of "Never stop fighting."

And it closes out with Aaron observing that the real fight is just beginning.

For Life Season 2 Key Art

As we learned from the first season, when it comes down to choosing our player, you'd be a fool to ever count Aaron Wallace down and out.

Are you ready for the second season of For Life? Check out the trailer below and hit the comments with your reactions.

For Life returns November 18 at 10/9c on ABC. Don't forget to check back in for our full reviews.

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