Servant Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Espresso

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The Turners have opened a can of worms, and they have ruined their lives in the process.

Servant Season 2 Episode 6 was an answer-filled installment that finally shed light on Leanne, George, and the rest of the mysterious cult at the wheel of this trippy Apple TV+ drama.

It was about time we got some insight into the cult, but I'm not sure I believe everything George fed the family during "Espresso."

George is Back - Servant

Do I believe they are a group of people given a second chance at life to make changes for those who deserve it? I don't know.

George desperately wanted to peg Leanne as the villain in this narrative, but he slowly started to realize that the Turners were just as complicit in this mess as his niece.

The Turners have broken many laws and almost ended the installment with not one but two prisoners. There had to be a turning point, and the shootout at the Marino household appears to be the big inciting incident that will shape the second half of Servant Season 2.

I Need Answers - Servant Season 2 Episode 6

While it would have been easy to return Leanne to the home, that's now completely off the table and suggests that May and other people have opened fire in the house because of Leanne's exit.

There was a reason she was supposed to be there, and the body count piling up could suggest that the cult is going to go after Leanne and the Turners. George's word of warning would certainly make anyone think that.

This development has put Leanne on the same side as the Turners, especially if May is out to get all of them. We already know Leanne is scared of her family, but how far will her powers truly stretch?

Leanne helped the Turners when they were desperately searching for meaning, so now her machinations are starting to become clear. She thought Dorothy was truly hurting following her child's loss, but it seems she was more so trying to shut out the guilt.

Julian Searches - Servant Season 2 Episode 6

Now that Sean knows Leanne cursed him, he's going to struggle to trust her. Yep, there's a lack of trust going around on this show, but now that they all appear forced to work together, we should hopefully get some more meaningful developments.

If Leanne truly has the power to bring back the dead, what's stopping her from cutting a deal with the Turners to help her get away, and she'll bring their son back?

It would go against everything the church believes in, and the Turners would have to live a life on the run, but would it be worth it to get Jericho back?

It's been clear that Dorothy will stop at nothing to save him, but she also needs to confront the fact that she played a part in his death for her to move on. Maybe that type of emotional beat would allow Leanne to see that Dorothy is not all bad.

Anxiety in the Brownstone - Servant Season 2 Episode 6

Leanne messing with the pipes and doing what appears to be spells, however, is something more sinister altogether and could suggest that she's too far gone.

Her powers are scary to some, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if she emerged as the ultimate villain on the show. We know she can put on a soft exterior, but everything she's been doing since she returned to the house leads me to believe she's on the fine line between good and evil.

George is a problem for the family because he's probably not going to lie to the cult and say that he doesn't know where Leanne is because the cult will fall like a house of cards when people start lying. On top of that, it would go against what he preaches to everyone when he's around them.

"Espresso" was a much-needed jolt in the right direction for this sagging drama series. We have a clearer sense of where things are going and how the characters will need to band together if they want to make it out of this deadly scenario alive.

Where Is She? - Servant Season 2 Episode 6

The series is planned to run 40 episodes, so I reckon Servant Season 3 might find the Turners living somewhere new with different identities as they try to hide out from the cult.

I wouldn't be surprised if Leanne was along for the ride, but she's going to want to get to the root of Dorothy's guilt before she makes any big decisions.

What did you think of George's return? Do you believe everything he said about the cult and its purpose?

What do you think happened at the Marino household?

Hit the comments below.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

We are all amongst you, though we try not to take up space. You might see us on street corners, under overpasses. We are the ones who have been given a second chance at life, and we use it to enact God's divine plan... to help others.


We only help the people we are told to help.