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Rosemary is cleaning Lee's desk and gets the news about his offer without his input.

Rosemary is very hurt to hear that Arthur didn't want to talk to her. But she just kisses Lee on the cheek and says OK.

Faith is ordering a nebulizer for Bill even if she knows he's not going to use it.

Gustav visits Elizabeth. He's worried about Lucas. She hasn't even read the letter, and she still doesn't do it because she's certain what it says.

Lucas is camped on the mountain.

Rosemary asks Lee for more about the offer, and Lee tells her the options. They love it there, but it's nice to feel wanted.

Nathan is going to head up the mountain to find Lucas. Elizabeth wonders what he meant when he said Lucas got cold feet.

Nathan's kidding. It was just last year when Lucas left town and she went running after him. He thinks it's funny that now it's him running after Lucas.

Mike has left office. He's back to the oil business.

Joseph is taking Minnie on a picnic to Heath's Pond to relax and unwind.

Elizabeth assures Rosemary that she's not blaming herself for Lucas running off.

Rosemary looks at a baby longingly, so Elizabeth takes them to Faith's place where Rosemary finds a book on pregnancy.

Rosemary hasn't been going about her days as if she'll be OK whether she's pregnant or not, so she doesn't want to speak to Faith in case it's not.

Nathan finds Lucas chopping wood. Nathan's got a lot of tips for Lucas when it comes to camping, and he also has an apology about ever believing Lucas could have been guilty. He asks for a cup of coffee. Lucas isn't very forthcoming, so it seems he wants to stay awhile.

Henry is brought into town for blowing up the coal mine. The Mounties enjoyed the trip and thank him for his company just before the townsfolk give Henry three cheers and call him a hero, thanking him for what he did.

Faith stumbles upon Rosemary and Elizabeth reading the book, and Faith asks Rosemary to take a look.

Allie is working part-time. She finds Elizabeth and says she needs some help finding someone for her dad to marry.

Elizabeth assures Allie that Nathan will include her in any decision he makes about his future.

It's not the best day for a picnic. Minnie and Joseph are laughing like crazy as they fight the wind getting their blanket down.

Bill isn't hopeful that Henry won't spend a good number of years in prison.

Bill tells Nathan he thinks too much, or too little. He's not sure which. Nathan looks at the good and bad, black and white. Elizabeth visits Henry in jail. She's worried. Henry has money to give to Joseph for his good work in town with the church.

Faith can't ascertain whether Rosemary is pregnant or not. The next way to tell would be by feeling the baby move. There will be a quivering. A fluttering.

Rosemary thanks Faith for being so patient. And she thinks it might be time to tell Lee.

Faith visits Molly at the cafe, where she's taking measurements. They're changing things.

Faith admits her feelings for Nathan and her shame for being interested in a patient. Molly says rules are made to be broken, and then apologizes.

Minnie knows that Joseph still wants to prove to her father that he can do things on his own. But she doesn't want pride to get in the way and doing nothing instead. He'll talk with her dad about going into business with him, but he's not making any promises.

Rosemary is writing a story about Henry. Florence interrupts with a personal message. She was wrong, and she hopes in time, he can forgive her.

Henry wants to see Joseph. He feels like a weight has been lifted. But he doesn't want Rosemary's article written because cleaning your own mess isn't heroic.

Nathan says Elizabeth could do a lot worse than to marry Lucas. She gives him a hug.

Rosemary is plunking away at the typewriter when Elizabeth comes in asking them not to publish. Rosemary tears it up without a second thought.

Faith sees Nathan outside. Mei has returned. Molly wonders if she's upset. No, she thinks she's relieved.

Joseph knows the donation is from Henry, and thanks him for it. Joseph has already brought Henry a bible to read. That's why he asked Joseph to come. He doesn't know how to pray, and he wants Joseph to show him.

He's on his knees, sobbing, asking if this is OK. It's perfect, Joseph says.

Bill and Elizabeth meet for a chat. Bill doesn't want to be dramatic, but he's giving her his last will and testament. He says he's not going any time soon, but as an attorney, he tells his clients to get their affairs in order before it's necessary.

Before Elizabeth gets to ask the tough questions, Jack comes downstairs for grape juice.

When Bill leaves, Molly is in his car. She's going to Union City with Bill to return the car. She knows how to drive, but he does not seem accustomed to it.

While Rosemary and Lee are getting ready to go home, there is a fire blazing in the Saloon. Lee runs inside to see if anybody remains behind. He runs outside shortly thereafter.

Joseph pounds on Elizabeth's door. Nathan frees Henry. Nobody has seen Lucas yet. As she's worrying, Lucas rides up screaming her name and joins the firefight.

They have a beautiful conversation afterward. All is well.

Mei apologizes to Nathan for misleading him and not sharing her story before it was too late.

Fiona is toasting Mike.

Faith and Nathan run into each other in the street. She asks about his headaches, and then they have a stroll. They see Molly returning in Henry's car, and Nathan realizes he hasn't seen Henry. Henry has gotten the paper and returned to his cell.

Rosemary feels the flutter of butterfly wings. She's pregnant.

Lee doesn't understand. Then it dawns on him. He races to the streets to shout it for all to hear.

Elizabeth and Lucas are strolling with Jack, and Jack is giving them both rocks. Here ya go mama. Here ya go buddy.

Elizabeth's mother hopes they visit Hamilton so they can meet Lucas. Lucas already had a trip planned to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

Jack says here ya go mama. She puts in her pocket but realizes it's a ring.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Bill: You could've given me some warning.
Henry: I didn't know there was any kind of etiquette to turnin' one's self in.

Elizabeth: Nathan. Thank you for being there for me.
Nathan: Always.