A Million Little Things Round Table: Was Gary's Plan the Worst Ever?!

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Eddie has a new therapist, and Katherine unexpectedly bonded with Shanice.

However, onĀ A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 2, the detective came to talk to Gary about Peter, and we got a shocking reveal.

Join TV Fanatics Laura Nowak, Christine Orlando, and Jack Ori as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Can Maggie find the right balance between helping those in need and meeting the time restraints of radio?

Laura: I think that will be challenging for her because Maggie's first concern is to help people. It will be interesting if she can make it work.

Christine: This is going to be an adjustment. Maggie has been in private practice a long time. Now she has minutes to work with someone, not weeks or months.

Maggie needs to realize that her goal is now to find a short-term solution and point people in the right direction for more help, but she can't control what comes next for the people who call in. She also needs to learn to put a caller on hold and talk to them offline, or she will make herself crazy.

Jack: This is going to be difficult for her. As I recall, she had the same problem when she was on Dr. Stacy's show.

Maggie needs the training I had when I worked on the crisis line. She can't fix the person's problem in one call -- she can only listen a little, make a suggestion, and offer resources.

She will need to make that adjustment and be mindful of time restraints to make this work. It will also help if she doesn't have to waste time with prank callers and learns how to handle them more effectively so that she doesn't run into the issue of her first real caller calling when time is short.

Do you think something romantic will brew between Maggie and the traffic report guy at the station?

Laura: I hope not. There is something about that guy that bugs me. His rules, his way.

Christine: He actually feels like he could end up being one of her patients. He definitely has control and probably some other underlying issues that he needs to address.

Jack: Please, no.

I agree with everyone else -- he has issues and while he wasn't wrong that Maggie can't just cut off his show, the way he interacted with her, in general, turned me off.

First Day Jitters - tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 2

Is Shanice the friendship that Katherine needed this entire time? Is this a friendship that the series should develop further?

Laura: I thought the two of them were lots of fun, and they did relate to each other. I hope we do see Shanice and her daughter again and her/Katherine hang out again.

Christine: I liked that Shanice reiterated that Katherine deserves to be happy. Shanice has worked with Rome, but she's not as closely intertwined with the core friend group as Darcy is now.

I think that's important. Katherine needs someone who can give her an outside perspective. And I loved the references to Days of Our Lives. That was fun.

Katie's Fresh Start - tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 2

Jack: I loved the references to Days of Our Lives too, and especially when Shanice said that Katherine's life was a real-life soap opera. LOL

Anyway, at first, I was irritated with Katherine being starstruck, but once they got past that and it turned out she and Shanice had a lot in common, I enjoyed their friendship, and I hope to see more of it.

What was your first impression of Eddie's new therapist, Russ?

Laura: I liked Russ. I think he'll be an inspiration to Eddie, at least I hope so. Eddie needs a friend that understands what he's going through.

Eddie's New Leaf  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 2

Christine: Russ was great. Eddie needs someone who won't coddle him. Someone who can relate to his issues, and he could use a friend. Russ could end up filling all of those places.

Jack: I liked Russ a lot. He pushed Eddie without antagonizing him. They had a great rapport, and the fact that Russ is a wheel-chair user too helped him connect with Eddie.

Is Eddie getting a job at the same place as the woman who hit him a good idea? Where do you think they're going with this storyline?

Laura: Probably not. It's going to have him on edge, and he won't perform as well at work if he's always looking over his shoulder trying to find that woman.

I am curious about where they're going and if that woman has any connection to him or if she's a random person.

Growth Spurt  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 2

Christine: Ugh. No, but I understand why he's doing it.

I can't imagine I'd be able to walk away from this mystery either if I were in Eddie's place, and working at the store gives him a lot more time and access to figure out who that caller was, and as a plus, he can say he's taken Russ' advice.

Jack: It's really not a good idea, but Eddie is the king of bad ideas. LOL. It certainly will make for some interesting drama.

How shocked were you that Gary called Christopher over the night of the attack, how about that Gary left Christopher there? Do you think Christopher will turn on Gary?

Laura: I'm more surprised and worried that Christopher basically revealed who he was when he accused him of hurting his daughter. I'm relieved Gary didn't do that violent attack, but they're both in way over their heads. I don't think he'll turn on Gary.

Hiding his Sins - tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 1

Christine: I'm shocked at how lousy a plan they both had. What was the point? Abduct the guy and get him to admit what he'd done? Then what. The confession would never be admissible in court, even if he never saw their faces.

Gary started this fiasco, so leaving the highly emotional man whose daughter was killed alone with Peter was just asking for this to turn into a disaster. I'd hoped Gary was smarter than that.

Jack: I agree with Christine. This was a badly thought-out plan.

I also think that Peter will identify Christopher when he wakes up... if his memories aren't fuzzy. Then it won't be hard to connect it to Gary as well. The detective in charge of the case is already suspicious, so this won't end well.

Is there anything else about the hour that you'd like to address?

Laura: I know the Howards don't have an actual story per se, but I enjoyed them taking a fun day. I don't remember the last time we saw them laugh. Everything was so doom and gloom for them last season.

Christine: Gary needs to lock his car doors! The fact that Christopher could slip into his back seat so easily was scary. That could have been anyone!

Jack: I enjoyed the Howards having some fun too, and their scene with Teddy where they admitted it wasn't really Rome's birthday was great. Also, did Gary really think the lady wouldn't notice that her figurine had disappeared?

Starting Over after the Pandemic -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 1

What was your favorite scene, storyline, character, etc from the hour?

Laura: As mentioned, I liked the Howards fun day. I also liked Katherine and Shanice. She also needs some laughter and fun.

Christine: I liked that Darcy was going to make her son apologize for breaking the figurine. She's a good mother, and it shows because he told the truth before she even became involved.

It was also nice to see Rome and Regina enjoying themselves. Regina realized that even though working at a chain restaurant won't be anything like running Someday, there can still be positives she can take away from the experience.

Jack: All of the above, plus I loved Shanice and Katherine bonding. Katherine also deserved something more lighthearted after everything she's been through.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics! Do you agree with us? Sound off below.

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