Walker Season 2 Episode 1 Review: They Started It

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Some secrets should stay buried in the past.

On Walker Season 2 Episode 1, the Walkers' archrivals, the Davidson family, moved back next door, and old memories come rushing back. Abeline was once engaged to patriarch Marv Davidson before she met and married Bonham.

It was even more interesting that Cordell and Denice Davidson were friendly when they were teenagers. They snuck into a barn that caught on fire, which sparked the decades-long feud. Those flashbacks scattered throughout were well done.

Cordell & Denice - Walker Season 2 Episode 1

Every western show needs two feuding families, and this will add drama to Walker without it being drama within the family. From the first few minutes, tension and tempers flared and piqued my curiosity about what happened.

Gale may be more subtle than some of her family, but she was the one that ran right over to the Walker Ranch and announced they were back like she was baiting Abeline.

When Gale complimented Abby on her gardening skills, it sounded like it had a hidden meaning, as if the two women knew something about the fire. Everyone seemed to have a different version of what happened. Hopefully, we'll see more flashbacks.

Colton Davidson learned his taunting and baiting skills from his grandmother. He had no problem insulting the Walker family and calling Stella a spoiled princess, which led to a fight in the school parking lot.

Colton: You’re the walkers. You always blame everyone else so this tracks.
Stella: Who are you? Did you stalk my family online or something?

Coach Trey - Walker Season 2 Episode 1

Neither Cordell nor Denice wanted this bitter feud to continue on another generation, where it looked like it was headed. All three kids were stubborn and trying to defend their family honor. They fall from the same tree.

Unfortunately, the trouble didn't stop there. Denice was promoted to lead ADA, which angered Liam. He grew even angrier that Cordell was still friendly with her and felt it was a replay of when they were younger, and he felt left out.

Am I Rudolph and I can't play any reindeer games?


Even with all of his issues, Cordell is the optimist of the family. He pleaded with Liam and Geri to let things go because he didn't want to re-ignite an old feud or open old wounds.

I don’t want to kick up the dust on some old family feud, I'm finally ready to keep the past in the past.


Denice and her husband, Dan Miller (Dave Annable), overheard that comment, and Dan was a real jerk to everyone there. He doesn't seem to fit with his more easygoing wife. She and Cordell are the only ones getting along currently.

Cordell Meets Dan Miller - Walker Season 2 Episode 1

He and Liam acted worse than the kids in the parking lot did. They hurled insults at each other, with Dan insulting Liam and saying he lost the election to a dead guy on trial for murder.

That triggered Liam since he always does the right thing, and he still lost the election, and Stan murdered Emily.

Liam was usually calm and collected, but he hurled insults back too until Dan revealed that Denice's dad died trying to save Cordell and Denice from that fire.

That shocked everyone, and Cordell tried to anchor peace again before someone else got hurt.

Liam: They started it.
Cordell: Then, let’s end it.

Tension at the Bar - Walker Season 2 Episode 1

We also need to discuss what a badass Micki was in this episode. Lindsey Morgan always shines, but she held her own without a partner. She was so much fun to watch in that high-speed car chase.

She oozed confidence as she got those keys and stole that car off that towing truck. She looked so proud as she did it, and lighter scenes were needed between the feuding family.

Here I thought it was grand theft nostalgia.


While Micki hadn't been undercover before, she used her flirting skills to her advantage to try and get Spider to trust her.

She won't tell him how she learned her skills or about the guy that got away. She wanted to use her feminine wiles to keep him guessing.

Micki Is Undercover - Walker

Trey soon got tired of missing Micki and cleaning up everyone's messes. He hadn't seen Micki in over three months. He was intervening in the Walker and Davidson family feuds, making sure no one got hurt.

When Trey finally saw Micki, he almost blew her cover, and both saw Spider get blown up by a car.

Trey lost it and revealed to Cordell that Micki was undercover in Mexico, saving his butt because of a threat on him and Stan.

He didn't even do it to be vindictive, but he wanted Micki back safe and knew Cordell would go after her.

Trey and Micki - Walker Season 2 Episode 1

Poor Micki. All these well-meaning men think she can't take care of herself. She was prepared for intruders and almost shot Cordell when he broke in. Their partnership is great, but seeing Micki defeat the bad guys on her own is so satisfying.

At least she got to meet the boss on her own. He's a mystery, but apparently, the other guy is an ex. Will that work in her favor, or will he cause personal issues for her and Trey?

Over to you, TV Fanatic. Who is the one that got away in Micki's life? Will the old family feud between the Walkers and the Davidsons be re-ignited, or will they be able to find peace? Chime in below in the comments.

If you missed an episode, remember you can watch Walker online right here via TV Fanatic.

They Started It Review

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Walker Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Micki: Does he know about your theory that he was the target and not just Stan?
James: Hell no! I'm keeping an eye on him.

Here I thought it was grand theft nostalgia.