Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Homecoming

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Are you still holding your breath?

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4 was another packed installment that concluded on a somewhat predictable note.

But hey, at least we got to spend some time with the entirety of the Pogues together before things got tough again.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla Limbrey - Outer Banks

I'm trying to fathom why they all thought that taking John B back to Outer Banks was a good idea. He was public enemy number one before his escape, so why would that change now?

If anything, the moment people heard of his return, they would be on the lookout, and that's something the rest of the Pogues will have to ponder as he faces the iron fist of justice.

Shoupe could have called all of it off by revealing he was arresting Ward, but there are too many sketchy things going on in the town to be able to keep up.

Questions Answered - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4

Ward continues to be a frustrating character due to his ever-changing personality, but now that we know how far he'll go to keep his family intact, all of his cards have been shown.

He's in possession of the gold, but he's probably iced his daughter out for good.

Sarah meeting him was a risky endeavor, but I had a little bit of hope she would manage to get through to him.

Now that we know he's not willing to entertain his daughter's thoughts on the matter, it means he's too far gone to turn his back on the plan.

Limbrey Arrives - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4

There's no way Sarah will turn on John B or the Pogues, so something tells me her father and step-mother will find a way to keep her quiet.

We don't know if she'll wind up back in their care, but given the way the cops cornered everyone, it looks that way.

I'll sugar mama you.


Ward knew what he was doing when he called the cops about John B. This could have resulted in a deadly shootout that left more than one person dead.

Ward is driven by revenge and his thirst for power, and I can't wait to see someone taking him down for good.

Finding the Truth - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4

Rafe remains a loose cannon and the way he was firing stray bullets suggested he will kill again, and that all of the Pogues are fair game, including his sister.

The mystery surrounding the key was intriguing, largely because it gave Pope a meaty storyline to work with.

Elizabeth Mitchell turned in an ice-cold performance as Carla Limbrey, someone who clearly has archaic views on the world.

Much like Ward she likes to have power and influence, but the difference between the two of them is that she is not willing to put on a mask.

What's Happening? - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4

She can be her authentic self no matter the situation, and that was flawlessly highlighted when she attempted to kidnap Pope as his friends waited outside.

Carla's quest for the gold has clearly been going on for decades, and now she's at the point in which she has nothing to lose.

Man: You idiot. This is a seventeen-hundred dollar jacket.
John B: I'm sorry, I bumped into him.
Sarah: Is there anything I can do?
John B: I'm sorry, this is on me.
Man: So, you're saying you're going to pay for it?
John B: I don't have any money. I'm broke.
Man: Pathetic.

Those types of characters are fascinating to me because it makes the events unpredictable.

Whether she will get her hands on the key, I don't know, but it was a compelling hook as we approach the midway point of Outer Banks Season 2.

On the Run  - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4

There might be a lot of family history Pope is not privy to, leading me to believe his parents are hiding something from him.

Part of Pope's journey will be discovering the true nature of the key, what it does, and whether there is treasure hidden somewhere else.

Who know, maybe Carla will be instrumental in the takedown of Pope. She's a complicated character who will probably make her way to Outer Banks before long.

It's hard to imagine the Pogues returning to Charleston unless they go on the run or something.

Back Again - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4

JJ was ready to turn the gun on the cops to take a stand for his friend. Seriously, can you find friends more loyal than the Pogues?

I predicted it would come to a point John B would have to surrender in the name of saving his friends, but it didn't make it any less heartbreaking.

That looks so good. I'm starving.

John B

Knowing John B is innocent makes it worse, but John B didn't want any of his friends or loved ones to be harmed in the process.

It's unclear what will become of John B at this stage, but I wouldn't be surprise if the Pogues staged a prison break, of sorts.

Rafe Spirals - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 3

Then again, maybe Carla will offer up the voice recording to exonerate John B, in exchange for the key. It's not like Shoupe is going to have a change of heart miraculously.

"Homecoming" was another impressive episode of this Netflix drama. Many shows suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump, but Outer Banks is continuing to excel in its second season.

The characters are being put in unimaginable situations, and the actors are throwing it out of the park.

What more could we want?

Over to you, TV Fanatics.

JB in Danger - Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 3

What are your thoughts on John B's arrest?

Are you a fan of the Limbrey arc?

What do you think Sarah will do next?

Hit the comments.

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That looks so good. I'm starving.

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