Birthing Team - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7
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Sheriff Duncan comes in the bar and Preacher learns a body was found in the woods. He worries it may be Wes. Connie assures him there’s no way to connect it to him even if it is Wes.

The Sheriff later advises the dead body is Leo Kavanaugh, the man who attacked Mel. Preacher gets nervous when he mentions they are combing the woods for evidence. Connie constructs Plan B, making an alibi for him and Paige.

Doc admits Hope told him to take it easy on Mel, as it is the anniversary of Mark’s death. Mel decides to just keep busy to make it through the day.

Jack and Ricky fight over all the trouble RIcky’s been getting into since hanging out with Lizzie.

At Charmaine’s appointment to come up with a birth plan, she snaps at Jack for lying to her about being out with Mel the night before.

Mel tells Charmaine about her stillbirth to help Charmaine make the best decision for her birth plan. They decided to deliver the baby at the clinic with a doula present and an ambulance on standby in case of any complications.

Doc takes Hope out to dinner at a restaurant Muriel recommended, and Muriel happened to be there and joined them. Muriel mentioned going on a wine cruise from Seattle. Doc is later heard on the phone planning a late check-in in Seattle.

Mel was having a good day until she received a piece of forwarded mail from Mark’s life insurance. Jack finds her broken down in bed.

Brady goes to Jack to ask him to fix the deal with Lilly.

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Hope: The first anniversary of her husband’s death, and you couldn’t give her the day off.
Doc: Mel told us both that she wants this to be a normal day.
Hope: I don’t care what she said. Mel isn’t like me. She’s sensitive.

I can’t say I know what you’re going through, but I do know it can’t be easy.