4400 Season 1 Episode 3 Review: That LaDonna Life

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If you want those superpowers to show up, you've got to feel some feelings. 

On 4400 Season 1 Episode 3, LaDonna puts herself out there with the hope of bettering their situation.

Despite the episode's title focusing on LaDonna, many characters had important moments, some of them genuinely moving. 

Millie and LaDonna - tall - 4400 Season 1 Episode 3

It was funny how LaDonna spent that conversation with Millie and Hayden talking about how awesome their superpowers were, and then this was the episode she finally got her own!

Her ability has manifested several times -- if she wants something, all she has to do is say it, and it will appear. It works for her phone, jewelry, and fire.

The ramifications of this could be huge. Right now, it seems limited to smaller objects, but if she can create fire of all things, the returnees can definitely use this to their advantage.

Not only has LaDonna discovered her power, but Shanice is now aware that she has some form of telepathy. She saw into Mariah's mind when they hugged. Can she only see memories, or can she see current thoughts? Does she have to be touching the person to do so? 

As Shanice's abilities develop, she may realize that she has more control over what she sees -- she might even be able to go looking inside people's minds for specific information!

LaDonna Landry - 4400 Season 1 Episode 3

Shanice's re-connection with Mariah was beautifully done. Their first encounter may have been botched, but when Mariah returned with her dad, she had the strength to demand answers. All of Shanice's pleading finally got through to Mariah. It was moving to see Brittany Adebumola go to that vulnerable place with such authenticity. 

It's fine that Logan let Mariah read the note, but it was a bit harsh to have Mariah read it out loud. Granted, it looks like Logan still thinks Shanice abandoned them, despite her insistence that she didn't and her unchanged-in-sixteen-years appearance.

He probably still feels hurt, but it didn't feel right to let Mariah put herself or Shanice through that. 

The mother-daughter relationship of Shanice and Mariah stands in sharp contrast to LaDonna and her mother. Yikes. LaDonna's mother is a piece of work. She just told people LaDonna went to rehab? Did she even care that LaDonna was missing? She treats LaDonna like a prop instead of a person.

I have a very particular set of skills -- memorization, improvisation, charming-ization.

LaDonna keeps mentioning wanting to contact her dad, but she's never talked about her mother. It doesn't seem like they would be on speaking terms, not after what we saw from LaDonna's flashbacks.

Jharrel's surprise - 4400 Season 1 Episode 3

There was plenty of relationship drama here, past, present, and future!

Past -- we meet Carla, Jharrel's ex. It appears they broke up or drifted apart when Jharrel was consumed with Manny's disappearance. They still seem to care about each other, but she's right to be wary when he brings up Manny again, even if there is something to it. 

Present -- Keisha and Jessica have a weird push and pull happening. It's crazy that they've only been together for six months -- that's still so fresh. The way they'd been acting, it seemed like at least a year or two. If it's already showing signs of strain -- granted, under the weight of this major event -- it doesn't seem like it will last.

Future -- Hayden and Millie have their first kiss! These two are precious. Though Hayden is from the 1930s and Mildred is from the 1970s, they are still both in their teens and somehow connected. Don't think about it too hard. Let's just hope their future together is bright.

She's telekinetic, and he's clairvoyant. It was meant to be, right? 

Keisha & Jessica - 4400 Season 1 Episode 3

Can a character feel like a human version of a warm hug? Because that's the vibe Dr. Andre gives off.

Ever the respectful gentleman, TL Thompson's Dr. Andre's compassion is well-mannered and proper due to the era he's from, but he does well at adapting. Though he's from another time and has never heard the term 'transgender' before, he takes Noah at his word and is immediately supportive.

That's how all doctors should be -- looking out for their patients' well-being. Dr. Andre instinctively knows that caring is the right thing to do, even if he doesn't quite understand what he's working with. 

We're rarely good at something without practice. We're only human after all.

Dr. Andre

His friendships with Shanice, Claudette, and LaDonna show that he is starting to see women as equals, with much to offer in the way of wisdom. 

Hayden's Birthday - 4400 Season 1 Episode 3

Three episodes in, and the hotel is getting more and more claustrophobic. It would serve the show to change the scenery soon, get these characters out and about, moving in the world.

So, you want, a black woman being held against her will, to do all the work for free? Fun.


Set-up is important, though, and there are many characters. It would be great to see more reunions, but in order for reunions to have meaning, the characters' lives must be established. I want to see characters reunite with their descendants and find out which of their friends or relatives are still alive. 

What is going on between the Reverend and Claudette? It feels like they are connected somehow. Rev noted the similarities between her husband and his father -- could she have been married to his father? The timeline would probably work out there.

The Reverend: I didn't mean to offend her.
LaDonna: But you did such a good job at it!

If that were to be the case, maybe many of the 4400 are connected through space and time -- not necessarily related, but their fates are obviously intertwined. Maybe there is a ripple effect that will start to become clearer as they get to know each other.

Claudette Doesn't Work For Free - 4400 Season 1 Episode 3

So thankfully, Soraya recognized LaDonna -- a character doesn't love reality television for nothing -- and found her the pilot episode of her show. Somehow, this led to LaDonna sending a well-edited montage of surveillance footage to Mariah, which she quickly spread far and wide.

It's not quite clear how this all came about (or how LaDonna got Mariah's number?), but this will undoubtedly be the catalyst for the progression of the story and emancipation of the returnees. What will happen to those with no place to go? 

What did you think of LaDonna's backstory and her newfound power? Whose power will be uncovered next week?

Will Keisha and Jessica reconcile, and how much do we care? Do you ship Hayden/Millie?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

That LaDonna Life Review

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4400 Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

So, you want, a black woman being held against her will, to do all the work for free? Fun.


The Reverend: I didn't mean to offend her.
LaDonna: But you did such a good job at it!