Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5 Review: New Hopes, New Beginnings

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Fallon Carrington has bitten off more than she can chew, but don't tell her that.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5 put the new leader of the family at the wheel of some big decisions, and while her signature wit shone through, she struggled in many different aspects.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Fallon has vied for power, much like the other characters on the show, but after witnessing the way she threatened a kid in front of the cameras, only to get a big fat reward in the end, it all felt a little too convenient.

Heart to Heart - Dynasty

Are we supposed to assume that her showing she had a heart got her that deal? She was a PR nightmare waiting to happen. Seriously, who would want to work with her after such high-profile misses?

Fallon is carrying the show at this stage. Every single scene feels like it is peppered with comedic dialogue to make viewers forget the frivolous plots going on around these characters.

Dynasty is not a show to take seriously, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I expected more here. Fallon should have managed to close the deal more believably, but instead, she's brought her father into the business she tried so desperately to create without him.

Dominique Poses - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

Fallon's message about being present in the lives of those you love came out of nowhere, and it probably would have had a bigger impact had it not come on the back of Jeff, Monica, and Dominique's grief.

It's hard to care much for the death when it was used merely to propel Fallon's storyline first and foremost.

Dominique's relationship with her children has been contentious, to say the least, but the writers could have come up with a much more convincing way of bringing them together than having it tied to Fallon's storyline.

On paper, having some progression for Dominique and her children seems like a natural progression given what we know of their past, but it also involves Dominique taking an interest in the lives of Jeff and Monica.

A Mother-Son Reunion?  - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

Can we all take a moment to thank the producers for not recasting Monica? I mean, every character gone for more than an episode or two comes back with a different face.

Liam and Kirby were both missing from this outing, so I'll be highly concerned about who will be playing them if they aren't present on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6.

Dominique feeling like the black sheep of the Carrington family is not surprising, but her mother's death should have been a lesson that she needs to stop chasing things that are no longer working for her.

She lost the maternal instinct for her children over the years, and it's about time she put the pitchfork down and started to, you know, be a parent.

Another Shot of Dominique - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

We've all dodged a phone call from a loved one here and there, so I can sympathize with her for not picking up the call from her mother, but there was so much she didn't know about her.

It was completely and utterly awkward when she was telling Monica about the lookbook. How do you not know your mother has been interested in fashion her whole life?

This clearly got to Dominique because she didn't want her kids to learn things about her when she died.

Dominique has been a decent addition to the show, but she roams around the mansion like a one-dimensional character. If she truly is off to New York with Monica, she needs to do some soul-searching to come back with a plan to put her family back on the map.

At the Hotel - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

The Carringtons make horrible decisions, and Blake donating money to get rid of Cristal's new squeeze was controlling more than anything.

Cristal has never been happier away from the confines of the mansion and, of course, Blake. Blake goes weak at the knees for anyone named Cristal and will go to any lengths to get close to them.

It's pretty bizarre, and when he hears about the digging in the mines for crystals, he'll need a cold fan because he's going to get all hot and bothered.

The show obviously wants viewers to root for Blake and Cristal, but it's hard to give a damn when they're so toxic to one another.

Alexis in Silver - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2

Are we to assume they're equally toxic, so, therefore, they must be together? I hope not because that would suck.

Culhane and Sam's team-up to take down Dawkins was fun and all, but it was more filler.

My biggest concern watching the episode was how all of the characters live between the manor and the hotel, so there's a complete lack of new locations.

The few exterior shots were hardly exciting, and with the seemingly empty drama, it's making me question whether the show has an arc in mind.

Fallon's Big Plan - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

Yes, we witnessed a funeral at the end of Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1, but it's about time we checked back in on that timeline.

I figured we would at least get answers every week about who is not in the casket, but recent episodes are acting like the timeline does not exist.

Dynasty Season 4 started strongly, but the wheels are quickly coming off.

In order to regain focus, some of the characters need to be given less screen time. Fallon, as great as she is, is struggling to keep the show afloat.

Dominique Returns - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

The writers are relying on her one-liners, and it's showing.

What did you think of the way Fallon handled everything?

Did you like or dislike how Fallon's heel turn was tethered to the loss of Jeff and Monica's grandmother?

Do you even care about Blake and Cristal at this stage?

Hit the comments below.

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New Hopes, New Beginnings Review

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