The Resident Season 4 Promo: CoNic Wedding & A Tribute to Front Line Workers!

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that one of the best medical dramas currently on the air is returning on January 12?

It feels as if we haven't had our beloved Chastain crew in our lives forever, and I cannot think of anything better to hold us over than our first glimpse of the fourth season of The Resident.

Mark your calendars and let the countdown begin because if the entire season is as amazing as that 30-second trailer, then we are in for a treat.

The Resident S4 Promo- Conic Wedding Tall

COVID-19 has challenged our world in more ways than one, and there are mixed feelings by many viewers when it comes to incorporating the deadly pandemic into their favorite series.

It's difficult and scary enough living through it, so we snatch those little moments of happiness however we can, and if it comes in the form of our favorite shows and characters, then so be it.

But if you can't trust any other medical drama to cover the life-altering issues many of us have faced over the past few months, you can trust The Resident.

And while the trailer shows us brief moments of sadness and strife, they also give us moments of joy. As we've learned through the course of 2020, good, bad, ugly, and tragic, life goes on.

The Resident S4 Key Art

If we survive, we persist. And in cases like The Resident, honor the fallen by telling their stories and fighting the good fight.

Atlanta was and probably still is a hotbed for Coronavirus, and you cannot have devoted, dedicated first responders like Conrad and the gang in the fray and not expect them to pour their all into saving as many people as they can.

We catch a scene of the medical staff gathered together in the hallway, at a Memorial Wall, in a moment of lament and mourning.

Nic speaks about their fellow healthcare workers, their friends, and colleagues that they have lost along the way as the hospital relentlessly fights against this deadly virus. Unfortunately, some of them have succumbed to it, but the group honors them and their sacrifice.

The Resident S4 Promo- Memoriam

We also hear Conrad say he knows what he's standing for and what he's fighting for, and those are the most genuinely Conrad words he could ever utter.

Amid a deadly pandemic, it seems as though nothing else matters. Everything else has a way of falling to the back, and I do wonder if that includes the Red Rock storyline.

Surely, even Cain and Logan can set aside everything for this, right? At some point, when you're facing a larger threat, enemies become allies.

The Resident S4 Promo- Suiting Up

We see some of our crew suiting up and heading into another day of the unknown with KN95 masks. We even catch a glimpse of AJ and Mina wearing full-body suits.

But the beauty of the trailer is that it's not all bleak and sad. Intercut with drama, action, and images of despair are moments of love, smiles, and hope.

Sure, the gang, like the rest of the world, are facing tough times, but as we hear Nic say in what must be her wedding vows (Yes, WEDDING VOWS!): "Tough times come, they always will, and when they do, Conrad, I want you by my side."

The Resident S4 Promo- Nic wedding

The light at the end of the tunnel is CoNic at the end of the aisle. We have ourselves a CoNic wedding!

Conrad is as handsome and happy as ever in his tux, and he has never looked as happy as he does when he's watching Nic walk down the aisle toward him.

And Nic looks stunning. Do you know who else looks great? Irving.

It looks as though he'll be officiating the ceremony, and it suits him. Conrad's Best Man is ... Marshall! 

The Resident S4 Promo- Teary Eyed Conrad

It's good to have Marshall back, but that also means Devon isn't Conrad's Best Man. What does that mean for the state of their bromance? 

Nic's Made of Honor is Mina, which is no surprise at all, especially after the loss of Jessie. 

Speaking of Mina, CoNic shared the bulk of the trailer with Mina and AJ, so does that mean there's hope for this potential pairing?

If they're serving as the couple parallel, then you won't find me complaining.

The Resident S4 Promo- mina and aj

Mina and AJ are still working together. They are a dynamic pairing of badasses, and not even a pandemic has interfered with that.

We hear Mina talking to AJ about the first rule of being a doctor: Do no harm.

She's also there to help AJ put on his full-body gear, and the sparks are flying right through the suit in what has to be the most 2020 version of a sexual tension scene one can imagine.

The Resident S4 Promo- thanking first responders

The two of them walk out of the hospital after a long shift to many people there supporting first responders and cheering them on.

Check out the promo below, and hit the comments with all of your thoughts.

The Resident returns Tuesday, January 12 at 8/7c on FOX. 

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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