When Calls the Heart Renewed for Season 10!!

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Well, it's about darned time!!

ET exclusively reported that When Calls the Heart Season 10 is on the way.


A Brisk Fall Walk - When Calls the Heart

Ordinarily, When Calls the Heart is renewed during its finale, with lead Erin Krakow making a video announcement.

When that didn't happen, Hearties got panicky, but now, we can all rest easy.

Stunning Surprise - When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12

When Calls the Heart Season 8 was enormous for the network with a dueling fanbase arguing whether Lucas (Chris McNally) or Nathan (Kevin McGarry) were the right man for Elizabeth (Krakow).

It was inevitable that when one side was let down because Elizabeth chose the other fellow, people would threaten to tune out.

But When Calls the Heart Season 9 never skipped a beat, introducing new characters and thrilling storylines with the family and romantic tones that work so well for the series.

Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive Vice President of Programming at Crown Media Family Networks said in a statement, "When Calls the Heart continues to push the limits as to what we can achieve with this show.

Three Cheers - When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12

"There are many more stories still to be told about the lives of the beloved characters in this series and we cannot wait for everyone at home to tune in to see what unfolds."

Everything will not remain status quo for the tenth season, as Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President of Development at Crown Media Family Networks said, "We are also excited to welcome to the family our new showrunner, Lindsay Sturman, who brings her immense talent to the show."

Added Krakow, series star and executive producer: "I am thrilled that When Calls the Heart is coming back for a 10th season.

Sharing her Appreciation - When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12

"With our amazing cast, crew, and talented writers, we can look forward to more adventures, laughs, tears, and stories of romance throughout the community of Hope Valley.

"We are so excited for all the viewers, especially the Hearties, to continue this journey with us!"

The season averaged 2.9 million viewers each week, and When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12 was the most-watched with 3.1 million tuning in.

And fans got what they wished for as Lucas, with the help of his little buddy and Elizabeth's son, Jack, wowed Elizabeth with a beautiful proposal of marriage.

Season Finale Vibes - When Calls the Heart

So, if you were holding back, you can watch When Calls the Heart online so you're all set for the new season.

What do you think, Hearties?

Are you as thrilled as I am with the renewal news?

Hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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When Calls the Heart Quotes

Elizabeth: I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that Lucas let me go. He just knows me so well. He could sense there was something happening with Nathan.
Rosemary: People come into our lives, some for a reason, others for a season, and some for a lifetime. Jack was a season, and it was glorious. Now it's up to you to decide who might be here for a reason or perhaps even a lifetime. And once you've settled that in your heart, you'll be able to throw yourself into that person's arms with all of your being.

Life is a journey, defined not by the destination but by the company that we keep.