Devils Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Final Showdown

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So Massimo didn't get it all in the end.

The final showdown between Dominic and Massimo left very few winners on Devils Season 1 Episode 10.

Let's start with Eleanor and Kalim. They were smart enough to remain relatively loyal to Massimo even when his star was falling at NYL.

End Game -- Tall - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

Now that Massimo is CEO, Eleanor likely becomes head of trading and Kalim, her deputy. Wouldn't all those stuffed British suits hate to see an Italian woman and an Indian in charge?

That's a pretty good dividend for hanging in there with Massimo through the years, imperious as he could be.

Ultimate Showdown - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

Of course, that only works if no one collects the dossier pages blowing about the London streets. Massimo has dodged a lot of bullets, but even in the end, that's one more threat out there.

Then again, you have to ask yourself if Massimo deserves a happy ending.

After all, he did his climb up the financial world with deals that ended up hurting the little people such as those with whom he grew up.

Sure, he's grown a conscience over the course of this series, but was that enough?

It was evident that Sofia didn't think so.

Turning Point - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

One of Massimo's first big deals, for which she blamed Dominic, led Sofia's brother to kill himself.

Not even Massimo recognized that until Kalim reminded him of that night in 2001.

It was cruel of Duval to reveal that to Sofia. But even in prison, he had to possess Sofia's soul. He couldn't permit another man to have her.

That decision by Duval left Sofia adrift. She felt betrayed by Massimo, betrayed by Duval, all alone.

That was the beginning of the end of Massimo and Sofia.

Seeking Guidance - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

Which is too bad. She helped Massimo heal after Carrie's death, and he treated her like an equal, unlike Duval.

Somewhere along the way, Massimo went from being her target to her lover, and they made a cute couple.

But like with Carrie, Massimo sabotaged his relationship with Sofia. He promised to go away with her after his showdown with Dominic, but in the end, the work took precedence.

As much as Sofia hated big banking, how could Massimo think she would be OK with becoming CEO?

Likewise, how could Sofia think she'd be able to run around loose with a document that could bring down Massimo and NYL, regardless of his affection for her?

Struggling to Stay on Top - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

That was too bad because Sofia was the purest character on the series, uncorrupted by NYL.

Granted, that's a damn low bar on this series. But the former prostitute was the person who mostly stuck to her ideals.

Oliver used to be that character. But he got a taste of the good life, then of Eleanor, and all of a sudden, he wanted the NYL lifestyle.

Which only set him up to be used as Dominic's pawn and nearly caused LaToyah to break up with him. 

Fortunately, in the end, he came to his senses. First, he got back in Massimo's good graces, making a tidy profit doing so. Then he was smart enough to propose to LaToyah, and she accepted, for some reason, remembering the goodhearted Oliver who would do anything to protect his younger brother.

Consulting with Professor - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

Sure, it was a desperation proposal. But LaToyah found his paper-clip ring sweeter than the big rock that his trader job would have allowed him to buy.

There will be a place for Oliver in Massimo's new regime.

Oliver owes thanks to Professor Wade, who set him up with Massimo. For that matter, Massimo owes his mentor for tip after good tip.

That included a way to save the Euro from Dominic's campaign to ruin it.

Shaking up the German banks, essential to Dominic's scheme, was inspired. And somehow, Massimo even got Li Acheng, who he had disappointed earlier, to back his play, along with investing all of his own resources.

Morgans Departing - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

Eleanor and Kalim managed to do the necessary trading for Massimo's campaign on a burner phone, right under Chris Bailey's nose.

But Massimo got help from a source he never expected -- Jeremy Stonehouse, the company president who secretly wasn't supportive of Dominic's plan.

Jeremy had been looking for a way to bring down Dominic, and with some calls to the right people, he found a way to get rid of him.

Jeremy likely had more to do with Dominic's downfall than Massimo. But Massimo ended up the beneficiary of his plan's success.

Of course, Dominic harboring a murderer didn't help his case. As if NYL needed another excuse to get rid of Dominic after the central bank saved the Euro.

New Boss Man - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

It was surprising that Massimo turned in his former lover for Ed's murder. That bust was bound to reinvigorate the careers of Detectives Bale and Winks.

Massimo was a wealthy man and could have just walked away with Sofia. But he knew their relationship was on the rocks because of what he had done in 2001.

So, once again, he chose his career over love. With Sofia's death, there was no going back.

Unfortunately, Devils was packed with greedy and unlikeable people in a money-grubbing profession. Who were the viewers supposed to root for, the least horrible people?

Unexpected Player - Devils Season 1 Episode 10

To review Massimo's journey, watch Devils online.

Were you surprised by the murderer?

Who was your favorite character?

Did Massimo make the right choice?

Comment below.

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Devils Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Eleanor: We saw you tattling with Dominic last night.
Oliver: Yeah, because he played me. I have no idea why Massimo got fired.

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