Tanya Roberts is Still Alive, Despite Being Declared Dead

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Tanya Roberts is not dead.

The actress, who was reported dead on Sunday, is still very much alive, it has been announced.

A representative for the star previously claimed she was dead to multiple outlets, but is now saying that is not the case.

Tanya Roberts

Mike Pingel told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday, "I did get confirmation [of her death], but that was from a very distraught person [Roberts' boyfriend, Lance O'Brien]," Pingel said.

The rep added, "And so yes, this morning at 10 a.m. ... the hospital did call to say that she was still alive but it's not looking good. We will hopefully have information [soon]. It's upsetting."

O'Brien was also seen on Inside Edition on Monday when he received a call to say that Roberts was still alive.

"The hospital is telling me she is alive. They are calling me from the ICU team," he told Inside Edition.

Roberts, Tanya

Roberts, 65, was hospitalized in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve after collapsing, but her condition is still very much unknown.

The actress is most well-known for appearing as Midge, the mother of Donna (Laura Prepon) on the FOX comedy series That 70's Show from 1998-2004, appearing in 81 episodes.

Co-star, Topher Grace, said his goodbyes to the actress after the initial reports of her supposed death went public, prompting Ashton Kutcher to respond.

"I was so sad to hear that Tanya Roberts has passed away. She was a Bond girl, one of Charlie’s Angels, and truly a delightful person to work with," Grace wrote, adding:

Topher Tweet

"I had never acted before and, to be honest, a little nervous around her. But she couldn’t have been kinder. We’ll miss you Midge."

"yo bro she's not dead," Kutcher wrote.

UPDATE: Tanya Roberts' partner has now revealed the actress passed away on Monday. May she rest in peace.

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