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Did a bookworm find the best way to live her life?

On Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7, a woman arrived on the island with the aim of making the best choice.

In a Crisis - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

However, Elena tried to let her know there was more to life than choosing what she thought was right.

Meanwhile, a competitive survivalist found herself pondering the future as the island continued to change everything.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Real life can be intimidating. Getting lost in a good book? I mean, shoot, there's nothing better. Especially if it's romance.


Isabel: I need to get a life, and I need to get my nose out of books. And I've tried before, but the world... it's SO MUCH. And books are where I feel safe.
Elena: You don't feel safe in the real world?
Isabel: I feel out of step, like I don't really belong. And I'm worried my whole life is one big 'no, thank you' when I want it to be a 'YES'!