WIDE Mel in the Clinic - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8
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Mel apologizes to Jack for the state he found her in after the anniversary of Mark's death.

The clinic gets slammed with a number of food poisoning patients and the common denominator is Jack’s bar.

Jack, Preacher, and Jamie brainstorm over what may have caused it.

Mel realizes George, the newest waiter at Jack’s, is the one responsible for sabotaging the food. George leaves with Jimmy, and they realize he works for Calvin.

Connie decides to be Preacher and Paige’s alibi.

Preacher finds out an abandoned vehicle registered to a missing person was found in Dinsmore.

Jo Ellen, Connie, Muriel, and Lilly discuss whether or not Hope and Doc will resume their married life.

Doc insists on Mel doing all of the intake with the patients at the clinic, while he does all of the exams and the two argue.

Jack takes Hope with him house hunting. He considers living with Charmaine for the kids. He confides in Hope that he's come to terms with the fact Mel might not ever be ready for anything other than friendship.

Hope goes to Charmaine’s salon to get a haircut, and – against Hope’s wishes – Charmaine tells Hope her aunt invited her and the twins to live with her in Portland.

Hope tells Doc, and he snaps at her for getting involved in Jack’s business again and storms out.

Jack goes to see Spencer, who says Leo only worked for Calvin a short time. Jack tells Mike Calvin had Leo killed.

Calvin questions Brady’s loyalty. To prove himself, Calvin tasks Brady with taking out Spencer for talking to Jack.

Lizzie invites Ricky to come over to her house while she’s alone and they both admit they are still virgins.

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jack: You still think I don’t understand?
Mel: Understand what?
Jack: That there’s no timeline for getting over the loss of someone you love.

Before everything that happened with Mark and the baby, I hadn’t cried since my dad