Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Or Maybe Just Stay There

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Charley was riding high on Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6, while Nova was experiencing a new low. And Ralph Angel?

Well, Ralph Angel was teetering on the brink of destruction of his own making. 

But Nova's reality was by far the scariest because she had so little control in the face of overwhelming force.

A New Level - Queen Sugar

Nova's informant wasn't kidding when he warned her she was no longer seen as a nuisance to the police; Nova was now considered their enemy. 

My worst fear was that they had already snuck into her home and planted drugs or a weapon there, something that could guarantee Nova would be charged with a crime. 

Thankfully, that didn't happen. However, they did find her marijuana and her medical use card, the latter of which they ignored. 

If this was all just a scare tactic, it likely didn't work as intended. Yes, Nova was terrified, but this probably only solidified her resolve to shine a light on such a corrupt department. 

Why didn't Nova call an attorney? Given her line of work and the success of her book, Nova must have or know of a good attorney, and if she doesn't, she could certainly call Charley, who would have someone at her sister's side quickly. 

Nova Prays - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

But Nova didn't do that. Instead, she prayed, which worked for her this time, but I hope she hires someone to help her fight against this blatant abuse of power because if she doesn't, it will likely only get worse. 

Dominic was there for Nova when the police put them face down on the ground, and he was there for Nova when she was released.

So am I paranoid for not trusting this guy? Is he the real deal, or is he too good to be true? I really don't know what to make of him yet.  But there was something in the quiet way the police officer told him to sit up that had me on edge. 

And all of this left me wondering what's happened to Calvin. Is Nova's ex in jail? Did he cut a deal and leave New Orleans for good? There must be a reason we're being kept in the dark, but I can't figure out what that is. 

Elsewhere, when the news broke that Theo had been arrested and the police were looking for Ralph Angel, Ra knew his world was about to come crashing down. 

Darla is Furious - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

Darla: How many times did I beg you...
Ralph Angel: I know.
Darla: …to tell me the truth?
Ralph Angel: Baby, I know.
Darla: To be honest with me.
Ralph Angel: I know.
Darla: And you chose to lie. You lied so much that you made me feel wrong. Like I was wrong to worry. Is this what it’s going to be like? Constant fear? Looking over our shoulders?

Darla was furious, and she had every reason to be. When Ralph Angel touched her, she looked as though she wanted to pummel him, and I can't blame her. 

Darla had the money, and she begged Ralph Angel to let her help. Instead, he chose to commit a crime that could destroy their family, and all he can say is, "I messed up."

Messed up doesn't even scratch the surface. When things got tough, Ralph Angel chose to lie to Darla and do something that could land him back in prison, and all to protect his pride.

Ralph Angel's foolish decisions have put the farm, their family, and their future at risk. I don't know how Darla ever completely trusts him again. They've both been through so much, and this could change their relationship forever.

Hollywood Sets Celine Straight - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

And speaking of foolishness, poor Hollywood didn't just have to contend with Ralph Angel's. He had to deal with Celine's nonsense as well. 

Celine has been eyeing Hollywood for a while now, but you'd think she'd respect or even fear Violet enough to realize this was a man she shouldn't touch. 

Hollywood: No. Hell no, I didn’t come up here for all of that. And you know what? You do have somebody who’s good to you in your life. Vi.
Celine: I’m sorry. I…
Hollywood: Oh no. You are out of line. After everything that woman’s done for you, this is how you repay her?

Obviously, Celine has some serious issues. Unfortunately, Gabriel will likely pay the price for them. 

Did Celine go back to her abusive husband? Unless she's gone to a shelter, I don't know what other options she has. She's been relying on Violet for meals and the roof over her head. 

Celine Makes a Move - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

But it's clear that Celine makes poor decisions, so goodness knows what she's chosen to do now.

And then Hollywood got blindsided once again when Violet and Billie had it out at Prosper's. 

Violet: I have had it up to here with your disrespect.
Billie: Why can’t you respect my relationship with my father, Violet?
Violet: That’s rich. You didn’t respect my marriage.
Hollywood: Vi, now you know there ain’t nothing going on with me and Billie.
Violet: It’s not you.
Billie: For over 20 years, I have let you paint yourself as the only victim here, Violet, but Jimmy Dale hurt me too. A grown-ass man tried to force himself on me, and when I fought back, his ego was so wounded that he spread vicious rumors about me. I was a child. I didn’t deserve that. What I deserved was for the adults in my life to believe me and to protect me and not hurt me more by perpetuating his lies. I understand that you thought that you were being cheated on, Violet, but did you ever stop to think and ask me if what you heard was true?

Billie was having such a nice time with her father. She's waited a long time to share a meal like this with him, and then Violet shows up and acts like she owns the place. Hollywood could see they were interrupting a moment, but Violet didn't care. 

Whether Violet likes Billie or not, that was unfair to Prosper. He hasn't gotten to spend much time with his daughter over the years, and Vi knows that. It was mean-spirited to purposefully break up their private dinner date.

Violet Gets Blindsided - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

So when Billie finally let Vi have it, I cheered. Billie's not a teenager anymore, and she's waited 20 years to tell Violet off. 

Unfortunately, dredging all of those old memories up again had her sitting at a bar drinking alone. It was a relief to see Charley walk in to talk her down. 

You are a strong woman. A fierce woman. You’re a good mother, and you’re a good daughter. You’re a survivor. There’s no shame in that.


Charley was the only Bordelon with good news in her life, and I loved that she talked to both Micah and Davis about running for Congress before making a decision because it would affect all of their lives. 

Charley: I just need to think about how to make it all happen.
Davis: It’s not all on you, okay? I’m thinking too. We’ll figure it out. You’re not carrying anything between us alone. You hear me?

Charley Has News to Share - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

Davis, Micah, and Charley have all grown so much over the years, both as individuals and as a family. 

Charley specifically wanted to check in with Micah to make sure he was doing okay, and it led to an interesting conversation about Micah's new friendship with Isaiah.

Just because we’re guys, we can’t be close? Who made that rule? It shouldn’t matter if he’s queer or if I’m queer, you know? We all need our people, and he’s one of mine.


It's not apparent whether Micah is considering having more than a platonic relationship with Isaiah, but Charley made it clear that if that's the case, Micah will have her full support. 

And that card game showed that Isaiah can stand up for himself when other people think they can take him down by alluding to his sexuality. That seemed to bolster Micah's confidence too. 

Dominic Tries To Comfort Nova - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

Is this only the beginning of the police harassing Nova? And is Dominic a stand-up guy or the proverbial fox in the hen house?

Should Charley run for Congress?

And is Ralph Angel headed back to prison?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below and let us know what you thought of this episode of Queen Sugar. 

Or Maybe Just Stay There Review

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