Alina Kozhevnikova: TLC Confirms Firing of 90 Day Fiance Star Following Racist Social Media Posts

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It's official.

TLC is distancing itself from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 5 star Alina Kozhevnikova.

The cable network confirmed Wednesday it would no longer work with the embattled reality TV star.

Alina Kasha on Instagram

"TLC discontinued filming with Alina Kozhevnikova following the recent discovery of her past social media statements," the network said in a statement.

"She will not appear on the upcoming Tell All, any future seasons of the franchise and starting next month, she will no longer appear on Before the 90 Days. TLC does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind."

Kozhevnikova first appeared on screens in December when the reality series kicked off its latest season.

An old Instagram post resurfaced that included the star wearing a bandana, drawn-on eyebrows, and a beard.

Kasha Alina on 90 Day Fiance

The post included the N-word, with the Gs being replaced with Qs.

The controversial post also mentioned "gold diggin'" and "gangsta."

Another post showed Alina wearing a traditional Indian garment with the following caption:

"Got married today! Became a 134th wife!"

Caleb and Alina in the Airport

She was shown to be in a relationship with Caleb Greenwood on the reality series.

They said on the show that they had been talking for 13 years.

News of Alina's firing broke earlier this week by The Ashley. The outlet said that editors were hard at work to remove Alina from the remainder of the series.

What this means for Caleb, we don't know.

Alina Poses on Instagram

It's possible Caleb could appear on the Tell All to close out their storyline, but in the past, the show has omitted couples from the Tell All due to controversies.

Greenwood teased earlier this week on social media that viewers would see the story play out.

"For everyone asking about the recent buzz. Let's keep watching and see what happens," Greenwood shared in an Instagram story.

Kozhevnikova, meanwhile, responded to the backlash on social media Monday.

"Despite what's being said about me, my friends, family and those who met me in person know who I really am & who I am not," she wrote.

alina 2

"And I know it too [sic] 💖⏳the answers are coming."

"I'm sure some of you have seen the screenshot [sic] of one of my past posts. I sincerely want to apologize to those whose feelings have been hurt. I never intended to offend anyone. I am and always will be against any form of discrimination," she wrote in an apology on Instagram earlier this month.

"I saw a lot of people on social media using [the N-word], so I thought it was like 'bro' or 'fella,' but I was wrong," she added.

"Again, my deepest apologies to those who were hurt by my words."

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