Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11 Review: We Can Be

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Betty finally returned to St. Jo's to confront her past and get her daughter back on Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11.

But she was far from the only one dealing with family trauma as Nova lost Aunt Martha and Ralph Angel and Darla were at odds over what to tell Blue.

Taking on the USDA - Queen Sugar

Watching Ralph Angel speak for himself, his children and the rights of all black farmers was a meaningful moment.

Ralph Angel isn't comfortable being a public speaker. He isn't like Charley or Nova. They are in their element and are able to communicate passionately in a front of a crowd.

But Ralph Angel is more of an introvert, Given his past, he's less confident in front of people he views as being above him.

Thankfully, Prosper was there to remind Ralph Angel how far he's come and the power he wielded at this moment.

You’re standing for us, for yourself, for your father. Ernest would be so proud of you right now. He is proud. He always knew that you would grow to be the man you were meant to be, and here you are. Speak from your heart. Speak for your father.


Ready To Speak Out - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

What was scary and uplifting all at once was that Ralph Angel could have been dismissed easily by that board of good ole boys if not for one woman who took him seriously and was willing to listen.

It was a solid reminder of how much one person can make a difference.

I hope we find out just how much corruption and discrimination are uncovered in those ten years of files.

But standing up for the farmers of St. Josephine distressed Ralph Angel less than dealing with his feelings about Chase.

Micah: Have you talked to Darla about it?
Ralph Angel: I mean, she put it all behind her. I bring it up, and I’m bringing up her pain.
Micah: Your pain matters too. She’s your partner. She loves you.

Micah Heads to NYC - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

Micah was right. Ralph Angel's angst over what Chase did to Darla is something he needs to deal with out in the open, not hide it away and hope it magically disappears.

Ralph Angel could use some help from a therapist. Actually, he and Darla would probably both benefit from that, but as no one has mentioned it, I don't see it happening in the near future.

Ralph Angel's anger didn't make sense to Darla. He was both furious that Chase didn't care at all about Blue but also terrified that the man might reach out and make a connection with his biological offspring.

As much as Ralph Angel's feelings were understandable, I can see why it was confusing for Darla, who was simply relieved Chase was finally out of their lives.

Even if Ralph Angel's rage was coming from all directions, his point of view concerning what to tell Blue was valid.

Fretting Over Chase - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

Ralph Angel: I remember when Charley would come for summers, and I knew we didn’t have the same mom, but Pops never talked about it. That hurt all of us. I know how that feels, and I don’t want Blue going through that.
Darla: Blue isn’t you, Ralph Angel. He is too young, and it is too soon. No.

Yet, it was easy to see why Darla resisted telling their son about Chase. What mother wants to burden their child with such a horrific tale? What parent wants to erase their child's innocence?

I do not want our son to associate that night and what happened to me with who he is. That’s not his identity, Ralph Angel. He is so much more than where he came from.


Ralph Angel and Darla both want to protect Blue, but they're coming at it from different directions, and neither one of them is wrong.

It's possible that Chase could try to reach out to Blue, although I doubt it. Blue's existence can only cause him trouble and hamper his goals. Since he doesn't seem to care that he fathered a child, there's little reason for him to make contact with Blue and plenty of reasons for him to continue to ignore him.

Betty Returns - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

I'd be more worried about Blue. He knows Ralph Angel isn't his biological father. He's a smart and curious kid. He might decide to research his paternity and end up finding Chase. In that case, it might be better for his parents to prepare him with the truth.

But at 11 years old, is his mother's rape something he should have to carry?

It's easy to see why Ralph Angel and Darla are struggling.

Elsewhere, Violet convinced Betty to return to St. Jo's to stop Sam and reclaim her wayward daughter.

Perhaps Betty and Parker's story parallels Ralph Angel, Darla, and Blue. Betty never told Parker that Sam abandoned them. If Parker had known, she might have been a completely different person with a different name.

Parker Learns the Truth - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

It was good of Billie to reach out to Parker. As Nova and the rest of the Bordelons despised the woman, and with reason, Billie was the only one willing to reach out.

Right now, she seems like the enemy, but I’m going to talk to her like a human being. It may make a difference.

Billie [About Parker]

What was saddest of all was Sam Landry.

Sam could have had a family who loved him, but he was too much of a coward to break away from his father and his inheritance. All these years later, all of that money, and still he seems alone and miserable.

Sam Gets Pushback - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

But it's difficult to feel much sympathy for Sam when he says things like this Queen Sugar quote...

Sam: For people like them, only dominance works.
Parker: Well, it hasn’t been working.
Sam: Are you doubting me?
Parker: Quite frankly, yes.

Does Parker not consider Sam a racist because he's her father? How does she process his willingness to use a corrupt system to keep people, specifically people of color, below him both financially and socially?

Finally, we get to Nova.

I'm confused as to why no one contacted Nova after Aunt Martha died. It's been a month, and her neighbor had full access to her home. That seems odd.

Nova Makes Peace - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

I look forward to seeing Nova go back to her roots, and I wonder if this will bring her closer or push her further from Dominic.

I'm not a fan of Dominic. We had to hear Nova tell Billie how Dominic apologized profusely for reading her private essays after she specifically asked him not to, but we never saw that.

We saw Dominic disrespecting Nova's boundaries and getting angry when she called him out on it.

I get the feeling we're headed toward Nova and Dominic making a commitment to one another by the end of the series. If that occurs, I fear it will be more of a letdown than a celebration.

Making Amends - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

What should the Bordelons do with Betty's land?

Should Ralph Angel and Darla tell Blue about Chase?

And are you rooting for Nova and Dominic to stay together long-term?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button to let us know, then check back for our Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 12 review here at TV Fanatic.

We Can Be Review

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Ralph Angel: Thank you for being a good partner.
Darla: That is a very lovely thing to hear out of nowhere. Thank you for being the same.

Micah: Have you talked to Darla about it?
Ralph Angel: I mean, she put it all behind her. I bring it up, and I’m bringing up her pain.
Micah: Your pain matters too. She’s your partner. She loves you.