Connection to Hayward - East New York Season 1 Episode 16
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Robbers smash a bunch of glass cases and hurry away.

Meanwhile, at roll call Sgt. Yee says that robberies etc are down since they began solo foot patrols. Regina takes the podium to tell them about the high-end robberies.

Sandeford and Bentley break up a domestic dispute. Sandeford pretends to divorce the couple and they make up. Sandeford and Bentley are called to the scene of a burning car.

Bentley finds a VIN number under the car.

Brandy and her partner stop a homeless guy who promises he didn't steal any of the merchandise he's unloading. Brandy's mother calls and asks if she has a Swiffer.

Killian has a self-centered moment and asks if Corinne told Morales she missed him. They talk to the owners of the car who say they didn't know it was stolen and barely used it. They call their daughter Bianca down, who claims not to know anything either. She says it's the stupid wheels that attract gangbangers. Killian and Morales don't believe her. She left her jewelry in the back seat of the car.

Suarez wants to show initiative on this case since rich, powerful people shop at the stores that have been hit. Regina is suspicious of his motives. Suarez admits he won't mind Sharpe helping them out.

Yenko has photos of Bianca and her friends wearing stolen items.  Killian thinks maybe they should look at Bianca's boyfriend. Regina says there is no proof the crew is male so she thinks it's likely to be made up of teenage girls.

The cops question Bianca again. Bianca says she was studying with her friend when the robbery happened. The cops ask her about the clothes etc. Mrs. Wilson doesn't appreciate being treated like criminals. The father accuses them of racism.

Regina sends Bentley and Quinlan undercover . He is glad to spend time with her. She tells him she doesn't feel like she's living her normal life. He thinks her mom seems together but Quinlan says you acn't tell. Anyway they see Bianca and her friends uwearing stolen property. Bentley recognizes her friends as being girls from the track club.

Allison tells a doorman to let her friend up. Suarez comes in.

Killian goes to the club to talk about the new job. The man says he hates theatre but is auditioning actors for his ex-wife. Killian accepts the job. He finds out he is expected to travel internationally.

Brandy meets her mother who introduces her to "Duke," a guy who has a condo for her. He knows her from NA. He has a Mazarati dealership and has to take a call. Brandy's mom tells Brandy that true love can happen for her.

Regina tries to talk to Tonya who is obnoxious and doesn't care that Bianca may be involved in robberies. She says Regina isn't a mentor and she isn't ratting on Bianca. She leaves.

Brandy's mother has bought groceries. She stayed at Duke's condo last night. She and Brandy have an argument over whether she is only using Duke. Ann-Marie doesn't understand why Brandy is living in the projects and thinks making detective will take too long. . Brandy hurries off to work.

Killian's new boss has given him a passport. Killian says he can't go to Dubai this weekend. The guy asks him if the woman with him can become and FBI agent. He also offers Killian 10K to go to Dubai with him.

Suarez and Allison have slept together. She tells him she's considering working with other politicians and Sharpe keeps calling her.

Georgia approaches Regina. She took it upon herself to tell Bianca she wants to help with the robberies because she doesn't want Tonya getting in trouble. Regina reluctantly agrees. The Wilsons show up as the cops are prepping Georgia. They tell Regina they are worried about what Bianca may be mixed 8up in as she has stolen her father's gun.

The cops listen in on Bianca and Georgia's conversation. Bianca is suspicious of Georgia. They take her to a warehouse and say they hear she's going to be famous. They give her an expensive watch and say they will steal another one for Bianca. She has to take off her jacket which means the cops won't be able to hear.

Suarez talks to a reporter who asks him about bail reform and lack of effort by cops. He touts foot patrols and gives Regina credit for it.

Tonya is mad that Yenko and Regina are bothering her. She says she doesn't buy this from Ice-T on Law & Order or from them but agrees to help for Georgia's sake. She tracks Bianca on her phone.

The cops stop Bianca and her crew. Bianca grabs her gun and threatens the other girls, accusing them of snitching to the cops. Regina tries to talk her down. Bianca cries that people look at you different if you have designer clothes. Regina says that Bianca will go to juvie but be home in less than a year. Bianca gives her the gun. The girls (including Georgia) are arrested.

Regina tells Georgia that Tonya can't be tied to the robberies. Georgia says Tonya wants her to run track again but she doesn't know that she's ready.

Brandy's mom shows up while Brandy is walking down the street with her partner. She has a fancy car she is dropping off in New Jersey. Brandy accuses her of hustling. She tells her to pop the trunk. She finds nothing. Her mom is upset as she drives off. Brandy's partner offers her coffee. The couple from the beginning passes them and says that it's a nice day.

Suarez's interview airs and the part where he gave Regina credit has been cut. Yenko is surprised. Regina is not.

Killian shows up at Goody's and gives Corinne 10K. She asks him if he's shaking down drug dealers. He assures her it's legal and says he doesn't understand why she won't let him help her even if they are broken up now. She says her dad went in for a checkup and his numbers are bad. Killian tells her she's not alone.


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East New York Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Brandy's partner: That's cute, your mother wants to buy you a Swiffer.
Brandy: Yeah. Woman's tidy. Can't stand a mess, except in her own life.

Sergeant Yee: Solo foot patrols are working, though some of you are not giving out your numbers.
Sandeford: They know my number. It's 9-1-1.