Naomi Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Unidentified Flying Object

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Well, that was quite a way to end the hour.

Naomi spends much of Naomi Season 1 Episode 2 just trying to wrap her head around the fact that her whole life has changed overnight. And can you blame her?

It's not easy to think about your identity and who you are changing in such a profound way, especially when you're navigating your teenage years, which we know is hard enough as it is without the added pressure of having superpowers.

But Naomi can't escape her destiny. Though that doesn't mean she's quite ready to embrace it either.

Asking For Help - Tall - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

Naomi's reluctance to explore her powers and readily believe everything Dee explains to her makes perfect sense when you think about it. How would you react if someone you didn't know told you everything you thought you knew about yourself was potentially a lie?

Sure, the evidence is all around her, but it's scary and overwhelming to think about being that different. Especially for someone like Naomi, who has already spent so much of her life feeling like an outsider.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel "normal," but what does that even mean? Society has its own set of rules about what normal is supposed to look like, but not fitting into the cookie-cutter box others want to place you in is never a bad thing.

Being different from others doesn't make you abnormal; it just makes you unique. And our differences should be celebrated, not shunned.

But this is all easier said than done, especially when you must look yourself in the mirror and reconcile with the fact that you may not even be from the planet you currently reside on.

Looking On - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

One thing the series has done very well thus far is let Naomi be a teenager. She's upset, and she's questioning things as she should be.

And while it would have been easy to have her be excited and ready to jump off a bridge recklessly because a man with wings told her to, it's much more realistic to think that she'd be absolutely petrified.

Unlike other shows, which consist of people hiding their secret identities from the ones they love, Naomi tells her best friend everything. And Annabelle is the best kind of friend to have because she lets Naomi react, doesn't tell her that she's wrong, but does implore her to see things from a different perspective.

Naomi: I could hear it, Annabelle.
Annabelle: Hear what?
Naomi: Everything.

The two girls are a good team, and it may only be episode two, but you can feel the friendship and respect between the two.

And that extends to Naomi's other friends as well, who once again prove that they will have Naomi's back no matter what.

Hanging Out - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

The love square tilted to one side this week, with Anthony making a move to ask Naomi out, even though she didn't quite see it as a date.

Establishing the universe and continuing to explore Naomi's background is paramount right now. However, even while undergoing a crisis, she's still a sixteen girl with crushes and homework, and friendships to keep up with.

Anthony seems like a nice person, all her friends do. But there is still so much to learn about Naomi's extended family with only two hours down. Outside of the fact that they are down to do just about anything, we don't know who they are as people.

But there is still a lot of time to learn more on top of the many mysteries floating around Port Oswego.

In establishing the mythology, we get to dig into a little mystery about a boy named Steve O'Brien. The set-up is pretty fascinating, if not a little familiar. After all, small-town mysteries are kind of the staple of any superhero show.

Best Friends - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

But Steve's tale is intriguing because the most important thing the kids learn is that the spot they were investigating earlier, looking for evidence of Superman's crash, was actually the wrong place.

And once they figured out the new place, they were off and investigating before being interrupted by Zumbado, who either has a tracking device on Naomi or is just always in the right place at the right time.

Stop messing with things that you don't understand.

Zumbado [to Naomi]

Right now, Zumbado is an enigma. We only know for sure that, like Naomi and Dee, he's different. He has powers, and he seems to be interested in the Superman sightings as well, but besides that, what is he after?

And why is he so hellbent on standing in Naomi's way?

Again, coming into this pretty blindly, one has to assume there's a history between Naomi and Zumbado that she's just unaware of at this point. Perhaps her family and Zumbado's have a history or something, with Superman probably being involved in things as well.

Zumbado Is Here - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

Zumbado is clearly framed as the villain of this story, but we don't know why so far. And that's okay because things are still so new. We barely know anything about Naomi, so it's fine to let Zumbado sort of fester in the background as a menacing presence for now.

But a fully-formed bad guy is always better in the long run, and learning more about Zumbado is very high on the list of things I'm looking forward to this season.

Along with learning more about Dee, who does his best to impart his wisdom on Naomi, but it sounds like he doesn't know a whole lot. At least not about Naomi herself.

And that leads to the question of why they're all in Port Oswego together at this time. There has to be a reason for it, but what could that be?

Considering this is a military town, they have to be involved somehow. And now that Greg has been tasked with literally hunting his daughter, we should get a better idea of the connection between the aliens, the military, and the town.

Parents In Love - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

Greg and Jenny seem to know A LOT more than what they're telling Naomi, but whether or not they know her origins isn't clear yet.

But we're starting to get some answers, albeit slowly. And for everything we learn about, ten more questions pop up. But when the show is this entertaining, we'll happily keep hanging around for the ride.

Extra, Extra

  • I have no stake in the race for Naomi's heart, but I am a sucker for enemies to best friends, and I would love for Nathan and Anthony to be more than romantic rivals and become good friends. Liking Naomi could just be one thing they have in common.
  • Having Naomi jumped off the bridge in the final frame and us seeing Dee's reaction only was a neat visual.
Time To Investigate - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2
  • The lettering that was on the disc and the walls of the mill feels like the next big thing Naomi is going to be looking to figure out. And it's something Zumbado does not want her to see.
  • The little glimpses of Naomi's powers are fun, but I'm ready to see what she can do and see her work on honing those skills because you know a showdown with Zumbado is on the horizon.

This was another solid installment, following a powerful pilot. We've got forward plot momentum, and we're slowly peeling back the layers on the characters that make this show what it wants to be.

Let me know in the comments how you're feeling about the series thus far! And let me know all your theories about what could be coming up next or down the road.

As always, you can watch Naomi online right here at TV Fanatic so you don't miss a second of the action! 

Zumbado Lurks - Naomi Season 1 Episode 2

Unidentified Flying Object Review

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Naomi Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dee: Sometimes when I'm stressed I, uh, do some deep breathing.
Naomi: I think I'll stick with the straight-up panic attack.

Dee: I don't know who you are. Not exactly. But I know that it all started March 14th, 2004, when I saw a light in the sky. That's when I first sensed it.
Naomi: Sensed what?
Dee: You.

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