Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 5 Review: May 19, 2020

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There's no doubt that Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 5 was the breath of fresh air we all needed. It was spiritually joyful and visually stunning.

Throughout much of the first four episodes of Queen Sugar Season 5, there's been a shadow of impending doom. A heaviness because we know the havoc that Covid-19 will bring to St. Jo's and the Bordelon family, and that's on top of Parker and the Landry's trying to steal their land.

So between knowing the ravages that are to come and remembering everything that Darla and Ralph Angel have endured, watching the sheer delight surrounding their wedding felt like the sun breaking through in the middle of a storm.

A Wedding on the Farm - Queen Sugar

Even better was how pleased the entire family was to see these two finally come together. 

That Blue was thrilled to have his parents marry was no surprise. He even got to use a new vocabulary word for the event. 

Let me put it this way, my word for the day is jubilant, and I get to use it for real right now.


Given the vitriol that was thrown Darla's way not all that long ago, it was extraordinary to see so much goodwill projected towards the couple.

Walking Down the Aisle - Queen Sugar

The Bordelon family was generous with their love and forgiveness, and they weren't the only ones. There are things from their recent past that Darla could easily hold a grudge over.

Think about Nova not only outing Darla's addiction and the seedy details surrounding Blue's conception but making Blue's paternity public in her best-selling novel. Most of us would be hard-pressed to let go of that kind of anger, yet Darla has risen above. 

After all of the times that she and Ralph Angel have hurt one another, their love has healed them and brought them and their family to this moment.

Darla: I’ve done so many things. Given him so many reasons not to love me.
Charley: And yet, he does. Ralph Angel loves you, and you love him. You chose each other. That’s what matters. Everything else is in the past where it belongs.

Although it all looked perfect, I'm with Aunt Vi. How do you invite people to an impromptu wedding with only 12 hours' notice and give them a dress code! It would be a challenge to find something in my closet that was both yellow and wedding-worthy. 

Hollywood Gives a Toast - Queen Sugar

Charley's idea of a Zoom bridal shower/bachelorette party was a nice touch, and it was good to see Darlene, even if it didn't take her long to start making trouble.

Not that I think Darlene doesn't adore Blue and wants what's best for his future, but who else believes she's even more eager to be able to tell her friends that he's going to the same school that Sasha and Malia Obama attended?

And once Darlene gets an idea in her head, she's not one to let it go easily. 

Although I'm sure Blue would excel at such a school academically, he'd suffer being so far away from his parents, family, and home. I fear Darlene may use Blue's "best interest" to push for Darla to move to D.C. with him, leaving Ralph Angel behind. 

Hopefully, I'm wrong on that one, or that Darla would even consider it; time will tell.

Acting Like Kids - Queen Sugar

But that was the only moment to mar a day that was otherwise filled with euphoria. Take Ralph Angel and Charley playing like a couple of kids in the cane field. 

It didn't matter that the cane was never going to be harvested or that the pandemic raged around them. These two created their own joy, and the moment was perfect.

I’m just happy we’re doing this. There’s so much sadness and loss. This is just about happiness and hope. I want those again.


The happiness radiated off of Ralph Angel. I don't believe we've ever seen the man as happy as he was on this day. He was sincere when he told Blue he wasn't nervous. He and Darla had been through so many previous trials that there was nothing to be unsure about. 

They already knew the worst of one another and came out on the other side, their love secure. 

Never Looked Happier - Queen Sugar

Hollywood arriving just as the ceremony began was the icing on the cake. After losing Willa Mae, his only family, it was important for him to be there with his Bordelon family to celebrate this special day.

But it did make me wonder why Darla's father didn't attend via video like Darlene had. Is there still bad blood between them after all of this time, or were we just supposed not to notice that Darlene was the only one to give the bride away, even virtually?

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, this wedding had everything necessary to make it memorable: a stunning location, a beautiful bride, ecstatic family and friends, and heartfelt vows.

From the first day I saw you, I knew my heart was in trouble. Not being with you wasn’t an option. I needed you in my life. By God’s grace, today is a dream come true. You’re my sun and my moon, Darla. You light up all the dark places in me, making me a better man.

Ralph Angel

Exchanging Vows - Queen Sugar

I remember the first time that you held my hand. It felt like gentle, strong love coming through your touch. I never wanted the feeling to fade. I’ve loved you since that moment, and I’ve prayed for this moment, for today. You’ve picked me up when I thought I couldn’t get up again. You’ve illuminated my life. When I thought that I was done shining, now I shine for you. I shine because of you, and I’m shining with you. Forever.


Attending this event had its effect on Calvin and Nova. 

Earlier, Calvin seemed to subtlely broach the subject of their future with Nova, but it felt like she blew it off, pretending she hadn't caught his meaning even though I was sure she had.

But at the wedding, Calvin just put it out there.

Considering Their Future - Queen Sugar

Calvin: Nova, you ever see us getting married? I mean, would you ever marry me? I mean, is that in any of our future in any way in your mind? I mean, I don’t want to start thinking about or dreaming about it if you don’t see yourself getting married to me, I mean, because of our differences.
Nova: Our differences are becoming a gift to each other in ways I never imagined. Let’s think about it together.

It took guts for Calvin to speak up. He knows Nova has never been particularly keen on marriage and that the two of them already face a host of obstacles. 

But it's clear it's something he wants, and you don't get anything if you don't ask for it. He also seemed willing to drop the subject if Nova didn't see it in their future.

I was surprised that Nova seemed willing to consider it, but perhaps I shouldn't have been. She and Calvin love one another, and he hasn't tried to change her, curtail her, or steer her in what he thinks is a better direction, which are all things Nova has encountered in past loves.

Maybe marriage could be in Nova and Calvin's future, but I won't expect it to come easy or quick, so I don't think we'll be seeing a Save the Date card in the near future.

Nova Prays - Queen Sugar

Here are few more wedding musings before we wrap this up...

  • Trudy's letter of prayer to Ralph Angel was beautiful, and I'm sure Darla will cherish it and that Nova chose to share it with her.
  • I love that Trudy referred to Ralph Angel as her "angel baby" and thus explained his name's origins.
  • Darla's dress was perfect. It walked the line between not too fancy yet still a beautiful dress for a bride in a backyard wedding.
  • It was wonderful to get this installment filled with nothing but unadulterated joy from a show that regularly gives us drama and heartache. 
Making a Mess - Queen Sugar

How long will this moment of bliss last for the Bordelon family? Probably not long, and certainly not as long as we wish it could. 

Whether you loved the nuptials or found it lacking, hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below and share your thoughts on Darla and Ralph Angel's wedding.

May 19, 2020 Review

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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Let me put it this way, my word for the day is jubilant, and I get to use it for real right now.


I’m just happy we’re doing this. There’s so much sadness and loss. This is just about happiness and hope. I want those again.