Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should EJ or Eric Be the Daddy?

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The test results are in! So who is the daddy to Nicole's baby?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by LumiForeverAndAlways from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate who should be the daddy, is Sarah right to keep her baby a secret, if Stephanie is better with Chad or Alex and more!

And who is the best mother in Salem right now? Read on and see who our round table picked...

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you hope is the father of Nicole's baby?

LumiForeverAndAlways: I'm so over Nicole and Eric, and even though I don't like EJ, I actually don't mind him and Nicole together, especially this version with the fellow Aussie Dan Ferriguel as EJ.

Will EJ Learn Nicole's Secret? - Days of Our Lives

So to answer the question, I want EJ to be the father of Nicole's baby. I know you weren't expecting this response from the girl who dislikes EJ DiMera.

Jack: I would love for there to be some weird twist, and it's magically Rafe's. But since that isn't happening, I'll go with EJ.

Eric and Nicole have had more than enough chances, and all they do together is get on my nerves.

And hate the idea that they'll get back together because they have a baby that was conceived when they were both drugged against their will. There are SO many problems with that I don't know where to begin.

Eric Wants the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Plus, this time around, I've been enjoying Nicole and EJ, and I'd love for them to raise this baby together.

Christine: EJ! Please let it be EJ's! 

Years back, I was an Eric and Nicole fan, but all they do is make one another miserable. Nicole will never be "good enough" for Eric in his and his family's eyes.

But EJ loves Nicole for who she is. They make a great couple, and I'd love to see them share a child and not have there be any bait and switch this time.

And another plus would be that EJ and Nicole having a child could end Sami and EJ for good, and maybe Sami and Lucas could have a fighting chance. 

Sloan Blasts Rafe - Days of Our Lives

If Eric is the baby's father, will he stay with Sloan? Will Nicole stay with EJ? Do you want any of that to happen?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Well, this is interesting. I feel like Eric will stay with Sloan out of duty, and in a weird way, he loves her even though I don't feel right about the pairing.

As for EJ and Nicole, I hope if Eric is the Father, EJ will accept it and stay with Nicole. I want EJ and Nicole to stay together, but I certainly am not phased about Eric and Sloan.

Jack: We already did this when Jada was pregnant. Being with Nicole while planning for a baby with Jada was a disaster. He might not be keen to repeat that, especially if Sloan gets very jealous or possessive.

I'd like Nicole to stay with EJ, but since the writers have an obsession with Eric/Nicole, I don't expect it to happen. EJ is already jealous of Eric, and if this baby turns out to be Eric's, I don't think EJ will be able to deal with it in any sane manner.

Nicole is Insulted - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I actually enjoy Eric with Sloan. She makes him more human and likable. And although she wouldn't love Eric having a child with someone else, I think she could manage that. But it will be a real struggle to keep EJ and Eric from killing one another while trying to co-parent a child.

As interesting as it might be to see them all try to work together, I really hope EJ is the father and maybe have Sloan and Eric talk about whether they'd eventually want to start a family together.

Is Sarah right to keep this baby from Xander? Will Bonnie spill the beans to either Maggie or Xander?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Honestly, even though I'm not the biggest fan of Xander and the things he did when he was Sarah, no father should be kept from knowing their child.

In this case, even though the child's not born yet, he has a right to know about the child and choose if he wants to be involved with the child's life and Sarah's pregnancy.

Bonnie Learns Sarah's Secret - Days of Our Lives

As for Bonnie spilling the beans, it's very likely that she will, and I have a feeling because it's Days she will tell Maggie, and Xander may overhear.

Jack: This is a redux of the last time Nicole was pregnant and kept a baby from EJ. Except Nicole had more reason. Sarah seems more bothered by the fact that Xander works with Gwen than with his kidnapping of Susan and Bonnie!

I'm sure Bonnie will spill the beans. She's one of Salem's biggest blabbermouths, AND she thinks Maggie and Xander should know.

Christine: Sarah is in the wrong here. Xander may have done things she doesn't agree with, but she did marry him, and this is his child too.

I can't imagine Bonnie being able to keep her mouth shut for long, and Sarah's naive is she thinks this won't get back to Maggie and Xander soon.

Stephanie Comforts Alex - Days of Our Lives

Stephanie spent significant time with both Alex and Chad this week. With whom do you feel she has better chemistry?

LumiForeverAndAlways: It was nice to see Steph have scenes with Alex again, and although I was never a Chabby fan, Stephanie and Chad don't feel right to me either. They feel forced

Therefore, I will have to say Alex, even though I am one of few people that shipped him with Allie.

Jack: I am probably in the minority, but I've preferred her with Chad from Day 1 and think their chemistry is far stronger.

Chad Gets Advice - Days of Our Lives

I also think it's time to stop bouncing back and forth and pick one of them, and Chad gets my vote. Christine: Stephanie and Chad are one of the most boring couples in Salem right now. Alex and Stephanie, even as just friends, are far more watchable. 

Christine: Chad and Stephanie are one of the most boring couples in Salem. Even if Alex and Stephanie only remain friends, I still find their scenes far more interesting. 

Chloe will work at The Spectator, while Alex has a job at Basic Black. Are these jobs a good fit for each of them?

LumiForeverAndAlways: I don't feel like these are the right fits for either Chloe or Alex. Personally, I wish Chloe would go back and work at Basic Black, and just maybe something may progress with her and Brady again. I want them back together so bad.

Jack: Alex has some business experience, and maybe he won't constantly try to undermine Brady the way he did Maggie, so this could be a good fit for him.

Rachel Pushes Chloe's Buttons - Days of Our Lives

Chloe doesn't really have the experience to be a newspaper sales director, but she didn't have the experience to do what she did at Basic Black, either. So she will adapt, and maybe not constantly having Brady in her face will be good for her.

Christine: Alex seems like a good fit at Basic Black, as he's already had some experience with their marketing campaigns.

And although Chloe knows nothing about the newspaper business, neither did Gwen or Xander before they started, so perhaps she'll do fine. And at least this gets her out of Brady's orbit.

Colin is on the run while Talia is in jail. How do you hope this plays out?

LumiForeverAndAlways: How I hope this plays out is that Colin gets found and goes to jail and Talia stays in jail, and we never have to see them again.

Jada Wonders if Talia Is a Victim - Days of Our Lives

I find the characters of Colin and Talia to be a waste of airtime when the show could bring back Lucas, Sami, Austin, Mike, Jennifer and Jack, Allie, and Will or, for that matter, utilize some of the characters they already have that barely get airtime like Doug, Julie, Roman, and Shawn to name a few.

Jack: The most important thing to me is that Talia's head clears, and she realizes that Colin is no good for her. As cruel as it is, the best thing for her could be to a) spend some time behind bars and b) learn that Colin threw her under the bus.

She needs a wake-up call! Talia should spend some time in jail pre-trial, but I'm hoping she is sentenced to mandatory counseling to figure out what is giving Colin such a hold over her.

As for Colin, I want him caught and held in a place he can't escape from. Mentally ill or not, he has no right to wreak this kind of havoc, and I want him to pay.

Even if he goes to Bayview, which is probably fair, he should go to jail afterward, in my opinion. Bayview should not be a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The Net Tightens Around Colin - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I'm intrigued by Colin and Talia and how their siblings are trying to deal with this mess.

Talia needs some mandatory counseling, but she also needs to pay for the people she's hurt. Drugging those biscuits was way over the line and should have serious consequences.

If Colin had any chance at Bayview, that might have evaporated when he escaped, but I'm sure Sloan will do her best to help her brother.

Who do you consider the best mother in Salem right now?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Right now, I would consider Marlena to be the best mother in Salem. She is always looking out for children, whether they are related or not.

Celebrating Marlena - Days of Our Lives

By this, I mean whether they are biological, step, or just people she has taken under her wing.

Jack: None of the mothers of young children is spending any time with them! Gabi allows Ari to move to the other side of the globe, Nicole never spends a second with Holly, and Kristen is busy poisoning Rachel's mind against Chloe.

The mothers of young adults aren't much better, except for Paulina. I didn't like how Paulina behaved when Chanel first came to Salem, but now she's involved with her daughter's life and supportive, and the two have a more or less equal relationship (other than Paulina putting her nose in Chanel's love life.).

Christine: Paulina is one of the most involved moms that still treats her daughter as an adult.

Chanel and Paulina Score a Victory! - Days of Our Lives

Marlena plays favorites a little too much to make my list.

And as crazy as it might sound, I love Kate as a mom. Yes, she's completely over the top, but there's a part of me that respects a mom willing to do absolutely anything to protect her kids, whether they want it or not.

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

LumiForeverAndAlways: What annoyed me this week was the whole thing with Dimiti, Kristen, and Megan.

I also cannot stand having Harris on my screen either.

A Guilt-Filled Harris - Days of Our Lives

Jack: This juvenile rivalry between Stefan and EJ has to go. Megan and Kristen add some interest to it, but it's still not worthy of EJ.

I also didn't need an entire episode of Stefan and Gabi in bed -- and where did Stefan get the idea that Gabi is a better schemer than Megan?

I'm also annoyed by this Whitley/Abe story. It's great that they've finally found something for Abe to do besides wander around giving random people advice, but it's over-the-top silly. And why are the police not more concerned that the MAYOR is missing? Rafe needs to get moving.

Christine: Brady trying to sabotage Chloe's new job! He's such an arrogant, controlling ass, and Chloe needs to get as far away from him as possible.

Is there any way we can get Johnny to dump Wendy? She makes him boring, and he has far better chemistry with Chanel.

Tripp and Wendy's First Date - Days of Our Lives

I also hate it whenever I see Rex with Sarah in any way. And can Rafe stop yelling at Sloan? Her brother is the criminal, not her. And given that Rafe's family aren't exactly saints, you'd think he'd understand that.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline in Salem this week?

LumiForeverAndAlways: My favorite scene had to be EJ proposing because, as I said, I love this version of him and Nicole.

Jack: I'm shocked by how much I loved all things Megan this week. She really is the closest thing we have to Stefano 2.0, and I hope she sticks around.

She's got enough class to her that she could be mistaken for Vivian's daughter instead of Stefano's and all of his ruthlessness and obsessive qualities. I especially liked it when she said she was rising from the ashes like the Phoenix in this Days of Our Lives quote...

Megan: You know, Father was a wonderful puppet master. The whole town, the whole WORLD was scared of the name of Stefano Dimera. And I will follow in his footsteps.
Kristen: Ah, so you want to be your father's daughter.
Megan: I AM my father's daughter. And as the Phoenix did so many times, I will be rising from the ashes.

Jada Gets Intriguing Info - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Nicole being honest with EJ. He needed to hear the truth from her, and thankfully, she told him everything. EJ had the right to be angry and was obviously hurt when he thought she turned down his proposal because she might really want Eric.

I liked that he calmed down quickly enough and was there to support Nicole. And kudos to Nicole for putting both EJ and Eric in their place at the hospital. It's great to see her stand up for herself and her child.

Also, Jada impressed me this week with how she swung between anger and fear for her sister. Jada hit Talia with some hard truths she needed to hear. Unfortunately, I think it will take more than that to get through to Talia.

Okay, Days fans. Now it's your turn. Who should be the father to Nicole's baby? EJ or Eric?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON below to tell us if you want Eric or EJ to be the daddy. Is Sarah right to hide her pregnancy from Xander? And is Stephanie better with Chad or Alex?

Then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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