Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2 Review: And Dream With Them Deeply

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We hope there are brighter days ahead for the Bordelons and their friends, but things were cloudy at best during Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2.

You'd think things couldn't get more adversarial after having a white cop knock down an elderly black volunteer, but Billie's arrival managed to ratchet up the tension.

We don't know much about Billie, other than she and her family live in Chicago, and she failed to make it back to St. Jo's during Prosper's last medical crisis.

At The Hospital - Queen Sugar

The Bordelons have given the impression that Billie had all but abandoned her father, but Billie says she begged Prosper to come to Chicago and be with her and her family, but he refused. 

In Billie's defense, we've never heard her side of the story, and even now, we only have snippets of information. To Billie, it could have felt as though Prosper was choosing the Bordelons over her. 

What it comes down to is that sometimes dealing with family can be difficult, and Violet wasn't making it any easier.

Nova: You’ve known Aunt Vi since we were kids, Billie. You know she only wants what’s best for everyone, especially Prosper.
Billie: No, she thinks she knows what’s best. Telling me what to do like I’m a child. She was always like that, in everybody’s business. Not everything around here revolves around the Bordelons.

Neither Billie nor Nova were wrong. Violet loves Prosper like family, but Billie is his family, and Vi frequently doesn't understand that all decisions aren't hers to make. Case in point, she still hasn't accepted that sending Blue to private school was what was best for him. 

Billie and Nova - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2

But the curious point of this conversation was when Nova said that Billie owed her. Owes her for what? Whatever it was, Billie almost immediately backed down and allowed the Bordelons to visit Prosper once again. And does this mean the debt is paid?

Even more interesting was Billie's conversation with Charley at the hospital. It told us a lot about Billie's personality. 

You know, you and I, we’re very similar. I sought order once too. It was really control that I wanted. I thought I could just fit my father into my schedule. I missed his last moments chasing something that wasn’t real, power and money. I’ll never get that back. So, I hope you’re luckier than me, and if you are, I hope that you listen to him, love him, and respect him by letting others love him. If you don’t, then you’re just trying to control him too, and us.

Charley [to Billie]

Billie was less on edge with Charley, but then Charley took the time to ask how Billie was doing; that's something that none of the other Bordelons had bothered to ask. 

The problems between Billie and Prosper aren't one-sided, as Prosper's conversation with Ralph Angel showed he has plenty of regrets when it comes to the relationship with his daughter.

Prosper's Up and Around - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2

Prosper: You gonna love your baby girl better than I loved mine 'cause you gonna show her you love her every single day.
Ralph Angel: It ain’t over 'til it’s over, Mr. Prosper. You still got time.

So far, I like Billie, and it feels like there's plenty of story to mine between her, Prosper, and the Bordelons. In the end, I hope she becomes an ally instead of an enemy. 

Going back to Aunt Vi for a moment, what the hell is she doing? 

I understand her helping an abused woman and her son, even paying for their motel room as women's shelters are likely full and have high Covid transmission risk. 

But why is she hiding this from Hollywood? It makes no sense. I can't imagine Hollywood wouldn't understand; he's a good man and knows Vi's history. Heck, he'd likely offer to help. So, why is Vi risking her marriage by sneaking around and lying? 

Watching the Interview - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2

Hollywood was hurt when Vi didn't make it for his interview, and he may have even suspected Violet wasn't telling the whole truth. When he said, "I guess I didn't need my good luck charm after all," it was difficult to tell if that was an off-the-cuff comment or if it was meant to make a point. 

Over at Nova's, her phone issues were freaking her out. Of course, it could just be a coincidence, or it could be someone is listening in on her conversations. She may be paranoid, but that doesn't mean no one is watching. Nova isn't wrong to be worried.

Nova was quick to open up to Dominic. He's a cultural anthropology professor from her alma mater, Tulane University, which feels like a perfect match for Nova. Almost too perfect, which makes me wonder if he's too good to be true.

And we finally got a teeny, tiny hint of what happened between her and Calvin when she told Dominic, "I lost the man I love so I could live in my truth."

But that still doesn't tell us what happened to Calvin. Is he in prison? Did he make a deal and walk free? As of yet, it's a mystery. 

Meeting Dominc - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2

The best moment of the episode was Ralph Angel and Darla learning that they were having a girl. Blue will be thrilled to have a baby sister. 

It was a moment full of love and yet marred by the realization that Ralph Angel hid all of their financial worries from Darla. 

I know he probably thinks he's protecting her, but if things fall apart and she ends up getting blindsided, that's far crueler. I fear Ralph Angel will cling to his pride, not ask anyone for help, and Darla won't be able to have the baby on the farm because it will no longer be theirs.

I just hope that Darla's desire to have an at-home birth works out without incident. I don't think I could stand it if something happens to that baby. 

Birth Plan - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

What does Billie owe Nova?

Was Vi overbearing at the hospital?

Was Billie wrong to throw her out?

Will Charley's past with Davis come back to bite her if she runs for Senate?

Charley Gets News - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2

Are you happy Ralph Angel and Darla are having a girl, and do you see complications ahead?

And did Hollywood realize that Violet was lying to him?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below and let us know what you thought of this episode of Queen Sugar. 

And Dream With Them Deeply Review

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Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I want to bring our little girl into the world on this farm surrounded by all the things that I love.


Violet: Thank you for coming as soon as you could.
Billie: Respectfully, Violet, please don’t thank me like I’m a stranger doing you a favor. He’s my father, and I don’t have to be thanked to come and see him.