iCarly Premiere Review: iRevival Starts Strong with Premiere Episodes

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The iCarly revival is off to a pretty solid Start.

Each of the first three episodes filled the half-hour with hilarious comedy, beautiful references to the original show, and unique character developments that will make iCarly fans, old and new, smile.

Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor return to create new laughs for an older audience.

As mentioned in our interview with Nathan Kress, the show has taken more of an adult approach due to the characters being in their twenties.

The show's audience is also older now, as it has been nine years since the original show ceased airing.

Carly and Spencer - iCarly Season 1 Episode 1

The adult themes are present on the premiere episodes, but they do not shroud the show with inappropriate language or references.

Much of the humor that old fans of the show know and love is back, just told through the lens of adults instead of teenagers.

On iCarly Season 1 Episode 1, Carly gets broken up with, Spencer tries to impress Harper, and Freddie continues to deal with his emotional situation in life.

Freddie has gone through a lot, including two divorces, a failed startup, and adopting his stepdaughter, Millicent.

Harper - iCarly Season 1 Episode 1

Unfortunately, his relationship with Millicent isn't in the best place, as she doesn't accept him as her father.

I think that the emotional situation that each of the characters finds themselves in creates the excellent groundwork for the reboot.

The comedy is grounded in real-life situations, as sitcoms should be, and the world of iCarly thrives in that new light.

Conversations often take more of an adult turn, and the characters have matured nicely. But, as mentioned, the old humor is still there, just with a mature twist.

Carly Under a Blanket - iCarly Season 1 Episode 1

Now they can make jokes they were unable to complete before (for better or for worse).

Some of these don't land as well as others, while others feel they were included for shock value.

For example, on iCarly Season 1 Episode 2, a few sexual jokes don't quite land. I understand the importance of having sexual situations and comments when writing a sitcom about and for 20-year-olds, but these jokes feel very forced as of now.

Despite the lacking adult humor, the three premiere episodes start the show off well.

Millicent iCarly Season 1 Episode 1

iCarly Season 1 Episode 3 is the weaker of the three due to its shallow storyline and cheeky humor.

The episode, entitled iFauxpologize, felt more like an episode from the original run. The humor was childish and not very adult-oriented.

If they are going to go for the adult-skewing audience, they need to stay consistent with the quality of the spirit.

The actors have gone back to their roles quite quickly, and they handle the maturing of the characters quite well.

Spencer playing Pool - iCarly Season 1 Episode 3

The new actors, Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett, add extraordinary humanity and reliability to the iCarly world. Laci Mosley plays Harper, Carly's roommate.

Something minor yet still interesting that lacks representation on television is the financial or social need for people to have roommates in their twenties.

Seeing two roommates who are also best friends, portrayed so lovingly and supported on-screen, is a beautiful addition.

The friendship between Carly and Freddie still presents as strong, loving, and supportive.

Millicent with Harper and Carly Looking on - iCarly Season 1 Episode 3

They have remained friends throughout the years, and that continued relationship is apparent with their chemistry.

Cosgrove and Kress still have lovely interactions, and it is such a delight to see them together again.

Carly and Spencer's sibling relationship is also pleasant to see again.

They still have amazing chemistry as brother and sister, and their relationship is still as sweet and as funny as ever.

Carly at Skybucks - iCarly Season 1 Episode 2

iStart Over, iHate Carly, and iFauxpologize are an excellent addition to the iCarly world. Individually, the episodes are pretty strong, and I found myself laughing multiple times.

Many viewers will consider a question, and some may have already -- does nostalgia have anything to do with the novelty of the revival?

The answer I have for that so far is simple. The nostalgia is there, and the references to the original show are abundant. However, this new iteration stands on its own quite well.

The nostalgia hooked me, but then I stayed for the current situations and comedic dialogue. If the writers stick to this current trajectory, I have faith that they will have a successful, funny sitcom.

Of course, I'm going into each episode now looking forward to the new stories, but I will always be keeping an eye out for the references.

Harper and Carly and Murderboard - iCarly Season 1 Episode 2

New and old relationships, situations, and characters help the new episodes shine.

Harper and Millicent are hilarious characters that add a significant level of humor and feeling of family.

Everyone feels like a family somehow because they are so close (which also echoes the original)!

The original had terrific characters that all loved each other (one way or another), and the writers have made sure that those bonds are strong as ever, even while introducing new characters.

They tell what happened to Sam and where she is in life and don't try to erase or replace her legacy. The mutual respect and love that all of the characters have for each other still shine.

Carly, Harper, and Freddie. - iCarly

So, iCarly fanatics, what did you think of the first few revival episodes?

Are you excited to see Carly, Spencer, and Freddie back on the screen?

Let us know in the comments below!!

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