Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Breaking Point

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Dead bodies, unsolicited opinions, and grief.

More than one person reached their breaking point in Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7, so this episode is aptly titled.

The Sheriff comes into the bar and shakes Preacher's resolve with some unpleasant news.

Sheriff Duncan - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Luckily, the dead body found in the woods was not Wes, but that doesn't do much to ease Preacher's mind. 

Sheriff Duncan mentioned they are coming the woods to find any evidence to find out what happened to Leo. Who knew Connie would be the one to keep her head in this situation?

Preacher is the ex-marine here. Shouldn't he be a bit more calm, cool, and collected and Connie be the one to lose her head?

Only 10% of felonies end in conviction. Ninety percent of those are because the suspect confessed. If they haul you in, there’s only one thing to do. Deny.


In a way, though, we can see why Preacher is so nervous. This isn't just about him. He cares deeply for Paige and Christopher. He doesn't want anything to happen to them, which is why he so easily considered turning himself into the police.

Preacher Ponders - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Thank God for Connie.

Turning himself in is just not an option. Why did Connie have to even tell him to come up with an alibi? That should have been the first thing he thought of doing, before he even sent Paige out of town.

Honestly, we expected more from Preacher.

While Preacher worries about the body, Jack is worried for another reason.

Connie Pleads - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Brady came in the bar and had the nerve to ask Jack to fix the deal with Lilly since Jack convinced her not to sell.

Is he smoking his own supply?

Obviously Jack is not backing down on that and he will not help Brady throw his life away.

No matter what Jack has been saying, he is still worried for Brady and does not want him to keep getting in deeper with Calvin. Leo's death makes Jack worry that Brady could be next if he doesn't get out while he can. 

Brady's Request - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Is there still a chance for this brotherhood?

Jack is disappointed in his boys left and right. 

His fight with Ricky was quite public for the whole bar to hear. 

Ricky is falling for his first love, but all Jack sees is how Ricky was a good kid and did not get in any trouble before he started hanging out with Lizzie.

Puppy Love - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

This is the same concern most parents have about their children. When a kid starts getting in trouble out of nowhere, parents usually want to blame their friends or who they are dating at the time. 

Jack has a point, though. Lizzie has been a pretty bad influence on Ricky, what with convincing him to steal alcohol, take the car without permission, and miss work. 

But also, Lizzie sees Ricky. He has always felt invisible and here is a bored, pretty girl who is giving him all of the attention in the world. Like any teenage boy, he will do what he can to maintain that attention and affection.

Ricky is not wrong, though, about the mess that is Jack's love life.

Ricky Argues with Jack - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

You got your ex-girlfriend pregnant, and you’re in love with someone else! I don’t think you’re in the position to be handing out advice on women to anyone.


At every turn, Jack is disappointing Charmaine. 

Granted, while Jack does not want to be with Charmaine, he at least wants to be a father to his children. Charmaine, though, is having a hard time trusting him and probably feels like she is in this alone.

Charmaine is so sick of Jack putting her on the back burner, it would not be surprising if she moved away and left him to raise the children on her own.

But do we think she is having these children?

Charmaine on the Mend - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 6

We have seen many times on television when there is an unwanted child outside of the main couple, the child is either not actually our main character's, the mom dies in childbirth, or she loses the baby. 

This is a morbid thought, but with Charmaine having a high-risk pregnancy and carrying twins, it is very possible she may lose at least one of the kids or she might not make it through childbirth. If she doesn't make it, Mel and Jack may very well raise her children together, which would be a twisted sort of ending since Mel can't have kids.

We hope Charmaine and the babies make it through the entire pregnancy and delivery okay, but this family dynamic will be very difficult.

Although there are no children involved, Doc, Hope, and Muriel have a difficult dynamic going on, also.

Hope Plants One - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Doc took Hope out to a restaurant which Muriel recommended and, of course, Muriel just happened to be there at the same time. 

Hope planting one on Doc in the middle of the restaurant to mark her territory was both petty and hilarious. Hope is generally a ridiculous person, but she is still so very entertaining. We hope she never leaves the show.

What is Doc up to, though?

Muriel mentioned her wine cruise out of Seattle and Doc is later heard planning a trip to Seattle, also. This has got to be some trick the writers are playing on us, because no way Doc will cheat on Hope again after all they have been through.

Friendly Advice - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Hope is difficult, sure, but she has come around to going public with their relationship.

Lilly seemed to have gotten through to Hope and gave her some perspective on what matters. You would think someone who has already been widowed would know the importance of treasuring those you love when you have them.

I would give anything for just one more afternoon with the love of my life, and yours is just a few blocks away. I don’t want you to miss your chance just because you’re playing it safe.


Hope has been more than understanding of Mel's situation. She was positive Mel should spend the one-year anniversary of Mark's death in bed under the covers.

Hope: The first anniversary of her husband’s death, and you couldn’t give her the day off.
Doc: Mel told us both that she wants this to be a normal day.
Hope: I don’t care what she said. Mel isn’t like me. She’s sensitive.

Mel had other plans, though.

Mel Talks about Stillborn - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Mel was sure to make it through the day, she should just act as normal. It seemed to work, too, at first.

Grief has no expiration date, though.

Sometimes, all you need is a trigger, which is exactly what happened to Mel.

Seeing Mel go from her own personal dance party to crumbling and staying in bed after getting mail from Mark's life insurance was such a good scene, and Alexandra's acting really made us feel Mel's pain.

Mel's Breaking Point - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

We complained last episode about Jack not being there when Mel set sail for Mark, but this episode made up for it. Naturally, it was Jack who would find Mel in bed and comfort her. 

Moments like this remind us exactly why Mel and Jack are not together yet. 

They love each other, but both have so much baggage they are still sorting through. 

It is a slow burn worth waiting for.

Jack Comforts Mel - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

Over to you, Fanatics!

Do you think Lizzie is a bad influence? Is Doc cheating with Muriel? Can Preacher keep his cool?

Sound off in the comments and share your thoughts!

Breaking Point Review

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Hope: The first anniversary of her husband’s death, and you couldn’t give her the day off.
Doc: Mel told us both that she wants this to be a normal day.
Hope: I don’t care what she said. Mel isn’t like me. She’s sensitive.

I can’t say I know what you’re going through, but I do know it can’t be easy.