What We Hope to See on The CW's Batwoman Season 2

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The CW is about to do a complete one-eighty on Batwoman Season 2.

The season is set to premiere in a few weeks, prompting us to think about how our new Batwoman will change the show.

As a result, we are thinking about what we would like to see when Ryan Wilder hits our screens.

A New Protector of Gotham - Wide - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1

To be honest, when we first heard that Kate Kane was leaving the show, we were not heartbroken. Kate from DC Comics is a beloved character, but the Kate Kane that Arrowverse gave us? Not so much.

Her character is predictable and two-dimensional; she is almost lifeless. Furthermore, Ruby Rose was never a good choice for such a monumental superhero. It seemed that The CW's Batwoman was doomed from the start.

Until Ryan Wilder, portrayed by Javicia Leslie, stepped into Batwoman's shoes.

Based on the Batwoman Season 2 Trailer, we can already tell that Ryan Wilder will be portraying an entirely new character. Sure, she may have worn the same suit as Kate Kane, but this one-minute preview demonstrates that she is anything but the previous titleholder.

Ryan Wilder is a black lesbian Batwoman who did not grow up with the privileged life Kate did, nor did she have extensive military training. She seems like she will be a far more relatable Batwoman, one that will be easier to sympathize with, and in some cases, empathize with. 

Wilder, Ryan - Batwoman

We hope that the show writers will do justice to Ryan Wilder's character the further we dive into the season. 

One thing that is of particular concern is the relationship between Ryan and Alice.

Kate Kane may not have been the most compelling character, but her relationships certainly provided riveting complications. In particular, her relationship with Alice was one of the highlights from Batwoman Season 1.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20, Alice was hellbent on killing her sister. So how will she process Kate's sudden disappearance? We hope Alice deals with Kate's exodus in a very Alice-like way. A few murders here, lots of torture there, and most importantly, every chaotic emotion she will feel regarding her sister's disappearance.

We also need a strong connection between Ryan's Batwoman and Alice. Their relationship cannot just be the hero fighting the villain. There needs to be a similar layer of complexity that Kate and Alice's relationship had. However, this layer of complexity must be developed in its own unique way.

Alice in Pain - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1

We also hope the writers use Alice's hunt for Kryptonite to their advantage. How does Alice react to a new Batwoman? Will she still want to kill her, now that someone else is wearing the suit?

No matter how the writers decide to approach this dynamic, we would be disappointed if they do not add a unique spin to their relationship.

But Alice was not the only person trying to kill Batwoman -- Jacob tried to also, even though he does not know that Batwoman is Kate.

We suspect his motivation to kill Batwoman will not dissipate, especially since he had no idea his own daughter was Batwoman in the first place. Still, it would be fun if the writers also spun this dynamic and bring The Crows' and Batwoman's rocky relationship to the next level.

Kate's disappearance will evidently affect other characters too, and we want to see how. An in-depth view of Sophie's processing of this situation would be exciting, especially with a new Batwoman running around town.

Sophie's Loss - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1

Despite her initial suspicions, Sophie never discovered that Kate was Batwoman. With Kate's disappearance, will she put two and two together? And how will she cross paths with Ryan's Batwoman? Will Sophie even cross paths with Ryan herself?

Sophie was initially Kate's motivation for becoming Batwoman. They always had a significant connection, even if their romance fell through. How will Sophie fit into Ryan's life, if at all? 

We would love an in-depth glance at Sophie's reaction to losing Kate, but also to realize that Batwoman is a new person now.

We also want a well-developed dynamic between Ryan, Mary, and Luke, which certainly will not happen overnight. How do they work with a different person? The previews The CW gave us so far establish how different Ryan will be from Kate in pretty much everything -- we imagine that includes wearing the Batsuit, too.

We also expect Mary and Luke to be reluctant and wary of Ryan. How will Ryan win them over? It would not be very believable if this dynamic was not rocky at first.

Team Batwoman Stunned Season 2 Episode 1

But when Mary and Luke learn how to work with Ryan, we hope a beautiful friendship will come to be, which brings us to our next point -- Ryan's relationships as a whole.

Ryan needs to establish believable connections with the other characters, but these connections should not be similar to Kate's. We do not want Mary and Ryan overcoming trauma and growing close like sisters -- their relationship must be different. Sophie should not be a potential love interest for Ryan, at least not right away.

And Luke needs to have his own unique connection to Ryan. If the writers make Ryan's relationships comparable to Kate's, they will have failed their audience. Ryan needs to win over the characters -- and ultimately, our hearts -- through who she is.

A new lead brings new dynamics to a show. Even if this new character represents the same symbol as the previous lead did, they should find their own path and establish their own relationships, even if the other characters are still the same.

When Ryan finally meets Alice, Mary, Luke, Sophie, or any other person, her character must be strong enough to help her form satisfying and compelling dynamics. Ryan and Kate should not have similar relationships, despite both having worn the same suit.

Scanning the Headlines - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1

It will be an extreme disservice if the writers do not make this aspect clear during the upcoming season.

Finally, Ryan's tie to Batwoman herself must be a compelling story. Ryan Wilder must have a special connection with Gotham. Not anybody can just step into Batwoman's shoes, so the motivation as to why Ryan would in the first place has to be believable to have a great season.

So far, it seems that Ryan will have her own unique story and find her own way to the Batsuit. In fact, she may not even use it for the same purposes Kate did initially.

But it is also crucial that Ryan's attachment to Batwoman develops uniquely. As mentioned before, with the relationships, Ryan stepping into the Batsuit should be different from when Kate wore it.

Establishing these differences is vital as we venture with Ryan on her journey to becoming Batwoman. Her character has a lot of potential, giving the show a renewed and exciting energy it did not have before.

Ryan Wilder's New Suit - Batwoman

We can only hope The CW does not let us down.

We want to hear from you, Fanatics!

What do you think of our new titular character? Will Ryan Wilder fill in Kate's shoes, or will she bring an entirely new set for herself? Do you have high or low expectations for Batwoman Season 2? How do you envision Ryan's dynamics with the other characters? Is there anything you want to see in particular?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

In case you need to catch up before the premiere, you can watch Batwoman right here, at TV Fanatic!

Batwoman Season 2 premieres Sunday, January 17.

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