Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Blindspots

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Mystery has taken over Virgin River. 

Preacher and Connie have their secret, and now Mel and Doc have a town outbreak to tackle.

At least someone is happy on Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8.

Lizzie and Ricky on Break - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

We didn't expect this moment to come, but Lizzie and Ricky seem to be the only happy couple right now.

We were sure this teenage romance would lead to heartbreak, but they really are smitten with one another. Both of them admitting they were still virgins was such a sweet moment. 

It was also surprising because Connie made Lizzie seem like this wild child sent to Virgin River because she stays in trouble. It just goes to show parents are ALWAYS harder on girls, especially the girls who are comfortable in their skin and go after what they want.

Lizzie's pursuit of birth control was her being a responsible young woman, and she should be commended for it. 

Sweet Love - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

Connie should really be grateful.

We were appreciative of Connie being the one with sense in the unlikely alliance of her and Preacher. Both of them are starting to be irritating with this whole thing.

Now, Connie is right about her being the perfect alibi. Preacher is honorable for not wanting her to implicate herself in this whole thing, but she had a point. She would be a credible alibi.

Connie: I’m what they would consider a credible alibi. We’re not related. We’re not friends, and you don’t work for me.
Preacher: I consider us friends.
Connie: Yes, we’re friendly. There’s a difference. The police will never suspect that I’m covering for you, which is the best line of defense for you and Paige.

But WHY are they discussing it in the middle of the bar?

Connie is Insistent - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

Jack's is as busy as always (which is exceptionally so this season, compared to last). So, why in the name of all that is good are they discussing her being an alibi all willy nilly in the middle of the bar?

They are literally discussing it while Preacher stands behind the bar, and people are surrounding them.

It is almost like they want to get caught.

Also, Connie told Preacher to come to her place dressed in something he could get dirty, but we never saw it happen. Will they show the big alibi plan next episode, or is it just another mystery?

Answer is No - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

Virgin River already has a major mystery on their hands.

Okay, we know Jamie is a restaurant owner in San Francisco, but why in the world is she included in the discussion about what caused the outbreak?

Jamie has been in town all of what? A couple of weeks, maybe? Her being in that brainstorming session was just out of place. She is still a bit of a stranger. We haven't even seen her interact with Jack before this, but we are supposed to believe he wants her in on this? 

It made no sense.

Jamie at Jack's - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

It also makes no sense for him to continue to pursue this vendetta against Calvin on his own.

Going out to Spencer's trailer by himself was just reckless. He is obsessed with taking Calvin down, but at what cost? It could have been a setup, or someone could have seen him heading there. 

Look, if Calvin finds out that I ratted him out, I’m dead. My family is dead.


Calvin is obviously sick of Jack's business interference, which we saw with George's undercover unemployment.

This interference is starting to affect Brady, also.

Spencer is Back - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

For a moment there, it seemed like Brady was walking towards his own shallow grave. It was a grave, though, just not his. To prove his loyalty, Calvin wants Brady to kill Spencer for telling his business to Jack.

Calvin: See, if I don’t feel I can trust you…
Brady: You can. I swear. Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.
Calvin: I need you to show me I can trust you.

For some reason, we don't believe Brady will go through with it. Brady is a knucklehead, yes, but all he wants is to make some easy, fast money. Killing a man in cold blood doesn't seem like something he would do.

Also, Calvin and the others left Brady there alone with Spencer. No one stayed to make sure he finished the job, and the camera cut before viewers got to see it.

This Fanatic is inclined to believe Brady is a good guy deep down and won't go through with it.

Calvin Questions Brady - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

It would eat Jack up to know Brady has gone that far. Heaven knows Jack is dealing with enough.

Jack is coming to terms with the possibility that he and Mel may be nothing more than friends, even though we do not accept that at all.

Hope, I was with Mel the morning after the anniversary, and I mean she was destroyed. Look I have to come to terms with the fact that she isn’t ready for anything but friendship. And she may never be.


The poor guy seems like he is about to settle for Charmaine. While he says he wouldn't be with her if he moved her and their children into his house, it would just be a matter of time before he fell into old patterns, and he would not be happy at all.

While he's planning to buy their house, Charmaine is considering moving away.

Hope in Charmaine's Chair - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

As predicted in the last episode's review, Charmaine is tired of Jack lying to her and doesn't feel like a priority, so she considers leaving. 

Poor Hope.

Charmaine: My aunt has invited me and the twins to move to Portland and live with her and my uncle.
Hope: Oh, good God!
Charmaine: And I’m seriously considering it.
Hope: Charmaine, I can’t know this, and now I do know this, and I can’t un-know something that I already know!

She was doing so well at staying out of Jack's business. He was even opening up to her again when they were on their house-hunting mission. 

Charmaine had to go and mess up all that goodwill by telling her this secret, even after Hope begged her not to. Doc did not believe Hope was innocent in all of this and stormed out when she told him. 

Doc Mad at Hope - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

Doc's reaction is easily explained: He is sick.

On Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7, he has trouble reading his ticket while out to dinner. This alone is not a big deal, but it was only the first sign.

When the clinic is overflowing with patients, he insists Mel do the intake with patients while he does all the treatment. 

He snaps at both Mel and Hope over seemingly petty issues. 

Doc and Mel Bump Heads - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

When Doc storms out on Hope, he looks disoriented. It appears Doc is having an issue with his eyes. Is the episode title, "Blindspots," a hint?

Please don't let it be a tumor.

Over to you, Fanatics!

What do you think is going on with Doc? Do you think Jack should give up on Mel? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Blindspots Review

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