A Supermarket Shooting - East New York Season 1 Episode 7
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At an organic supermarket grand opening, Yenko is enjoying a sample. The owner cuts the ribbon. The cops are bantering with each other when shots are fired inside the store. The owner has been shot and they find a woman who says she saw a guy running. Sandeford arrests her as he sees blood on her arm and knows she's the shooter. Another body is found.

Morales wants Hispanic music at the bar. The perp from the shooting wants to talk to Morales and says she knows her.

Morales reluctantly goes to the holding cells where the woman says she finally got "him."

Morales explains to Regina that the woman was raped but it was considered an acquaintance rape so the CO at SVD refused to take the case. Regina tells Morales to go ahead ahd connect that rape to this shooting.

One of the guns found at the projects is connected to a cold case and Yenko assigns Killian over Killian's objections.

The supermarket owner says he thinks he was shot by a delusional person and it was a random act of violence. He never fires anyone so he doesn't think it's an employee. The man says he did date an Antonia Ortiz who he thought was nuts, possibly bipolar. He asks them to keep Antonia locked up.

Moralees is sure the man is lying. She gets angry at Killian that he doesn't agree. HE doesn't know why she's upset. Morales asks a nurse to give her the bandages she is throwing away.

Quilan and Bentley have sandwiches together. He talks about a great place in Pittsburgh. But why was he in Pittsburgh? He almost went to Carengie-Mellon. Killian interrupts to ask about a 2007 case related to the projects. He wants them to let him know if they hear anything.

A guy from SVD comes in and complains Morales was a troublemaker when she was there and he doesn't want to give her files. He apologizes for putting this on her. She is cordial to him but goes to Morales right after. She says he can protect the confidentiality of his files but she knows Morales wouldn't waste her time if there was no reason to investigate. She has a breakdown of the cases in the past two years. It's clear where her old boss wanted her to focus.

Troy comes in. He took an assignment in Brooklyn and is no longer in Manhattan South. Killian hopes this is temporary. Morales tells them to stop. Killian asks Troy to take the cold case off his hands.  Killian leaves. Troy says he chose this assignment to see Morales.

Antonia is upset she didn't kill the guy. She says it would be worth it if he died.  He changed her. When she found out from the regional manager, Yolanda, where he was she began stalking him and felt she had a purpose. She told Yolanda she wanted to get in touch with the guy. Yolanda told her not to trust him.

Morales and Killian talk to Yolanda, who says that she didn't know Antonia was going to shoot the victim and that he was a little pervy. He used to watch girls on the camera. He had her pull a credit card receipt for one, Penelope something.

Killian finds out Penelope has a criminal record and is a chef.

Jack goes to see Suarez and is all worried Morales is looking to make a case against SVD. Suarez isn't having this. If the SVD was overworked he should have complained about that. But don't act like it's okay not to do your job. Suarez says he will look into this.

Killian and Morales go to talk to Penelope.  They explain that the shooter claims Kisoon raped her. Penelope says she doesn't know who raped her.  She tells Morales it was Labor Day weekend and she didn't get out of the kitchen til midnight. At the bar a guy started talking to her. She enjoyed it but not enough to give him her number. When she said good night she thought that was the end of it. He came into her apartment behind her. He covered her mouth, pushed her inside and raped her on the couch. She gave the detectives a ring she scratched him with and never saw the ring again. She IDs the guy from a photo.

The woman who didn't like Quinlan in the past is arguing with a guy about gardening. The woman tells Quinlan she can dig up some mulch and plant alfalfa. Quinlan gives them a heads up about the cold case. Winston gets angry. The woman doesn't see what the big deal is. She says come by apartment 7A.

Morales and Killian fill in Regina.  Regina says they can get a search warrant for Kissoon's apartment.

Morales gets a search warrant. Troy asks her if they can grab a drink later. She says maybe. Troy asks Quinlan and Bentley about the cold case. He says that there were a lot of domestic violence incidents. Quinlan says she is going to have tea with the woman today.

Suarez says stranger rapes are scarier for the public. In any case they should take all cases seriously. The department and PC have to be on board with changes. SVD prioritizes things based on resources. Suarez says there may be something to do.

Quinlan goes to have tea and brings pastries from a German bakery by the precinct. HEr friend says she loves living alone. Quinlan asks about Shugee. They were together off-and-on for 18 years. There were a lot of people who wanted to kill him. He cheated people out of money all the time. But he wasn't all bad. They had some fun. He could be sweet when he wanted to be. He would say she didn't understand business if she tried to talk to him about cheating. She goes to get a sweet potato pie. Quinlan looks at the photos on the shelf and learns Thora worked at the bakery.

Killian tells Yenko he has brought Troy in. Yenko says you passed it off to Troy. He says the chief wants cases cleared or at least every effort made. Killian will try to have something for him tomorrow.

Troy offers to take the heat for Killian. Killian is suspicious.

Morales has found tapes in Kissoon's apartment. They are security tapes of the women he liked. Those cases had red stickers on them which probably stands for him raping them. There are lots of other tapes with red stickers on the case. Regina orders Kissoon brought in.

Morales and Killian question Kissoon who complains about his privacy being violated. He also says the women are lying. He refuses to talk to the cops any more. He denies raping anyone and says they can't prove it. They tell him they have a DNA match with Penelope. He wants a lawyer. Morales arrests him. He demands a lawyer NOW.

Morales tells Antonia there's going to be a bail hearing and she might be released ROR, but she needs a lawyer. She has a few names and says that Kissoon has been arrested and there was a chance that Antonia will not have to do jail time. She tells Antonia that Kissoon raped at least one other woman. She wishes she could have arrested him before any of this happened. It's time for Antonia to go to Central Booking. She is handcuffed and Morales promises to give her the names of some lawyers. Killian asks how she's doing. She's been better. She and Killian walk past Troy.

Quinlan says she is becoming neighbours and friends with these people and now she's supposed to act like a cop. Sandeford also knows who killed Shugee. Quinlan wonders how they know when to look the other way. Sandeford thinks the world is a better place with Shugee gone.

Troy shows up and asks Quinlan about the homicide. She says she put some feelers out but nothing came back. Troy figured that's what would happen.

Suarez walks into his office and Morales stops playing with his baseball. Morales wonders if she is in trouble. Nope. Regina and Suarez are happy with Morales. They understand how she felt working at SVD. Suarez knows someone at DOJ and Morales can talk to them if she wants but it might be bad for her career. Morales wants to do it.

Quinlan is staring into space while Bentley digs in the garden. She asks him if she made a mistake moving here. He doesn't think so. He thinks it's a worthwhile thing to try. She thinks it's complicated but he thinks she did the right thing. What if Thora were arrested or convicted? Quinlan says even though she withheld evidence? He thinks so. Quinlan kisses him.


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East New York Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Morales: A couple years ago, she was raped.
Regina: What was the disposition?
Morales: It never even made it to trial. She met the guy in a bar and so it was considered acquaintance rape. There's just not enough resources to go around.
Regina: So stranger rape is higher priority? I take it this wasn't your choice.
Morales: It wasn't. Decision came down from the CO at SVD.
Regina: If you want to connect this shooting to this rape, go ahead.

Morales: Antonia?
Antonia: I did it, Crystal. I finally got him.