Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9 Review: In Summer Time To Simply Be

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There were so many dramatic twists and turns on Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9 that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all.

Nova's news left me shocked and aghast, while the sudden change in Blue's future took me by surprise.

Even the ensuing fight between Aunt Vi and Ralph Angel was far nastier than I ever expected.

A Family Decision - Queen Sugar

The one development I had anticipated was the new dynamic between Charley and Davis, but it, along with recovering from Covid, seemed to be knocking Charley off balance. 

There is so much history between Charley and Davis, both wonderful and horrible. It appears that there's more to Davis West than his fans or this audience ever knew. 

Charley: If only your fans knew you were a history scholar.
Davis: Well, you didn’t want folks to know that. The gentleman couldn’t be too smart, right?
Charley: No, it wasn’t that. My strategy was that being debonair and classy was attainable for any man. Being Phi Beta Kappa and knowing intimate details of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, on the other hand…

Charley and Davis were a team for a very long time, but it felt as though Charley was the leader of that team, whereas Davis followed along. Now that they've been apart for a few years, Davis has had to make his own decisions and chart his own course.

This definitely felt like a more mature version of Davis. He cooked, cleaned, and took care of Charley and risked his own health to do it. He was respectful and gave Charley her space, yet made it clear he would take control and make sure she got medical help if she needed it. 

Davis Cooks - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9

As Charley and Davis recalled the challenges and joys of raising Micah, it was easy to see how comfortable they still were with one another. 

But one of their more surprising conversations was when Davis pointed out that recovering from Covid could be a new start for Charley. A journey towards being more mindful and healthy and not constantly pushing herself so hard.

Since when did Davis West become insightful?

You’re not an interruption, Charley, and this isn’t good of me. There’s no place I’ll ever be if you ever need me. Unapologetically, automatically, I’m here. Okay?


Davis made it clear how much he still cares about his ex but is that enough? He lied and cheated on Charley for years, and to make it worse, it all played out in the public eye. 

Charley Is Surprised - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9

Has Davis really changed, and even if he has, is it just too little too late? Is it even possible to find love again after all they've been through? I won't say it's impossible, but it's probably damn close. 

And even having said all that, I still find I'm interested in seeing them give it a shot. 

Moving on to Blue, I really thought the decision about Blue's future was put to bed during the last episode, but it turns out I was wrong.

Blue’s going to thrive wherever he goes. He’s exceptional in every way, and going to school in D.C. with a bunch of silver spooners doesn’t change that fact.


Nova wasn't wrong. With loving, supportive parents who take an interest in his education, I have no doubt that Blue could thrive anywhere. 

Ralph Angel Is Proud - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9

The funny thing is that if Violet would have dropped the subject upon hearing they had decided to keep Blue in St. Jo's, it may have stayed that way. 

But Blue finding that letter was a game-changer. Although Blue didn't want to leave his family, it was clear that the school excited him. 

There are plenty of kids who would rather skip school altogether, but Blue was inspired by the thought of a school that would challenge him. 

Violet may have told Ralph Angel he was a bad parent, but the truth is the exact opposite. Ralph Angel only wants what's best for his son, and he took the time to search out differing opinions on the subject. 

Ralph Angel: You turned out all right. Better than all right. You had your pick of schools and everything.
Micah: Yeah, I did, but if I’m being honest, it’s not because I graduated from St. Jo High School; it’s because I had rigorous, elite, LA prep school on my transcripts. It’s not fair, but it’s real. You know, Sidwell, it’s not everything, especially for us, but it could be a real leg up.

Micah Has a Plan - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 7

Micah's not wrong. An elite school like Sidwell could open doors for Blue Bordelon that nothing else could. Blue could be an astronaut or President or anything else he wants to be because he'll likely have the education and the connections to get him there.

I was proud of Micah's perspective on the education his parents had given him and the privileges he's had because of it. It was good to hear him acknowledge that.

I made my choices, and I’m happy with them. You know, I see that it was a privilege to have a choice to even make. You feel me? My mom and dad gave that to me. I was fortunate. I could choose where I wanted to go, you know, what I wanted to do. If the world was fair, every kid would have that choice.


Ralph Angel realized that keeping Blue in St. Jo's would steal some of those choices from him. 

Will having Blue in D.C. be challenging? Absolutely, but there will be obstacles no matter which path they choose.

Blue Has News - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9

The best path will likely find Darla and Ralph Angel staying involved and active in their son's life. Having him in D.C. will make that more difficult, but I see no reason why Darla can't spend a lot of time there, and Ralph Angel can visit whenever the farm work allows him time to do so. 

But Aunt Vi was having none of it. She may have smiled for Blue on camera, but when she got Ralph Angel on the phone, her fury boiled over. 

Violet: Ralph Angel, you are not your father’s son. How dare you put the weight of the world on that boy.
Ralph Angel: Look, I’m doing what I think is best, Aunt Vi.
Violet: You can’t see that you are about to screw up your son’s life. Do you want that on your conscience? Hasn’t he been through enough of you and Darla’s shit? That’s a real question. I’m waiting.
Ralph Angel: With all due respect, I ain’t got to answer you, Aunt Vi. Not you, not Nova, not Charley. The only person I’ve got to answer is my damn self. So we done here? Look, I’m trying not to hang up on you, Aunt Vi. I’m trying.
Violet: Go ahead. You can’t hurt me more than you’ve done. You’ve done broke my heart already. You know deep down that boy is mine as much as he is yours, and how dare you take him away from me.
Ralph Angel: That’s not your son, Aunt Vi. That’s the problem. You ain’t his mama. You ain’t even a parent, Aunt Vi. Man, please don’t disrespect me on this phone. I’m trying to do the same. What you say matters, but it’s not the final word. Look, I appreciate all you’ve done, really I do, but you can’t keep telling me what I can and can’t do with my son.
Violet: Ralph Angel, you a damn shame, and your daddy would be ashamed of you. And you just proved today that with all of your huffing and puffing and strutting, you ain’t nothing but a boy yourself.

Darla and Ralph Angel don't want to send their son away, but they want him to be the best version of himself he can be. They want Blue to have all of the choices the world has to offer, and they're willing to sacrifice to give that to him.

And this will be a sacrifice for them. I'm sure Ralph Angel and Darla would prefer to keep Blue on the farm with them for as long as possible but is that for Blue's sake or theirs? 

Strong Feelings - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9

Violet's critique of Ralph Angel was severe, bordering on abusive. There was a hard edge of selfishness to her words. She's angry because she'll miss Blue and because not having him nearby will hurt. 

Ralph Angel and Darla will always be grateful to Violet. She stepped up and took care of Blue when they couldn't, but he's still their son, and when Vi disagrees with their decisions, it seems she forgets that. 

As harsh as it was, Ralph Angel had a point. Violet isn't a parent, and perhaps that shows because her anger seems to be about Blue being taken away from her, not how this move will impact Blue, whether positive or negative.

Will Violet be able to get past this? I don't know. She's a stubborn woman who feels entitled to have her say. In many cases, she's right, but she's overstepped here, and I'm not sure she's able to see it. 

As painful as it was to listen to Violet's tirade against Ralph Angel, that was nothing compared to what awaited Nova. 

An Important Phone Call - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9

That Nova was investigating an old case of police brutality wasn't all that surprising, but where it led had me dumbfounded.

Calvin had admitted to witnessing his fellow officers beating suspects and even confessed to standing by and not trying to stop it. That was hard enough for Nova to accept. 

But to have Andre accuse Calvin of being the man who literally broke his back wasn't just a shock; it was nauseating. 

Will Calvin cop to this story or deny it? 

If this is true, it will likely be the end of Nova and Calvin. I don't see how she can possibly get past this no matter what his rationale is. 

Calvin Wants a Commitment - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 8

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics!

Is this story about Calvin true?

If it is, do Nova and Calvin have a future?

Who do you think sent Nova that mysterious email in the first place?

A Second Look - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9


Could Charley forgive Davis after all he's done, and would you want them to rekindle their romance?

Is sending Blue to the Sidwell Friends Academy the right decision, and will Vi ever forgive Ralph Angel for it?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below and tell us what your think! Then check back in for our next Queen Sugar review. 

In Summer Time To Simply Be Review

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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Violet: I thought you said I should stop meddling.
Hollywood: You’re still meddling, just hiding behind other people’s backs to do it.

Charley: How bad was I?
Davis: You couldn’t look bad, Charley, if you tried.