East New York Season 1 Episode 7 Spoilers: What's the Connection For Morales?

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Sunday can't get here fast enough.

If spoilers are any indication, East New York Season 1 Episode 7 will be as strong, if not even stronger, than the one before it!

This latest installment will feature two cold cases, most likely dropped because the old Deputy Inspector didn't give a damn about people living in East New York's poorest neighborhoods.

A Supermarket Shooting - East New York Season 1 Episode 7

When Morales and Killian catch a shooting at a supermarket opening, something seems familiar about it to Morales.

According to spoilers, she suspects this act of violence is related to an old case of hers that the brass pressured her to drop.

Reopening it could get her into more trouble; if police administrators or the mayor's office pressured her to drop that case, they wouldn't want it coming out that they screwed up.

A clip in the spoiler video has Morales asking Suarez if she's in trouble, but it's not clear whether it's because she's reopening the old case or is too slow to close the new one.

Yenko also tells Killian that Suarez wants cases closed ASAP, so there are likely political concerns at play either way.

The good news is that Regina is in charge now and doesn't play political games. She'll have Morales back no matter what and is more interested in getting justice for the people she serves than in making the department's numbers look good.

How much can Regina do to help, though? She's outspoken and doesn't care what Sharpe or Suarez think, but if she goes too far out of line, she'll lose her job too. If she's not in charge of the 7-4,  she won't be able to do much to help, so she has to worry about political concerns to some degree.

The spoiler video also has Morales talking to a prisoner -- presumably someone involved with that old case she dropped the ball on.

What does this person have to do with the current case? Is it possible that this is an informant?

Morales is on a first-name basis with this prisoner, whoever they are, so it could also be a friend from the neighborhood that got unfairly caught up in the system.

Investigating An Old Case - East New York Season 1 Episode 7

If Morales believes it will help her catch the supermarket shooter, she might use this person to get the information she needs without getting permission from the higher-ups. That could land her in hot water as much as anything else.

Killian might have a different perspective on this case than Morales does.

The two make a great team, but if they butt heads over this potential connection to a cold case, that could lead to serious drama!

Morales won't appreciate it if she feels like Killian is sabotaging her efforts or not supporting her in some way. That could lead to problems in their friendship and partnership.

Cold Case At the Projects - East New York Season 1 Episode 7

There's no word on what Bentley and Sandeford are up to.

They could be working on this case too, but it's equally likely that one or both of them will be helping Quinlan.

We're in for another story at the projects. Hopefully, Quinlan won't be the villain in the residents' eyes this time.

She is also going to be working on a cold case, and this one involves project residents.

Listening to Killian - East New York Season 1 Episode 7

There are probably a ton of cold cases related to the projects. One of the reasons that relations between the cops and the residents have deteriorated is that in the past, the police have seen these people as expendable.

Cops have been slow to answer calls in the projects but rush to the scene if they need to arrest somebody who lives there. This has contributed to the residents' resentment toward cops, which is why they don't appreciate a white cop choosing to live there.

Quinlan occasionally helps reform her neighbors' image of her by solving crimes or other problems, only to sabotage herself by losing her temper and flexing her power.

This story, though, may be a turning point. If Quinlan risks her career to solve it, it may convince at least some people that she's on their side.

Killian Makes a Point - East New York Season 1 Episode 7

The cold case is likely a major crime, such as murder; otherwise, it wouldn't make as much of an impact on the residents if Quinlan got to the bottom of it.

The residents may be skeptical of Quinlan's latest attempt to get on their good side because this case has been abandoned for so long. They likely don't expect anyone ever to take the case seriously and may think Quinlan is pretending to care so that they'll stop hating her.

Most residents don't trust cops, so getting anyone to talk will be difficult, especially if they already did this when the case was new and nothing came of it.

Will Quinlan partner with Bentley on this one?

Bentley Discusses a Case - East New York Season 1 Episode 7

That would make sense. Bentley is also considering moving into the projects if he hasn't done so already, and the residents are more likely to trust him than the perky white cop they see as an outsider.

Of course, Bentley being a cop may bring its own set of issues for the other residents, but helping on this case could go a long way toward assuaging their doubts.

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The next new episode of East New York airs on November 13, but you can watch East New York online any time you want.

East New York airs on CBS on Sundays at 9 PM EST/PST.

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East New York Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Morales: A couple years ago, she was raped.
Regina: What was the disposition?
Morales: It never even made it to trial. She met the guy in a bar and so it was considered acquaintance rape. There's just not enough resources to go around.
Regina: So stranger rape is higher priority? I take it this wasn't your choice.
Morales: It wasn't. Decision came down from the CO at SVD.
Regina: If you want to connect this shooting to this rape, go ahead.

Morales: Antonia?
Antonia: I did it, Crystal. I finally got him.