Manifest Season 3 Episode 12 and Episode 13 Review: Mayday Part 1 and 2

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Can someone please explain what just happened?

A rollercoaster of emotions was experienced on Manifest Season 3 Episode 12 and Manifest Season 3 Episode 13

This is the only show where so much can happen, and yet, we get absolutely no clear answers.

Aligned Forces - Manifest

I knew I shouldn't have believed them when they said we would find out what happened to Flight 828, but still, I watched hour after hour, hoping for something, anything. 

It left me with more questions instead. 

Grace: I don’t give a damn about the science. It’s my son.
Ben: I told you over and over again there’s some things science can’t explain. Some things you have to go on faith.

NBC needs to renew the show now because the finale lefts us on several massive cliffhangers. And I don't want to see the fandom's reaction if those questions go unanswered! 

Though I'm struggling to wrap my head around what happened, there's no doubt about it -- time travel is definitely involved!

The Pressure Is On - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

There's also a possibility that alternate dimensions exist.

Those final moments of the two-hour finale kept me on the edge of my seat. 

After Ben and Saanvi cruised into the middle of an electrical storm and dumped the tail fin, it disappeared without a trace. 

However, it didn't bring Cal back as they assumed it would. 

Concerned Father - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Instead, they got a Calling, though this time, a very realistic one, which included Saanvi. Her Callings are back, and I'm thrilled that she's part of the action again. 

Cal was also there, but he was passing by and wouldn't say more than that. 

Honestly, why is it so hard for these people to say what they mean? We don't have to speak in riddles. It would be so much easier if Cal had just come out and said what was about to happen. 

Maybe then Grace would still be alive.

Burn Unit - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

As things stand, Grace was left bleeding out on the ground after Angelina stabbed her. Can you believe she actually stabbed her?

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

When Grace saw Angelina, she went into momma bear mode and died protecting Eden.  

Angelina is still on the kick that Eden is her guardian angel, and she took it even further by baptizing her. It was all so weird. 

Help Our Boy - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Eden saw fire when she looked at Angelina leads me to my initial theory that Angelina is the devil or a symbol of evil.

If anyone is an Agent of the Apocalypse, it's that girl.

I covered up a murder to protect you and the passengers. Forget about the Callings, if my kinds went missing, I’d burn down the castle to get them back.


It's unclear what role Eden will play, but she's crucial to the storyline. I keep thinking that maybe in some alternate universe, Eden is Angelina's daughter. It's the only thing that explains why she's so drawn to the baby. 

And what happened to Cal believing that Angelina was there to help him?

In Prison Again - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Killing his mother is hardly helping. 

Did Cal know that she was going to kill his mom? Because if so, it would've been great if he warned everyone with one of his drawings.

Which brings me back to my original question -- what did Cal want to prove to everyone by disappearing from Eureka? That time travel is possible?

He also told Grace that he'd see her again before disappearing into thin air. Did he mean when he came to say goodbye at the age that he would've been if the plane hadn't gone missing?

Does this mean that they have a way of reversing what happened to them?

Feeling All the Feels - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Or is this Cal from the future?

Did Cal have to remove himself from this timeline so that future Cal could appear? One of the rules of time travel is that you can't visit a timeline you already exist in. Is this why he has to stay away?

And since he's an adult, does this mean he beat the death date?

Is Grace dead? Will she come back to life with her own death date? Was her vision of Cal a Calling?

I can't even begin to imagine how Ben is going to take the news. Grace is his world! 

Bethany the Flight Attendant  - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

The piece of driftwood seemed to be proof that time travel is possible as it dated back to Noah's Ark but appeared in the present day. 

Maybe that's what happened with Flight 828, and the Callings are simply visions from the future, which was one of the more popular theories among fans before all the religious symbolism came into play. 

Vance: Once we get that thing out of here, it’s going to feel like the whole world’s against us.
Ben: The whole world is against us.

Also lending itself to the time travel theory is Captain Daly's return, which was likely triggered by the electrical storm. 

Unfortunately, he returned for mere seconds, yelled "help me," and then vanished right along with the whole plane being rebuilt at Eureka. 

Getting to the Truth - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

So much for getting answers, huh?

If Gupta wasn't a believer before, she definitely is now. 

But what does Daly need help with? And where is Fiona?

I can't even begin to process why we spent so much time on Eagan, Adrian, and the other 828ers. They made such a big deal about their attempts to radicalize the other passengers, but only Eagan and Randall showed up to attack Vance's home.

Adrian was preaching about needing to stop Ben but then told Eagan that maybe they should hold off.

Unexpected Team Up - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

There's a possibility it will make sense one day, but it doesn't at this moment. 

They both made Ben out to be this villain, but all we've ever seen is Ben trying to do his best to understand the Callings, help passengers understand them, and save his boy. 

Does he take things to extremes? Yes. But look at what we're dealing with. None of this is normal! 

Ben and Vance weren't working against the passengers -- they were working towards answers. 

The Truth Will Set You Free - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

In fact, Vance turned out to be on Ben's side completely as he defied orders to help them figure out a way to return the tail fin. 

Sorry that my trust in you ever wavered, Vance! 

Also, who is behind the government's attack on the passengers? My money is still on The Major being alive and pulling the strings! 

It was cool to see Vance and Jared team up since they rarely share any scenes, but their partnership didn't last very long since Jared figured out that he and Saanvi were involved in murdering The Major and covering it up. 

Mediate the Issue - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

When he confronted Mick about it, she didn't even have the energy to lie anymore. 

With everything that was happening, you could tell that it hurt Mick to keep Jared at arm's length since he was her person for such a long time. 

Jared had a bit of a crisis because he got mad at Mick for not telling him the truth and then blamed her for breaking up with Sarah because he knew the truth about The Major.

Which one is it, Jared? You're either all in or out. 

Allies - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Jared complained about the Callings ruining his life, but he has inserted himself into her business on more than one occasion.

He didn't need to be there, but he showed up anyway. He wants to be her hero, and it makes him mad that he isn't.

Just what I need, a husband who can read my mind.


Jared flat-out told Mick that she was the love of his life and that he only stood by and watched her marry Zeke because he was supposed to die. 

It may have sounded romantic in his head, and it may have been what he was feeling in the moment, but what a messed up thing to say.

Finding Clues - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Zeke is being disrespected when he's been nothing but kind and welcoming to Jared this whole time. 

I don't think Mick realized her feelings for Jared until this moment -- she's been repressing those feelings out of respect for Zeke.

However, since he gained his empathy feelings, Zeke knew Mick was slipping away for quite some time and finally acknowledged it by telling her that they need to talk. 

Will they get a divorce?

Answers in the Paper - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Manifest is undoubtedly the most confusing and frustrating show on television, but I'm hooked. 

NBC, do us all a favor and give us that renewal so that we can finally get answers to the biggest mystery on television. 

In the meantime, you can watch Manifest online to catch up on all the episodes!

What did you think of the finale? Do you have any new theories? Share them in the comments below! 

False Prophets - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

Mayday Part 2 Review

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Grace: I don’t give a damn about the science. It’s my son.
Ben: I told you over and over again there’s some things science can’t explain. Some things you have to go on faith.

I covered up a murder to protect you and the passengers. Forget about the Callings, if my kinds went missing, I’d burn down the castle to get them back.