All American Season 4 Episode 15 Review: C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

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This episode hit home as it addressed the growth of college athletes benefitting from agreements to use their name, image, or likeness.

Spencer, Jordan, and even Olivia wrestled with that topic on All American Season 4 Episode 15.

Poor Spencer still hasn't accepted his reduced status as a college football player. And until he does, he's facing a world of disappointment.

New Friendships - All American
New Friendships -- Tall - All American Season 4 Episode 15

Spencer also has to learn not to dwell too long on any particular play since more plays are coming later in the current game and the future.

He had made an intelligent decision on All American Season 4 Episode 14 when he volunteered to play on special teams for Coach Garrett.

Seeking a Deal - All American Season 4 Episode 15

An intense week of practice helped Spencer accomplish his first goal: getting back on the field as the gunner on special teams.

But he wasn't content with that, as Spencer was still studying the offensive playbook in the hopes of playing wide receiver again.

Worst yet, the upperclassmen around him benefited from NIL deals, and Spencer wanted his piece of the pie as well.

Fortunately, Davita was still there to give him a necessary dose of reality. Freshmen special-teams players didn't have the heat to gain a rich NIL deal. Somehow he needed to be memorable.

Following Her Gut - All American Season 4 Episode 15

It didn't help that Olivia had decided that NILs were an inequitable setup for college players. She decided that her being pessimistic about NILs would be her breakthrough article.

Her editor rightly set her straight. That topic has been done to death, and Olivia honestly had nothing fresh to offer her.

Olivia was tone-deaf in explaining to Spencer that most players only got a few hundred dollars from their NIL deals. Coming from Beverly Hills, she didn't seem to get that money was a big deal to someone coming out of Crenshaw, such as Spencer.

Spencer just made the mistake of implying that Olivia was a spoiled rich girl who couldn't get from where he was coming. It's true, but it wasn't the smartest thing to say to his girlfriend.

Busy Billy - All American Season 4 Episode 15

Fortunately, she had the common sense to sit down with Billy for some perspective. He explained to her that illicit money had always been a part of college football and allowed players to afford a meal out or an emergency flight off the books.

Billy also encouraged Olivia to follow her gut and find a different angle on her NIL story.

Jordan, who was too far down the depth chart to worry about ever getting a NIL deal, still indirectly benefitted from his friendships with the upperclassmen, as star quarterback Wade invited him to come along on a charter flight to Las Vegas.

His loyalty to Wade led him to lie to Coach Garrett when Wade missed practice to sign his NIL deal.

Complicated Friendship - All American Season 4 Episode 15

Somehow, Jordan avoided punishment for that after Coach Garrett saw photos of Wade signing his deal. Instead, he got bumped up to backup quarterback for the next game after Garett benched Wade.

The big game gave Spencer and Jordan the big chances they had wished for. And both took advantage of their opportunities ... eventually. They just had to get past earlier mishaps.

Poor Spencer missed a tackle, and the opposing players returned a kick for a touchdown. Jordan gave him a pep talk, but Spencer moped on the sideline convinced that he would never overcome that error.

Until he did by chasing down the runner on a punt return, stripping the ball, and recovering it to give his team one last chance for victory.

NIL Piece - All American Season 4 Episode 15

Shockingly in for that last offensive series was Jordan after the backup quarterback got knocked out by injury. While Jordan's first series was unforgettable, he got it done, hurling the winning touchdown just before he was smashed to the ground.

Jordan never did get that trip to Vegas as Wade kicked him off the charter because of his on-field success. That will teach Jordan who his real friends are.

Jaymee finally met Asher's friends who didn't live at the beach house with him. And her description of them all caught in a vortex together was apt.

Asher had the misfortune of having two of his exes at the game watch party, so Jaymee met them. She was very cool about understanding why he hadn't described Olivia and Layla as such before. After all, everyone has a past.

Outsider's View - All American Season 4 Episode 15

It was great that Coop has decided to watch out for resident Miss Rita. However, she jumped the gun, assuming that Rita's granddaughter Skye had taken the earrings.

Yes, Skye did indeed borrow them, but for a good reason, she could have them reset in a necklace so Rita could wear them again more easily.

And didn't Patience react when Coop was cyberstalking Skye and Jaymee pointed out how hot Skye was? There did seem to be a little spark between Coop and Skye, so maybe there could be something there.

Jaymee also indirectly took care of a bone of contention between Patience and Layla, as Patience grabbed "Welcome to the Vortex" for her album title.

Being Protective - All American Season 4 Episode 15

To revisit the NIL storyline, watch All American online.

Is Spencer finally finding his way in college football?

Is Olivia's latest story going to get Spencer and Jordan in trouble?

Is the senior living facility going to provide solid storylines for Coop?

Comment below.

C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Review

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