The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3 Review: Truce or Dare

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There's something about these challenges that's rubbing me the wrong way.

The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3 featured two very dangerous competitions for the competitors, and the first felt like it was a hotbed for producer intervention.

You know there's something amiss when the waters are so bad that some players are holding on for dear life to rocks and accepting defeat.

Making a Plan to Save Themselves - The Challenge

We even had one player almost drowning and being rendered unfit to continue in the competition. If you watch The Challenge online, you know the show doesn't shy away from risky challenges, but it feels like it has crossed a line with The Challenge Season 37.

Tommy emerging from the water, only to collapse, was scary to watch as a viewer, and, unfortunately, he had to leave.

These people spent so long quarantining, only to be thrown back into quarantine, so being let go because he was medically unfit was a tough blow.

Michelle Cheers - The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3

Those Survivor alums are sure falling like flies! They came into the game full of optimism, thinking they could get the upper hand on the veterans, but the veterans and the competitions are steamrolling them.

It was something that Michelle and Corey came in second place in the daily, even though Michelle's nose was gushing blood for most of it.

These two are the rookies to watch, and you can tell they're going to be targeted every week because of how well they're performing.

They could cause the biggest upset in the house, but now that the veterans have the numbers, I'm guessing they'll be able to break any tie.

Tori and Aneess Laugh - The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3

The only hope the rookies have is winning the dailies and throwing a veteran group into the elimination.

I hope Michelle makes it far because it's clear she came to play and isn't the type of person to mince words.

The same can be said for Corey. These two might be the new era of challengers the franchise needs to survive.

Tori and Ed winning the daily was not a surprise. They are some of the strongest challengers in the house, but something about Tori winning was anticlimactic.

Obviously, she would use this power to her advantage, but she also put a target on her back in the process by the way she treated Tasha and Jeremiah.

Why would you ask someone to throw in and then go back on it? It was clear she wanted to get all the intel she could to use it against Tacha and Jeremiah should they return from the elimination.

As much as I love Big T, Tori should have targeted her because the moment Big T gets a sniff of power, she's going to want to target the veterans.

Why should she help her former allies when she's so far down the totem pole?

Tori Wins - The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3

Every one of the vets has stabbed each other in the back, but the vets are worried about Big T's influence with the newer players.

It was a surprise Devin and Kyle were so against targeting Big T because they thought it would render the veteran alliance dead.

Those two players are usually the first to cause problems for other players, but they're clearly worried about targeting Big T and feeling the wrath of the rookies.

The deliberation was the most dramatic to date, and I have to throw a lot of respect at Tacha. Telling everyone Corey should be a target could have dunked her game, but it highlights that she came to play.

She's a straight shooter, much like Michelle, so it was unfortunate to see her go home so soon.

Dangerous Elimination - The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3

You can see why Tacha is one of the most popular reality TV stars out there, and I believe she has a bright future ahead of her should the producers pick up the phone to invite her back.

After being eliminated, her yelling at Tori was a surprise, but it successfully put Tori up to the top of the target list for the rookies.

Ashley and Amanda probably got in Tori's ear about throwing Berna up there because, you know, the Nelson of it all. Ashley furiously yelling during the elimination, telling Tacha what to do to emerge with the win, was very telling.

This competition was another dud regarding health and safety, with poor Berna almost breaking her nose. Seriously guys, what the heck is going on this season?

Tacha: You know you wanted this. You are a fake ass bitch.
Tori: No. This is not true, Tacha.
Tacha: No, no. Don't try to be any fucking kind of way.
Tori: If you don't...
Tacha: No no.
Tori: Whatever, dude. If you don't wanna hear what I have to say...
Tacha: I didn't come to your fucking room, Tori.
Tori: Okay.
Tacha: I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of everybody else, yeah, minus you, obviously.
Tori: Can I say my peace?
Tacha: I don't want to listen. Shut up.
Tori: Whatever, dude.

Hopefully, Berna and the rookies rise to power and get some of the veterans out because this is all a little too one-sided so far.

Tacha vs. Tori - The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3

Berna would probably target Tori, Ashley, and Aneesa, and, damn, I can only imagine the upset if she got either of those three out of the house.

For these shows to thrive, there has to be a shift in the balance of power.

I hope Michelle, Corey, or Berna are a part of a winning team on The Challenge Season 37 Episode 4 to get some revenge.

"Truce or Dare" was another meandering installment, and the neverending wave of medical disqualifications is messing up the fabric of the game.

What are your thoughts on the safety of the competitions?

Tori, if I come back, it's game over for you. There's no going back on this on this one. No going B-A-C-K. Exclamation.


Did you expect Tacha to go so soon? Do you want her back next season?

Hit the comments below.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Truce or Dare Review

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