Manifest Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Bogey

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The flood gates have been opened!

Secrets and lies threatened the Lifeboat on Manifest Season 3 Episode 9, but not before we were served up bleeding eyes, floods, earthquakes, and more! 

What an insane episode.

Friends and Foes - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

If you watch Manifest online, you're familiar with the Dark Cloud Calling. It loomed large once again to send a warning that Eureka is the epicenter of sketchy activity and answers.

All the pieces are slowly but surely falling into place, but now, it's up to the 828ers to make sense of everything. 

And that's where it gets a bit tricky. 

There's a lot at play here as the Callings connect to science, the Bible, and Egyptian mythology all at the same time.

Working with the Stones - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

From where I'm standing, it seems like Saanvi and the team at Eureka are playing with fire. 

While trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Flight 828, Saanvi successfully made the fragment of Noah's Ark vanish using simulated dark lightning.

"God isn't the only one who can create a miracle" was the line that stood out to me because playing God never ends well. 

And, like magic, trying to recreate divine actions likely comes with a price. 

Like Mother Like Daughter - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

However, this is the first real explanation that we have for Flight 828 disappearing and coming back five years later, so maybe it's worth the risk? 

It also seems that the key to these seismic events is a returned passenger since no one else was able to accomplish what Saanvi did on her first try. 

As for what all of this means. . . I have no clue. And I'm no longer trying to figure it out. 

Instead, I strap in each week and enjoy the insanely wild ride. 

Getting Answers - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Ben, Eagan, and Mick also shared a Calling that included a flood and a lion. I thought it was trying to tell them about the driftwood and Noah's Ark, but Mick didn't seem too impressed by the revelation. 

Instead, they assumed that the lion crying tears of blood was warning them about a lie.

Sarah: If you worked my mom’s case like I intended, then Jared and I probably would’ve never dated.
Mic: Probably.

When she saw Saanvi's eyes bleeding, she realized that Saanvi was keeping something from them, which was threatening all of their lives.

After Saanvi came clean about what she did to The Major, she was miraculously cured. The episode had its fair share of miracles, that's for sure. 

Taking It's Toll - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Ben then found the Al-Zuras journal and saw Saanvi's picture in it (that still makes me laugh) and figured some people would have to make personal sacrifices and jump off to preserve the Lifeboat.

In this case, Saanvi was causing a leak in the Lifeboat, so she jumped ship.

When she came clean, order was restored.

But then Grace took it a step further and suggested that maybe people were being pushed off the Lifeboat, which begs the question: could the Callings be evil?

Brilliant Minds - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Also, does Saanvi have to get arrested to make amends?

Mick knows that Saanvi didn't mean to kill The Major, and there's no denying that The Major was a pretty terrible person who did awful things to the passengers. In a way, Saanvi saved all of them. That has to count for something, right?

Eagan: It happened. Same dark clouds, but this time there was a lion.
Ben: Whoa, a lion, lion?
Eagan: Yes, Dorothy. It was roaring in my face. I thought it was going to rip my freaking head off.
Grace: Too bad it wouldn’t find a heart.
Eagan: Touche.

With Saanvi's skills, I think the NSA will vouch for her, and she won't have to go to jail.

It'll take time for her soul to heal from what she did, but at least she was able to get it off her chest finally. 

Girl, Interrupted - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Plus, if Sarah finds out about Saanvi killing her mother, she'll want to retaliate.

With so much of the Calling surrounding what happened to The Major, I'm going to have to agree with Mick that it's not a coincidence that Sarah is dating Jared. 

Even though they acted like the perfect couple at dinner, it did strike me as odd when Sarah suggested that she and Jared should host Zeke and Mick for dinner at "their" place next time.

What's the rush?

Can He Be Trusted? - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Also, did anyone else pick up on the chemistry between Zeke and Sarah, or was that just me?

Based on that dinner, it seems like the couples need to swap love interests! 

Dinner was already awkward enough since Jared and Mick fell into old habits, but on top of that, Mick made it even worse by leaving Zeke alone to host her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. 

Hypothetical for you… can one be mauled to death during a Calling?


Zeke's a trooper! 

Zeke experienced his "feelings" about Sarah and her relationship with Jared, and while he didn't reveal if the vibes he got were positive, his facial expressions seemed to indicate that he thought everything was good between them. 

Not Impressed - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Then, something weird happened with Beverly as she seemingly projected Zeke's insecurities back to him.

Beverly said that Zeke was the man Mick married because she was dying, but that relationship didn't hold a candle to the 12 years of history she shared with Jared. 

Was this Beverly having a breakthrough, or was she somehow channeling Zeke?

Regardless, there was some truth to what she said.

Don't Upset Mom - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

Mick definitely cares about Zeke, but I also think she's conflicted in her feelings and hasn't owned up to them because she committed to Zeke during a dire time and doesn't want to go back on that decision.

This is one twisted love triangle! 

We both took an oath, I betrayed mine. Don’t betray yours.


Speaking of people I don't trust, Angelina is a little devil. 

The Stone family opened up their home to her and allowed her to become a member of the family, and she repaid them by trying to become Olive and attempting to steal her boyfriend!

What a little snake!

Lost Her Love - Manifest Season 3 Episode 8

Olive doesn't need a Calling to see right through Angelina. I'm glad she called her out and didn't hold back. If anyone needs to be kicked off the Lifeboat, it's Angelina! 

Also, can someone tell me what happened to TJ? I know he went to Egypt, but I thought he and Olive were still dating.

When did that change?

There's nothing wrong with Levi -- he rejected Angelina immediately, so that makes him a great guy in my book -- but I really can't get over the fact that he looks like the male version of Olive. 

Ben Looks for Clues - Manifest Season 3 Episode 8

They could be twins. 

What did you think of the episode? Plenty of you have some really great theories, so please share them in the comments below! 

Do you think we're on the brink of a major discovery?

Manifest still hasn't been renewed for a fourth season, so let's hope that we get somewhere soon with the Callings!

Bogey Review

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Sarah: If you worked my mom’s case like I intended, then Jared and I probably would’ve never dated.
Mic: Probably.

Eagan: It happened. Same dark clouds, but this time there was a lion.
Ben: Whoa, a lion, lion?
Eagan: Yes, Dorothy. It was roaring in my face. I thought it was going to rip my freaking head off.
Grace: Too bad it wouldn’t find a heart.
Eagan: Touche.