Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Letter

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This episode was the one we'd all been waiting for, and it answered so many questions.

The stories were told entirely in a flashback on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7. We learned about Joe and Amy's first date and Joe's passion for music, Joe's impending fatherhood, and why he decided to join the police force.

The flashbacks also showed details about Eric's career and relationship choices, which answered some questions.

College Graduation - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

We'll discuss them by timeline because it was even more complicated than usual to keep track. Many scenes were repeated, so you needed to pay extra attention to the minor differences and color tints in this episode.

It was amusing how Uncle Frank and Gwen were fighting over Joe's future, making things even more difficult. Uncle Frank was so adamant that Joe should join the family business and be a cop, while his mom thought his passion was music.

Music is in your soul, and what the world needs is more music.


Eric was correct when he said Joe never decided for himself, and his family always did instead. That's why Eric was so proud Joe made a choice, even if it was to attend his family graduation party and ignore Jenny's calls.

Eric: Now don’t overthink this. You made a choice.
Joe: What if I made the wrong one?
Eric: You’re right. You could be at the lake with Jenny Banks, right?

However, this Joe seemed most susceptible to still being yielded by family obligation. Uncle Frank continually persisted in getting him to join the voice, and Joe seemed like he was weakening each time.

Uncle Frank's Guidance - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

We both know I’m not my dad and I’m never going to be my dad.


It became too stressful for Joe, with his uncle and mom constantly trying to introduce him to contacts that he escaped his party.

Joe asked his sister Celeste what he should do. This episode was the first one we had seen her. 

They seemed to have an amicable sibling relationship, where she teased her younger brother but was also there to support him.

Celeste also received a letter from their father when she had difficulty deciding on choices in her life. She tried to be there for Joe as he contemplated his life decisions, but he wasn't ready yet.

Joe and Celeste - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

Natalie Martinez was a chemistry magnet. We've seen her sparkle with both James Wolk and Adam Rodriguez, but shed shined opposite Charlie Barnett as well.

Showing all three dates at the cafe in parallel timelines was such a fun idea. It showed how cringy and awful that one date was and why when Eric met Amy and Cop Joe for dinner years later, he was forgettable.

By contrast, when Eric talked about the culinary arts and Amy discussed politics, they hit it off. He even felt comfortable revealing that he was bi-sexual on the first date.

I’m a one people person and I only date people I like.


When Amy doesn't get the meeting she's dreamed of with Bobby Diaz, the differences between Eric and Joe are striking. Eric comforts her, while Joe encourages her to be bold and go after her dream.

Singing Duo - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

Right from the start, Amy and Joe are dream chasers. They don't do the practical. They're bold and follow their dreams.

She loved his music from the minute he played Billy Joel at his conservatory audition but thought his talent was too good to be stuck at a conservatory.

It suited their personality playing songs at Joe's favorite bakery.

When Joe read his dad's letter, and it said to be bold, he took that to heart. He played at the bakery for hours because he and Amy were starting a new adventure.

Singing Duo - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

Jenny was so nervous. She wanted Joe to know that she didn't plan the pregnancy and didn't want to ruin their friendship.

We’ve been best friends for four years and I know the last few months we blurred things and that wasn’t part of the plan.


The two of them were so young, in love, and ready to take on the world back then. Joe promised he would do anything to support Jenny and the baby. Her dad, Dr., intimidated him and tried to buy him, but Joe wouldn't let him.

Armed with his mom's faith in him, he returned the following day to propose to Jenny. At some point, Jenny and Joe must have won over Dr. Banks since Joe now works for him, though it's still not the happiest relationship.

Perhaps, he fell in love with his grandson, and that helped with the uneasy truce.

The Proposal Kiss - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

Joe's decisions greatly affected Jenny in the other two universes. She was a college girl all alone since Joe never returned her messages.

That meant she had to think quickly and make decisions by herself. After seeing Joe with someone new, Jenny decided to give the baby up for adoption in one timeline.

She kept the baby in the other one. It was apparent by the different timelines that Ray never liked Joe. Did he comfort Jenny and offer to raise her baby because he genuinely wanted to help or because he wanted revenge on Joe?

He gets to spend time with Joe's son Lucas every day, and we know he didn't want Jenny to reveal that Joe was the biological father.

Ray comforts Jenny - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

Joe lost his father way too early. But, his father's advice to be bold and brave and live the life he wanted was sound.

It all comes down to who or what you love

Joe's dad in the letter

It helped explain why he chose both of his lives with his leading ladies. Did he decide to become a cop and honor his dad?

That choice seemed a little less clear.

The Letter - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7

Over to you, TV Fanatic. Did you find the flashback episode offered more insight into Joe's choices?  Weren't Amy and culinary chef Eric the cutest as they got to know each other? Chime in with your thoughts below.

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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Music is in your soul, and what the world needs is more music.


I’m a one people person and I only date people I like.