Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14 Spoilers: Rebecca vs Gab & Eve vs Manny

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Fridays are better when there's a new Fire Country, and while many shows may be off due to the State of the Union address, not Fire Country.

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13, Bode turned 30, but he wasn't too thrilled about it. It reminded him of what he was missing in life. Even though there was a subtle flirtation between him and Gabriela, they didn't push it far.

Between focusing on Eve more and a monstrous fire in the forest, they had a lot on their hands.

Spoilers Collage - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

'You Know your Dragon Best' chose to break away from relationship drama for the hour, but the spoilers for 'A Fair to Remember' indicate we will be in for something different.

These spoilers are bound to make you wish time had a fast-forward button.

Jake and Cara - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

The emergency teases a mass casualty event.

The crew attends the annual Edgewater fair, but things go south when a ride malfunctions. This is going to be massive because of how crowded fairs are.

In the promo video CBS released for the episode, Jake is seen shouting at Bode and Rebbecca to take cover when a ride loses its brake.

The neck-breaking speed it is moving with makes it very dangerous due to the momentum.

When it comes crashing down, it is bound to cause injuries to those in it and the general public.

Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

The casualties are bound to be more than one would anticipate considering how people react to such events. Everyone's survival instincts kick, and they seek to save themselves. This leads to a stampede, and someone always gets injured or killed wherever that happens,

Jake and Cara go on their first date.

Before the emergency, Jake and Cara are having a great time together. Everyone had encouraged him to push this further and see where it leads, and it seems he takes their advice.

Jake and Cara With Doll - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

In the promo images, they participate in typical fair games, and Jake even wins her a big doll.

There is no telling how Bode will react to his friend going out with his ex-girlfriend; honestly, he has no right to go all Bode and whine for the entirety of the episode.

Jake also deserves someone in his life, considering Bode took his girlfriend. But knowing Bode, he will throw a tantrum when he sees them at the fair.

A love triangle develops between Bode, Gabriela, and Rebecca.

We thought we had seen the last of Rebecca when she learned Bode was in love with Gabriela, but no, it appears she is back.

Gabriella - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

The inmate crew responds to the emergency, and Rebecca flirts with Bode.

It is clear Bode has feelings for Gabriela, so it's a good guess he will shoot down those advances. Rebecca can be persistent, too, so she won't bow out just like that.

With all the crews responding to the same emergency, Gabriela is bound to catch them together.

Will this be the final thing that pushes both of them to go for it?

Jake Solo - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

Will Bode decide to go steady, fearing he will lose Gabriela if he keeps getting showered with all the attention Rebecca is showering him with? Will he be afraid he will give in to Rebecca's pressure and do something that will tear him and Gabriela apart?

Will Gabriela accept being in a relationship with him to keep other women away from him?

We can't wait to find the answers to these questions.

Eve and Manny crash.

Vince and Sharon Kiss - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

Among the top storylines on Fire Country Season 1, Episode 13 was Eve's leadership skills. She had the opportunity to shadow Sharon during an emergency.

Even though she did not like the role, Sharon had seen something in her to make the offer.

We also saw her take the reigns during the infamous bridge rescue when Vince and Manny proved worthless as leaders.

Although it was resolved later on, it seems someone didn't forget.

For some reason, Eve commands one of Manny's crew members, and Manny doesn't like that. In the promo video, Manny confronts her about it, but she shrugs him off.

Jake and Cara - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

In a firehouse, having people with opposing views can be disastrous, especially when their views collide during an emergency.

Eve is not the inmates' chief, so she has no business commanding them. On the other hand, it is understandable that she is not that careless, and the circumstances must have been dire.

This particular storyline might not be impactful in the short term since both are from different teams, but it might present challenges.

Sharon might finally be getting her kidney.

Bode agreed to let Jake donate his kidney to Sharon towards the end of 'You Know Your Dragon Best.'

Sharon - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

Sharon had also been waiting to know when she would be eligible for a transplant, and it seems she is.

Learning she has a willing donor who is not Bode will be good news, but learning she has been given the green light for a kidney transplant will be the best news.

It is still too early to celebrate the news, so we will have to wait until the surgery has been successful and there are no complications before having a kiki.

Jake and Bode made up but will the new developments have them at loggerheads again?

Check out the promo video above.

We always love reading your feedback, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts on what might happen.

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