Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Rumor Has It

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That's right, folks, you heard them right. 

Jack and Charmaine aren't just having one, but TWO babies.

Poor Jack is beside himself, trying to figure out what to do about this situation.

TALL Fishing Outing - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

On Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4, Mel remains the supportive friend/potential lover to Jack, while Charmaine continues to try to get her way.

Jack obviously wants to be a good father, and he has a point. Being a single mother is hard enough, but trying to do it with twins sounds like a nightmare.

It really is honorable that Jack feels like he should be a live-in dad as opposed to a weekend dad. Unfortunately for him, though, Charmaine is not very rational. He knows she would take this the wrong way. 

Jack really wants to do the right thing by Charmaine and their children, but it seems she is determined to make this process as difficult as possible.

Charmaine Confronts - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

How many times and how many different ways does Jack have to tell Charmaine he does not want her anymore? He wants their children. He liked having sex with her once upon a time, but those days are long gone.

Jack's honor is too much sometimes.

Instead of stewing about it and coming up with scenarios in her mind, Charmaine finally asks Jack straight up about Mel's relationship. The stand-up honest guy he is, Jack just has to tell her the truth. 

Honestly, Jack didn't need to tell Charmaine he and Mel slept together. Mel might not be mad about it, but she has a right to be. 

Mel Confused - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Like it or not, Jack is no longer in any relationship with Charmaine. To be honest, they didn't really have a relationship before, outside of being friends with benefits. She is not entitled to know with whom he sleeps or dates even.

He really could have left it at "Mel and I are not dating, but this is really not any of your business." Jack is much too nice to be that blunt, though it is what Charmaine deserves.

Is he really helping her, though?

Understandably, Jack does not want to make things worse for Charmaine. He already feels bad about getting her pregnant right before they broke up, and now she is dealing with this complication in her pregnancy. However, it seems he is enabling her bad behavior.

Angry Charmaine - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Charmaine knows she can manipulate him into taking care of her, all because she is carrying his children. She basically said as much to Mel.

Mel: I’m gonna make this very simple for you. Keep my name out of your mouth.
Charmaine: But you’re not gonna win this. Jack likes to take care of those who need him the most, and you know who that’s gonna be? Our babies, that’s who.

Shoutout to Mel for telling Charmaine to keep her name out of her mouth. 

Spreading this rumor that Mel seduced Jack to steal him away was just petty. News flash: Jack was never hers.

My grandma heard from her hairdresser in Clear River that you had sex with Jack to steal him away from Charmaine.


Charmaine firing Mel was really a relief because that whole arrangement was ridiculous. 

MC Hope - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Hope's arrangement with Doc also remains ridiculous.

At one point, it seemed she was jealous when Jo Ellen told her about Doc and Muriel's night out, but then she turns around and forces Doc into doing the egg relay with Muriel.

Those two were canoodling just like teenagers all the way through the first concerto.

Jo Ellen

This relay very clearly meant a lot to Doc, and Hope just brushed it off, all to throw the town off their scent. Doc told her he wanted to do it with her, and she had the nerve to be surprised that he left her at the picnic.

Hope, when people say something, it usually means they want to be heard.


Hope is just too old to be acting this way and playing these games. Either she wants to be with Vernon or not. Grow up. She is acting as childish as Lizzie. 

Brady Wins a Prize - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Granted, Lizzie is 19 years old, but she is still much younger than Brady. 

Please, we beg, do not have Lizzie start fooling around with Brady. Especially not while Ricky is pining over her. She already hurt our sweet boy's feelings by standing him up for the egg relay.

Brady's relationship with Jack is already strained. Starting something up with Lizzie will just add fuel to that fire. Please let that moment of flirtiness be the end of that.

Jack has been threatening Brady every chance he gets.

Stolen Moment - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Jack is finding out about this "lumber" business Calvin is starting, and he knows something shady is up. It really seems like the two will come to blows, but we are holding out hope Brady will come home and do the right thing.

It is kind of odd that Jack hasn't enlisted Preacher in getting involved with this vendetta against Calvin and Brady, given Preacher's distaste of Brady (which he has always made known). It's not as if Jack knows everything Preacher is going through with Paige and Wes.

It seems like Connie, of all people, will be the only one Preacher will have to talk to about Paige.

I hear what people say about me. That I’m a gossip. Nosy Parker. But when it comes to serious matters, I can keep a confidence, so if ever you want to talk about what happened with Paige and Wes, you know where to find me.


This seems like a bad idea, though.

Former Brothers - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Sorry, but no matter what she says about keeping confidence, it is hard to believe Connie can really keep a secret. This isn't the latest gossip about who slept with whom, either. We are talking about murder, obstruction of justice, and being an accomplice after the fact.

Preacher would do well to keep this one to himself.

Not telling Connie makes sense, but it is actually surprising Preacher hasn't mentioned anything to Jack, not even about Paige being on the run from Wes. It seems like something he would have told Jack, given how close they are to one another.

Preacher probably realizes Jack has enough going on himself.

Preach on the Grill - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

Mel does, too, now. 

Not only has she had to deal with Charmaine's attitude and their confrontation, but now she has a visitor in town.

Mark's sister, Stacey, shows up (unannounced!) and the audacity of this woman.

You really drove all the way out to Virgin River to ask Mel to give up her engagement ring? Mark hasn't even been dead a whole year. 

Stacey Arrives - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

This is just so insensitive and rude and just shocking. Mel has always done a good job of keeping her cool, and we were so happy she stood her ground with Charmaine earlier. Will she do the same with Stacey?

Over to you, Fanatics!

What do you think Mel will tell Stacey? Will she give her the ring or send her away? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Rumor Has It Review

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

My grandma heard from her hairdresser in Clear River that you had sex with Jack to steal him away from Charmaine.


Those two were canoodling just like teenagers all the way through the first concerto.

Jo Ellen