Fire Country Season Finale Round Table: Was That Ending the Worst?

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Bode's fate was revealed on Fire Country Season 1, Episode 22.

There have been a few widely polarizing things on Fire Country Season 1, but the season finale was one thing viewers could agree upon.

Our Fire Country Fanatics Jasmine Peterson, Dale McGarigle, and Denis Kimathi discuss some of the biggest moments of the season finale, including their thoughts on that dating bombshell, the mudslide emergency, and more.

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Eve started dating again. What did you think?

Jasmine: I am already annoyed that sweet Eve cannot just happily date someone without issue. They were cute together, and Eve was happy and confident. 

Eve - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 6

But then it was upsetting enough that this woman left her hanging because of the conflict of interest, but after seeing what that moron did with Bode, I was livid regarding the Eve aspect too.

Eve deserves to have healthy, uncomplicated love or even casual dating that is about her and serves her well, especially after everything she’s gone through. I don’t want this to set Eve back from finding love for herself.

Dale: Maybe that one-night stand was exactly what Eve needed. At least she felt comfortable enough to start dating again.

However, it was just Eve’s luck that her first date after battling PTSD was someone out to pin Bode to the wall. She just can’t win, can she?

Eve - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

Denis: Eve can never catch a break. If she's not saving people with broken arms, she is watching others die on her watch. I'm not too crazy about how Eve is treated. Everything ends and begins with trauma for her.

She blamed herself even when she met a nice woman and was left. It's making me angry about how she's been treated all season.

How would you rate the season finale? Why?

Jasmine: It was a pretty solid finale, the exceptions being how stupid the kidney resolution was, Manny not believing Bode at first, and then dumb ass ending that made my eye twitch. The mudslide was pretty epic. I don’t like the soap opera random secret baby thing.

Freddy and Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

But if given room and with the proper pacing, I could ride along with it. It started as a 7, but that ending was a 5.

Dale: I’d give it an 8. Besides Bode's boneheaded decision, I liked how most of the storylines were handled. That was a big knock, however.

Denis: It was a solid 9 for the first 45 minutes, but when I realized that much time had passed, I prepared myself for some tomfoolery because there was so much left to address. And then Bode made that decision, and it went to like a 3.

The scene in the interrogation room and his confession overshadowed everything, and my mind has not been the same since.

Gabriela and Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

The kidney problem was finally addressed. What did you think?

Jasmine: I love Sharon. I'm glad we have a resolution. We needed to revisit this storyline to stay within the realm of realism.

I don’t even mind that Luke gets to make amends and possibly redeem himself while saving the woman he loves OR being an ass and pulling that trump card out in the next argument. But it was so ludicrous that they were keeping this from Vince.

Sharon is DYING. She needs a kidney. Literally, nothing else should matter, and they’re some of the contrived, petty drama they’ve opted to mine from this scenario that is too clear-cut is annoying.

At this point, Luke can French kiss her with tongue as a consolation prize for all I care as long as she gets this damn kidney and lives.

Sharon - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

Dale: It’s about time. At least we finally got an explanation about why Sharon was so la-di-da about her condition. She’s had a donor in reserve for some time.

This being Fire Country, it can’t be that simple. I fear there will be some unnecessary Vince-Luke drama to come.

Denis: It was a bit late don't y'all think? I had almost forgotten about it. Leave it to Fire Country to milk anything for drama because it shouldn't have been that dramatic.

Bode made a false confession. React.

Bode Donovan - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

Jasmine: To say I was fuming is an understatement. I was so freaking angry and frustrated. It was so ludicrous I wanted to scream.

I swear the Leones have a single brain cell between them, and only Sharon gets a turn with it and uses it properly.

The ONLY way they can salvage this is if they reveal that somehow Bode is going undercover in prison to take down Sleeper or something like that... goodness knows they run into the ground that he’s our primary hero.

Otherwise, Bode’s nobility, hero, and martyr complex have surpassed reason and tolerability.

Bode Leone - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

Maybe he sustained head injuries from the mud because it makes zero sense that a man who adamantly and vehemently fought for his name and the truth about this drug thing, among others, over the season would roll over.

He let this random woman who came out of nowhere manipulate him into taking an asinine deal without an attorney present after she proudly boasted that she was miscarrying justice to screw him and Freddie.

Like... what the entire f---k was that?

All the secrecy, her sudden appearance, her clearing the room, no attorney present, this last-ditch effort for something right before his parole hearing... Bode has seen injustices.

Jake and Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 6

His friend was a damn lawyer. Tell that random woman to prove her damn case and leave it at that! I can’t even say she came at him with CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence... it was just this random Reddit theory.  Let me stop. I’ve ranted enough.

Dale: Bode should have taken that public defender Melody offered him. Any semi-competent lawyer would have kept him from being tricked into taking Melody’s deal.

Instead, Bode did what he thought was the noble thing. He exchanged his freedom for Freddy’s, disappointing every one of his supporters. But had he talked to anyone else about this, he would have devised a better deal that wouldn’t have sent him back to jail.

Denis: Jasmine, go off, girl! You are saying everything I'm too furious to say. I was so livid watching it that I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 7

On a scale of 1-10, rate the mudslide emergency.

Jasmine: A solid 9! I loved the effects. I think that was the most difficult call they had yet as far as that went, and I loved the disaster move feel of it. I hope they use some of their budgets on more calls like that next season.

Dale: Ten, for sure. That was probably the most difficult emergency of the season.

The mudslide was the most unpredictable emergency the firefighters had to deal with. And with Eve, Jake, Bode, Freddy, and Cookie all at risk, it was the most frightening.

And that doesn’t even count Sharon’s collapse.

Running Crew - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

Denis: They saved the best for last! It was a 10/10 for me but came down to an eight when it took too long and took time from other storylines. I loved the layers ( no pun) it had and the little twists they did. So good!

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the episode, and why?

Jasmine: I loved all the action from the mudslide! It was exciting. I was literally devouring a bowl of popcorn during all of that.

I also loved Jake and Eve just kicking it at the diner. Jake has grown on me, I love Eve, and their friendship is genuinely one of my favorite things and makes me nostalgic for Chicago Fire’s Severide/Shay dynamic from its early seasons.

Jake and Eve - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 6

Dale: Probably when Jake and Eve were bemoaning the states of their love lives.

Jake didn’t understand why Cara was so resistant to Bode’s moving in. At least she explained later that she had given birth to a child, which may or may not have been Bodes.

Eve just had bad luck falling into bed with precisely the wrong woman. That’ll happen again.

Denis: I loved Dylan and his dads. I adore organic LGBT representation. Although it was for a few minutes, it normalized two-dad families by showing them as any other family that a mudslide doesn't discriminate against.

Jake in White and Jeans - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

Anything else, good or bad, you would like to point out about the episode?

Jasmine: It frustrated me so much that Manny randomly got on a high horse about Bode and didn’t believe him when it didn’t make sense for him not to...I was so glad when Gabriela pointed out that it wouldn’t make sense for Bode to initiate drug tests if he knew he was dirty.

But at least we got Manny calling him ”mijo” when they made up.

I think they need to reconfigure Bode come next season. He’s too much of a Gary Stu with things like his annoying hero complex, and it can be overbearing enough to turn off the audience. His final decision is a perfect example of this.

Bode Looks Up - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

Dale: I thought Bode would lose his parole because he couldn’t explain how Sleeper arranged his drug test to be switched.

But this being Bode, he couldn’t just be a victim. Instead, his loss of parole was self-inflicted because he was unwilling to ask for help with his difficult decision.

It sets up Bode’s storyline for next season: How does he get out of prison where he was jailed?

Denis: I hate Mel. How can someone hold so much power over other people's lives yet be so bad at her job? You're right, Jasmine. Bode needs to be better as people can tune in because Max Theriot is hot for so long.


That was us. What did you think?

Will you be back for the next season?

Hit the comments, and don't forget to watch Fire Country online via TV Fanatic.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Bode: It has to be Sleeper, man. He told me that our beef was not over.
Manny: Can you tell me how a dude in prison could orchestrate a drug test swap her in camp because I'm having a real hard time understanding what that looks like.
Bode: He obviously has a foothold here. Could have been one of his guys.

You think donating a kidney is gonna erase what you did?