East New York Season 1 Episode 16 Spoilers: What's Regina's Connection to a Case?

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The 7-4's investigation into a string of robberies might take an interesting turn.

East New York Season 1 Episode 16 spoilers say that the detectives will unearth a connection to Regina that might be useful.

What does this mean? And how will it affect the way Regina's officers view her?

Season 1 Episode 16 Spoilers - East New York

Given Regina's misgivings about Sean and her recent decision to go ahead with the relationship anyway, it seems likely that he's the personal connection to this case.

That doesn't necessarily mean anything nefarious; it could be as simple as Sean working undercover with the crew doing the robberies.

Still, if Sean is involved, it could spell trouble for his new relationship with Regina.

That relationship is fragile because of Regina's past and her fear of letting her guard down. Who knows what could happen if Regina and Sean butt heads over this.

The detectives will want Regina to exploit her relationship with Sean for the necessary information. If Regina goes along with it, Sean might feel used. If she doesn't, she may feel she's not doing everything in her power to end the robbers' reign of terror.

According to spoilers, this is far more than one robbery -- it's a string of them at high-end boutiques.

That's going to get more news coverage than the average crime. When poor people of color kill one another, the media doesn't pay attention, but when violent criminals terrorize wealthy people -- especially if they're white -- that's another story.

Regina will face a ton of pressure to close this case, and she's not the only one. Sharpe will probably want Suarez to do something about this because crimes of this nature could negatively impact his bid for the mayor's office.

How will this story play into the gentrification issue? That problem isn't going away, and the cops appearing to pay more attention to robberies committed by East New York residents against wealthy boutique owners than to the plight of those residents won't play well.

Councilwoman Ayers might have something to say about it, and so might Adam Lustig.

Giving Out Assignments - East New York Season 1 Episode 16

Lustig would love to make the case that Regina only cares about poor people and doesn't want to put enough resources toward helping boutique owners in his tax bracket. He might even own some of the properties that are being attacked.

Regina doesn't need him playing the victim here, and she won't tolerate it. She's already sworn to bring him down, so it would be best for him to leave her alone.

That doesn't mean he will. She's declared war, so he'll fight back.

Meanwhile, how will Suarez move forward now that Allison's talked him into staying in politics?

Roll Call - East New York Season 1 Episode 16

He'll undoubtedly have Sharpe breathing down his neck about this case and Regina's war with Lustig. He stood up to Sharpe and Allison on East New York Season 1 Episode 15, but how long will that last?

A clip in the spoiler video suggests Suarez will fall into bed with Allison -- literally. If it's what it looks like, it's terrible news.

Allison is manipulative, determined, and by her own account, puts achieving her ambitions above ethics. This isn't the kind of person Suarez needs to be involved with!

And if Suarez sleeps with her, it gives her leverage. She can always threaten to make their relationship public if Suarez doesn't do what she wants.

Cracking a Robbery Case - East New York Season 1 Episode 16

Suarez needs to be smarter than this. Let's hope he stops short of actual sex with Allison.

He said this relationship was a bad idea; he needs to stick with it.

Elsewhere, there will be some more drama between Brandy and her mother.

Ann-Marie is a recovering addict who appeared out of nowhere and didn't respect Brandy's boundaries. She thinks nothing of calling her while she's working or showing up at the precinct.

Dealing With A Robbery Crew - East New York Season 1 Episode 16

Predictably, she and Brandy don't get along all that well. And now, Brandy's about to go into cop mode around her mom.

What does Ann-Marie do that inspires this?

The spoiler video shows Brandy telling her mom to pop the trunk. That'll go over about as well as it did with Brandy's neighbors when she first moved into the projects. It's unclear whether Brandy wants to find out if Ann-Marie is using again or suspects her of a more serious crime.

Either way, her demand will come after a series of clashes, judging from the spoiler video. Ann-Marie demands to know what her daughter wants now as Brandy pulls up beside her, suggesting that issues have been building between them for a while.

The Political Game - East New York Season 1 Episode 15

Ann-Marie moving in with Brandy was never a great idea. I'm curious how the neighbors will react!

They didn't like Brady moving in, and her mother may cause problems for other residents. She might be noisy or inconsiderate, and the last thing anyone needs is a troublemaking neighbor that brings unwanted police attention to the projects.

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Brandy's partner: That's cute, your mother wants to buy you a Swiffer.
Brandy: Yeah. Woman's tidy. Can't stand a mess, except in her own life.

Sergeant Yee: Solo foot patrols are working, though some of you are not giving out your numbers.
Sandeford: They know my number. It's 9-1-1.