Found Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Missing While Interracial

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After revealing something about Annie in the previous episode, she became integral to Sir and Gabi’s seesaw tussle.

Found Season 1 Episode 11 teased an end to this unholy union as Gabi dug deeper into Annie, and what she found was shocking.

We knew this status of things had to end sometime, but no one anticipated it being this soon, and as the show goes on hiatus, it leaves a lot of time to ponder over it.

Missing While Interracial - Found Season 1 Episode 11

As Sir and Gabi’s antics continued, the team worked a case about a missing person amid tense racial dynamics.

As mentioned in the Found Season 1 Episode 10 review, I didn’t believe Annie was dead.

Gabi Looks Concerned - Found Season 1 Episode 11

Sir might be a huge monster, but one thing he does is not lie just for the sake of lying. He tells the truth even if sometimes he has plans to use the truth for his gain.

Sir: Let me ask you if this: Brandon were White and this young woman Black.
Gabi: Wouldn’t matter.
Sir: You need to put aside your own personal bias. Assume Brandon is guilty.
Gabi: I assume nothing. For all I know, she could be a danger to him.
Sir: Assume the worst; you’ll rarely be disappointed.

Annie suddenly felt important because Gabi placed so much hope on her and found what befell her.

It didn’t feel justified how she was into Annie when she had remembered her a few days prior. It would have been interesting if Annie had been introduced early in the season just so we know she was a real person.

It felt like Gabi wanted to focus on something to justify why she had a man chained in her basement.

Gabi At the Basement - Found Season 1 Episode 11

Secrets, even the best kept, usually tend to come out.

When living with a secret, especially if it’s a living, breathing, and talking one like Sir, it is inevitable that the secret will influence your life, and you can never be cautious or aware enough. At some point, you will mess up.

It is why many cheaters in relationships are found out because, at some point, the life lead in secret will bleed into the one kept in the open.

This very thing happened to Gabi when it slipped out that she was, in fact, in communication with Sir.

Gabi Listens Keenly - Found Season 1 Episode 11

She denied it, but how do you fool a detective, especially when you spend a lot of time with them?

Everyone at M&A who pays a little attention has noticed something off about Gabi Mosley. Margaret was the first.

Lacey noticed it, too, but even after she pursued it, Gabi managed to fool her.

Mark’s literal job is finding what people don’t want found.

Mark: Annie died in a car accident, killed by a drunk driver who died on the scene. Also, there is no record of her ever being kidnapped or reported missing as a child. The only other thing on her record is that she spent some time in a mental health facility in late 2001 early 2002.
Gabi: So you’re saying Sir is telling me the truth?
Mark: Gabi, what did you just say? Sir is telling the truth? Have you been in contact with him?

Mark Closeup - Found Season 1 Episode 11

That slip-up from Gabi was enough to have him questioning things, including why Gabi kept pushing him away for the past few months and why he had never seen the basement open.

Many people were on to Gabi, and she had to come clean first if there was a chance for redemption.

Here’s to hoping that the phone call she made was to Mark Trent and she would tell him the truth. And he won’t let his feelings for her cloud his judgment when she does.

Another atypical case landed on M&A’s lap.

Sir Squares Off - Found Season 1 Episode 11

For the first time, a one missing person’s case turned into a two missing people case, and as the team investigated, they discovered some bizarre things.

Maybe I’m stupid, but I thought we moved past the supposed weirdness surrounding interracial couples.

It takes a lot to be able to convince someone that marrying “outside your race” is undesirable.

It’s not lost on me how complex the history surrounding interracial marriages is, but at this point, it is needless to complicate life this much.

Jolene and Russel Support Each Other - Found Season 1 Episode 11

We have largely moved past overt racism, and the remaining kind of racism is also dangerous.

When two age-appropriate people are in love and want to be together, nothing should come between them. That’s what love is love means.

I told him I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping he’d bring home a Black wife. You have to understand our men get so much thrown at them just for being, and as a mother, all I want is for my son to have the best love and support. And for me, that’s a woman who inherently understands why Brandon has to brace himself before he walks into certain situations. It’s a woman who already knows to say, I got you, you’re king before he enters those spaces. A woman who immediately understands when the world has made her black man weary without him having to explain why.


Hearing Brandon’s mother talk about the reaction she had to Brandon dating a White woman made something that has irked me for a while clear.

If you look at the history of marriage and relationships, they were always based on the same thing.

Sir's Scruffy - Found Season 1 Episode 11

There was a time (and in some societies currently) when marrying outside your social class was considered wrong. Don’t get me started on religion, race, and gender.

It is damaging to prescribe the kind of partner you want for your child because, in a society where love for one another is the only mutual thing people need to share to be able to live happily, that can be restricting.

As Brandon’s mother spoke, I saw why she might subscribe to that mode of thinking. But it was dangerous to think like that.

The idea that Brandon would have been better off with a Black woman for a wife was presupposing a lot.

Lacey on Video Call - Found Season 1 Episode 11

It presupposed that Brandon wanted to marry a woman, and the woman was Black.

It presupposed that the woman he married would have lived a life similar to Brandon’s so that she could understand him. What if she was from a wealthy family who didn’t understand the basic Black experience in America?

It was a lot of pressure to put on someone by expressing disappointment that they weren’t in a relationship with someone from a particular race.

Brandon and Alison loved each other, and that’s all that should have mattered.

Mark Leans on the Table - Found Season 1 Episode 11

The idea that Brandon would have been a better Black man if he’d married a Black woman is flawed in many ways, chief among them being that it makes other relationships between people who don’t meet the ideal “less.”

If parents from both sides had been accepting of it, the couple would have not been stranded while injured for days as everyone tried to dig through the bullshit.

It was short of a miracle that Brandon was experienced in nursing, and he was able to transfuse his blood without it being incompatible with Alison’s, effectively killing her.

Welcome home!

Team M&A

This case was quite interesting, and more importantly, it didn’t have a literal bad guy apart from twisted ideas about human relationships.

Margaret Sits Anxiously - Found Season 1 Episode 11

The hour gave Margaret Reed's story some focus, and it was interesting to hear a different take from Margaret's about the bus station.

To her, it was about keeping the day fresh, but in reality, she was punishing herself repeatedly.

Therapist: I think we’re ready for the next step. A whole night away from the bus station.
Margaret: How? I don’t think I can do it.
Therapist: Have you heard of EMDR? Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. Margaret, the injury that you suffered when you lost your son is no less severe than if you had been stabbed with a knife. And for the past 13 years, you’ve picked at that wound every night you go to the bus station. I think by revisiting that day, we can remove the guilt you continue to carry.

She had gotten used to inflicting herself with pain that the thought of not going to the bus station made her physically sick.

It was great to hear that perspective because I tried to avoid judging these characters on what they must do to cope, but spending the night at the bus stop wasn’t healthy. That stop might not be the same as thirteen years ago.

Zeke Smiles - Found Season 1 Episode 11

This team deals with a lot of personal struggles, and I hope that we see all of them heal the wounds of trauma, the trauma that they sustained until there is nothing but a scar left as a reminder.

Margaret made progress on Found Season 1 Episode 10 by going to the bus stop an hour later.

Here’s to hoping that she won’t feel the need to go there every night if any night at all.

Over to you, Found Fanatics.

What did you think of it?

Will Gabi let Sir go, or is she in too deep?

Will Sir find a way to keep himself in her custody?

Chime in in the comments section.

Missing While Interracial Review

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Found Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Welcome home!

Team M&A

Mark: Annie died in a car accident, killed by a drunk driver who died on the scene. Also, there is no record of her ever being kidnapped or reported missing as a child. The only other thing on her record is that she spent some time in a mental health facility in late 2001 early 2002.
Gabi: So you’re saying Sir is telling me the truth?
Mark: Gabi, what did you just say? Sir is telling the truth? Have you been in contact with him?