SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Three Guns

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Will Jason do the right thing?

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11 was a deep-dive into the relationships between the Bravo team as they embark on one of the most harrowing missions yet.

We knew Ray would find out about Jason sooner or later, and quite frankly, it's getting ridiculous that people are too scared to go to Command with their concerns.

High Stakes Mission - SEAL Team

Ray and Jason have always been inseparable, and Jason went above and beyond to help Ray when his PTSD was called into question.

Ray turning on Jason would be deemed a huge betrayal by the people who don't understand what is happening to Jason.

It's a tricky scenario, but at the end of the day, Ray, Clay, Sonny, Davis, and Brock have loved ones at home that would be inconsolable if they died.

Waiting for a Command - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

Jason is a liability at this stage, and he's going to be pulling some unpredictable moves to get the upper hand in this battle to evade the truth.

Jason's memory will not improve, and if the events of SEAL Team Season 5 are any indication, his predicament will only worsen.

There are definitely cliques among the Bravo team, but Jason will only listen if the group collectively tells him he needs to take a leave of absence.

He's not thinking straight and is growing more irritable by the second. His struggle to remember things is harrowing, and it must be playing on his mind if he is doing memory exercises behind closed doors.

Saving Each Other - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

It's hard to imagine the Bravo team remaining intact heading into SEAL Team Season 6. It may not be official, but the show is doing solid numbers for Paramount+, so it will definitely return.

Clay's pain is difficult to watch, but Max Thieriot is turning in a solid performance to show us this very different side of Clay.

Clay is missing out on the strides his son is making because he's worried Jason will do something wrong on a mission and kill his team.

The sad thing is that everyone would be safe if someone told Command about Jason. There's a big difference between loyalty and negligence, and there's a chance the mission will not end well.

Making a Plan Again - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

Somehow, the team always manages to escape unscathed, and a part of me believed someone would be shot as they tried to escape the village.

How would Jason react in such a scenario? That would probably be the way to illustrate to the entire team that he's not thinking clearly.

Jason is pushing everyone away, and there's a big chance he won't have the people he loves in his life if he doesn't accept help soon.

Clay going off in the middle of the night with the van to call home was a surprise, but he knew something had happened back home.

Fire With Fire - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

At least it was something positive, but did anyone else look outside the windows of the van the entire conversation?

It seemed poised to come back and bite Clay, and could you imagine Jason having to save the person he shoved a few episodes before?

It would have been an excellent way to further highlight the issues in the team.

Sonny was out of line when he went off on Davis. Yes, he's struggling, but why did he think calling Davis out?

Davis at Work - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

Sonny is mad that his baby mother didn't settle for second best and knew her worth.

He shouldn't be taking that out on Davis. They have already had conversations about keeping things strictly platonic, and it's for the best.

Davis is going through a lot, and the last thing she needs is someone she views as a close friend blaming her for the breakdown of his relationship.

Sonny asking Hannah to move to be with him and be a family came out of thin air, and he knew there was a lack of chemistry between them.

At the Fire - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

It might have sounded good at the time, but the issues in the relationship stemmed from the lack of lust for one another.

People fall out of love, and I don't think he and Hannah were ever in love, to begin with.

With three episodes left on SEAL Team Season 5, things are going to get gnarly.

I dare say the nuclear activity in Venezuela will play a huge part in these final episodes, but I'm mentally preparing to lose a character over these episodes.

Ray Listens - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

The show has been foreshadowing significant changes for a while now, and when the truth comes about Jason, well, the team will never be the same again.

The f-bombs were far more prominent on "Three Guns." The show is seriously utilizing the move away from broadcast TV, and in the instances, they've been used, it helped elevate the show's realism.

What are your thoughts on Ray and Clay working together against Jason?

Do you think Jason will try get rid of them now they're conspiring against him?

Davis in Colombia - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

What is your taking on Sonny arguing with Davis?

Do you think he went too far?

Hit the comments.

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Three Guns Review

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Jason brought that building down on all of us. He put us all in the hospital, Ray.


Not another word, okay? To anyone.