Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Resolution and Heartache

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Maeve Wiley is one of the best-written characters on the small screen, but she'd be nothing without the phenomenal Emma Mackey bringing her storyline to life.

On Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7, many storylines reached natural conclusions as we prepare for the series finale of this Netflix hit.

Maeve's apprehension about going to Otis' home for dinner was driven by her feelings that Jean disapproved of their relationship.

Saying Goodbye - Sex Education

Knowing that someone's judging you without knowing anything about you isn't easy, but as Jean has proven in the past, she's one of the best listeners.

The pair building a bridge between them allowed us to delve deeper into Maeve's deeply rooted insecurities and how she feels like she'll never be good enough.

Maeve Breaks Down - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

Everyone needs a Jean in their lives because she has this natural way of learning everyone's secrets without doing much digging.

Maeve forged a bond with Jean throughout those scenes because Jean allowed her to understand that she was good enough for Otis and, more importantly, good enough to return to the U.S. and dominate the end of her course.

While Maeve and Otis are ending things in a perfect place, it is admirable that Otis was honest about not wanting to be a roadblock in Maeve's life.

Long-distance relationships come with increased pressures, and more often than not, they don't work.

Mud Fight - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

The best part of Maeve returning now is that it seems the pair are secure in their relationship, so there shouldn't be any of the issues between them we saw at the beginning of Sex Education Season 4.

There's a chance they won't stand the test of time, but knowing Maeve not returning to try her hand at the course would be a disservice to the character the series has been building for so long.

Maeve knew that Cavendish wasn't for her. Just walking through the doors brought back bad memories of her time in Moordale.

Her sole interaction with Ruby was enough to change her mindset about the college, and that's a good thing.

Reading the Contract - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

Ruby looked hurt by Maeve's comments, but she's slowly learning that her words have ramifications.

I don't believe these two will ever be able to be friends, but they don't need to be. They can go on with their lives without thinking of the other.

Was anyone else happy that Maeve gave Aimee and Isaac the green light to follow their passion?

Hearing from Maeve that she was worried only because they were her only family was hard because, when you think about it, things could go south between them.

Maeve's Last Goodbye - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6

That would lead to awkward encounters, so hopefully, if they pursue this relationship, they can be friends if things go the wrong way.

If you'd asked me when Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 aired if Aimee and Isaac would be in a relationship at one point, I'd have probably laughed.

They're opposites, but as their storyline has progressed, they have a mutual care for one another.

Isaac, Aisha, and the other students calling out the lack of accessibility in the college was a long time coming.

Eulogy - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6

The school looks hip and progressive, but it's nothing if that same energy isn't put into making the place accessible for every student.

Isaac has been increasingly frustrated about the issues throughout Sex Education Season 4, so seeing people stand up for him was nice.

It's just a shame Otis was trapped inside the elevator with O. There's so much hatred between those two that I didn't think they'd communicate. At all.

But when you're in a confined space with your worst enemy, and there's no way out, you must confront your decisions.

O in the Lift - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

Much like Otis, O hadn't made the best decisions to get to where they are today, but Otis was always so quick to paint O as the Devil.

Now that they have a mutual understanding and have lost any chance at winning the election, it's easier for them to understand their flaws.

With O out of the radio show and Jean confirming she isn't ready to return, could we be in for a show involving the two former enemies? It'd generate a lot of interest.

Speaking of Jean, there's a lot about her past we don't know, as evidenced by the flashbacks.

Adam's Mistake - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

Her mother's despicable boyfriend hitting on a teenage Joanna was disgusting, but it seems that Jean has always had to step in to help her sister, and the roles being reversed is proving too much.

Jean wants to create a relationship with Joanna that doesn't involve handing out money, but she could have gone about it better.

Speaking through her issues with Joanna instead of writing a contract would have been far more effective.

That's not to say Joanna is a saint. Texting Dan back to spite Jean was horrendous, but there's so much deep-rooted hatred between these sisters that I'm unsurprised.

Viv Cries - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

Which brings me to Adam. He's one of the most difficult people to read because, like his father, he's kept his feelings bottled up for years.

That's how he was raised, and it will take a lot of therapy to change that way of thinking.

That being said, now that he's confronted his dad about the past, there's a good chance they can repair things before the series concludes.

Then there's poor Vivian. Initially, she wasn't looking at the red flags with Beau because her feelings for him blinded her.

Beau the Red Flag - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

He crossed the line on Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6 and leaped over it with a smile on his face on this penultimate episode.

The look of fear and shock on her face as this person she was falling for grabbed her was harrowing. I hope she finds a way to tell him that his actions are not okay and that she doesn't want anything to do with him.

At least she has Jackson to lean on for support.

Okay, Sex Education fanatics! What did you think of the set-up for the series finale?

Hit the comments.

Resolution and Heartache Review

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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jean: Um, can you chat for a minute?
Otis: Uh, if this is about O, then no.
Jean: It's not. The show's on hiatus until that stuff about, you know, her being deleted gets worked out.
Otis: Canceled, Mum.
Jean: That's not actually why I called at all. I was just wondering if you and Maeve wanted to come over for dinner tonight. It would be very relaxed. Um, you know, laid-back. Not intense at all.
Otis: Okay, let me ask. Mum's wondering if you wanna come for dinner.
Maeve: No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Jean: I just... I thought, Maeve and I got off on the wrong foot, and... well, I'd like to get to know her better.
Otis: She wants to get to know you better.
Maeve: Fine.
Otis: Yeah? That sounds really nice.
Jean: Oh.
Otis: We'll come over later.

Roz: Here you go. Your mother's finest. How are you feeling about your exam?
Jackson: I just got an email saying that there's no record of my sperm donor.
Roz: I thought we agreed you were going to wait until after your exams.
Jackson: I know you guys are hiding something from me.
Roz: Jackson, we just want you to do well. It's your final year at college. You need to stay focused.
Jackson: Mum, can you tell me what's going on?
Roz: There's nothing going on. It's just a mix-up.