EVIL Season 2 Episode 4 Review: E Is for Elevator

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Well, it seems that Leland's comic foil offers an interesting contrast to the realities hitting Kristen and Ben on EVIL Season 2 Episode 4.

It seems as though there isn't any forward movement to the overarching story from far away, but if that story is to question and be open to everything, then we're right on track.

Once again, we're left without answers, but Kristen, Ben, and David were all left with even more questions.

The Elevator in Question - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

Kristen and Ben take the lead on the case as David continues preparing for his vows and getting sucked even further into Leland's orbit.

It's never been as apparent just how difficult Kristen and Ben find it to talk about their work than when they didn't have David at their side.

As they met with the Sawyers, Kristen couldn't bring herself to tell them what they do, leaving Ben's mouth hanging open before he jumped in with an assist. Still, they don't believe, but "E for Elevator" really poked their buttons.

At first, Kristen saw the entire thing as a big joke. Nothing could make that clearer than how easily she allowed her girls to accompany her and Ben while they investigated the elevator where Wyatt Sawyer went missing.

Pentagram on the Floor - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

The girls were thrilled at the mystique of being along for the ride, and they were entirely caught up with the idea behind the story.

And the story was a good one. The elevator game requires you to take a leap of faith, much like Candyman and put your fate into the hands of lore and superstition.

There's a lot to get wrong while playing the game, the least of which truly went wrong for Wyatt, his girlfriend, Felicia, and finally, Ben. It wasn't easy to recreate the circumstances that found them in a personal hell, and even a mistake found Kristen in one, too.

There are so many "games" like this on the internet. They practically run rampant. Whether it's idiocy like the Tide pod challenge or something a little more spiritual like the elevator game, it's not surprising that Evil incorporated the phenomenon into the show.

Peering Out of the Elevator - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

What is surprising is that the game was fruitful for Kristen and Ben. They both chose different routes to get there, but they both emerged spooked.

They continue to dodge the possibility that something is happening. Whether it's supernatural or only a psychological stigma that comes from playing the games, they are experiencing something.

Kristen visited the elevator after taking one of the pills Kurt prescribed to combat hallucinations, so she didn't know how to process it when she encountered one.

What was really shocking was that, once again, she kept it to herself. She might feel that sharing it would make her seem weak or ineffective, but given their profession, any time they can relate to the people they try to help would be a benefit, even if it only starts a conversation.

Ben Suffers an Elevator Nightmare - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

Ben's situation is a little different. He's got an almost constant companion with his wisecracking lady demon. She doesn't seem to want to harm him at all, but it's still baffling that he's not searching for something similar on the internet.

The dude searches for everything, but when it comes to his own experience, he's allowing it to continue without seeking help. He tried filming his dreams, but this latest visit is vastly different.

While David and Kristen cannot see her in the elevator, he still can. If he's hallucinating while awake and with friends, that's something that he needs to address.

The key here is for Kristen and Ben to get comfortable enough to confide in each other finally. Kristen relies on a psychiatrist, but as a psychologist, she should be a little more proactive.

David at the Pulpit - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

David was busy preparing for the priesthood. As his cohorts were facing the unexplained, he chose to deliver a test of sorts as his first homily to an actual parish.

David's race has always been an issue, even if it's not always been addressed on Evil. There is a significant underrepresentation of Blacks both in congregations and as clergy. He is unique in his beliefs, as is his friend.

To test the faith, David wanted to use his homily to remind parishioners that how this country dealt with race has always been an issue. Would his message be well received?

A fellow man of faith, a gospel minister, welcomed David to his church, promising him that they'd offer him what he cannot get in a Catholic Church.

David Smiles in Full Robes - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

But David believes in the whole shebang. More than one person suggested that he's a token being groomed as a figurehead who will lead the way for other Black success stories inside the church, and it's unlikely that they're wrong.

There is a large group of Christians that is untapped with the Catholic Diocese, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they had an agenda to tap into it. Whether it's merely to grow their numbers or because they have something valuable to offer, I wouldn't know.

But having a Black priest willing to talk about the Black experience no matter what his White teacher thinks is a good step forward.

Regardless, Leland will be around to get a kick out of everything Catholic.

Prepping for his Exorcism - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

It was so enjoyable watching David roll his eyes as Leland put on his best performance as a man possessed. Frankly, with all the time he's had to perfect it, he kind of sucks at it.

But how apropos that he glommed onto David as his spiritual mentor during the exorcism process, which is what it is in his case. Since he actually sold his soul to the devil, it's not going to be an easy transition getting it back.

Of course, we know he has no desire to get it back but rather to further engage David in impure thoughts that will put his own soul on the line. Sticking around and very close means he won't be stopping any time soon.

The best part was when he took a bucket of popcorn to mass.

Leland Watches With a Bucket of Popcorn - EVIL Season 2 Episode 4

David was so into his sermon that he didn't even balk at the hilarity. Another man without the strength of David's convictions might have found it difficult to deliver a serious sermon with a mentally deranged man chomping popcorn from a back row.

The contrast of spiritual evil and real evil in this world is impossible to miss, but if Evil is trying to overlook one for the other, I wouldn't say that's a good idea. There are plenty of people who feel driven by faith to commit horrible acts, and it's best to listen to everyone than partition evil.

It could be said that Christians and others of faith shrug off real-life evils, but I'd counter with the idea that they know very well what they're doing, and until someone calls them on it, it will continue.

A man of David's faith, race, and expertise handling the unknown could be a terrific bridge between two worlds.

E Is for Elevator Review

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