Baroness von Sketch Show Exclusive Clip: Can You Call Listening to an Audiobook Reading?

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No, really.

I'm not kidding this time.

We really are coming to the close on the incredibly funny Canadian import, Baroness von Sketch Show.

Not Incredible Baroness von Sketch

Airing on IFC, Baroness von Sketch Show is, you guessed it, a sketch comedy show that takes everyday situations and shows you how absurdly funny the world can be.

If you enjoyed Seinfeld, you have nothing to lose by watching Baroness von Sketch Show.

Four incredibly funny women make up Baroness von Sketch. Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne, and Jennifer Whalen.

They work in front of and behind the camera to make all of the magic happen.

Audiobook Downloads

If there's something you've stumbled over in real life, you can bet that it's come to their minds too, and they're ready to show you the humor in it.

In this exclusive clip of tonight's all-new episode, they ponder whether you can call listening to an audiobook reading.

As an avid reader, this really hit home for me, but not for the reason you think.

Once upon a time, I looked down my nose at people who listened to books instead of reading them. Using your imagination to color what you're reading is what makes reading so special.

Five Books

But then I became attached to my laptop 24/7. Writing and plugging away at a computer all day, the last thing you want to do (especially the older you get -- hello reading glasses!) is look at some more text.

So, I have an Audible subscription and make the most of my time without wearing my glasses.

But Baroness von Sketch Show knows that many of us are as ashamed of "reading" audibly, and they're just as familiar with the people who thumb their noses at the audible "readers."

In this sketch, three women at a coffee shop get into an argument about the merits of listening versus reading.

Incredible Baroness von Sketch

And more importantly, they make us laugh at the absurdity of the argument.

Is there any reason to knock expanding your horizons one way or the other?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. And now, do just that by watching the clip.

Let me know if you've broadened your horizons and watched this hilarious show.

Baroness von Sketch Show airs tonight at midnight on IFC, and you can all of the episodes on AMC+ after they air!

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