Mayfair Witches Post-Mortem: Jack Huston on the Connection Between Lasher and Rowan

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Lasher (Jack Huston) has been the overarching enemy of Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches since its premiere on AMC and AMC+ last month.

Sunday's new episode found Rowan (Alexandra Daddario) and Ciprien (Tongayi Chirisa) trapped in the Mayfair house following the events of Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 4.

What started as a tranquil hour quickly shifted when Rowan and Ciprien realized they didn't recall what happened after Ciprien was stabbed.

Lasher and Rowan Dance

TV Fanatic got to speak to Huston about his role in the series, and the actor revealed that he loved how enigmatic Lasher is.

"That's what I loved about it is that you were given only so much, and he's sort of shrouded in mystery," he told TV Fanatic.

Talking About What's Next on Mayfair Witches

Jack said he felt similar to viewers in that he yearned to learn more about Lasher as the scripts came in.

"I always think that makes for a great and very exciting character," he said of those that lurk in the shadows because the questions can be just as exciting as the answers.

"The mystery itself is the most appealing."

Jack said that while he had some indication based on the scripts about where Lasher's journey was headed, he knew anything was possible in a world with witchcraft.

Where Am I, Lasher?

With Rowan and Ciprien forgetting how they got to the house, Jack said that Lasher was using it as a tool to show Rowan that he could make people see anything, but all of this was created from within her.

He said that Lasher wanted to highlight that he's nothing without Rowan.

"I think what has been described in previous episodes and what Lasher represented, which was rather a control," Jack said.

"I think what I thought was interesting about this episode was he wanted Rowan to realize that it's always her choice. She's actually the one in control. So it's what she wanted rather than what he wanted," he added.

Carlotta Pleads

"Lasher was carrying this out at her will. So it's funny. It's like you always thought that he was the sort of master manipulator. Yes, he is manipulating the situation," Jack says, adding that it couldn't have been possible without Rowan.

"It was a fascinating episode of seeing who's pulling the strings because you always believe it's Lasher until you later realize that he's acting out her wildest thoughts, imagination, all that. So it's kind of cool."

One of the most shocking moments of the fifth episode was Rowan using her powers to kill her aunt Carlotta (Beth Grant), something she immediately wanted to blame on Lasher.

I asked Jack whether he thought that Lasher could only influence Rowan.

Rowan Wants Answers

"I think you are right. The word influence is all that he can do. I think through influence you can manipulate, and I think there is certainly an aspect of manipulation that Lasher uses."

Jack says that the manipulation adds to the mystery of who Lasher is.

"We are being led to believe one thing, but it's actually something different," he said with a laugh.

The actor said he enjoys the overarching questions of what Lasher will do next and, more importantly, whether he'll do those things with Rowan by his side.

Dancing in Mayfair House

Mayfair Witches continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC and AMC+.

What are your thoughts on the most pivotal scenes to date?

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