Aegon's Conquest: HBO to Develop New Game of Thrones Spinoff Described as 'Direct Prequel' to House of the Dragon

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HBO is returning to Westeros!

The network that made history with Game of Thrones and experienced comparatively moderate success with the spinoff House of the Dragon is now developing a third series based in the medieval fantasy world of author George R.R. Martin.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed this week that HBO has greenlit a project with the reported working title of Aegon's Conquest.

Matt Smith as Daemon on Season 2 - House of the Dragon

The story of the first Aegon Targaryen will be familiar to diehard GoT fans.

(Although those who watched the first two series more casually can be forgiven if that name no longer rings a bell. There's an awful lot of lore in this franchise!)

Basically, Aegon I is the guy who began the process of uniting the Seven Kingdoms when he made a dragon-back flight from Old Valyria with his sister-wives Rhaenys and Viseyna.

Aptly known as Aegon the Conqueror, this founder of the Targaryen dynasty is frequently name-dropped by other characters, particularly his descendants on House of the Dragon.

History-obsessed King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine) was especially interested in the life and achievements of the OG Aegon, and with good reason.

Declining Viserys - House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 7

The shadow Aegon and his three dragons still loomed large during Viserys' reign, and the troubled king was succeeded on the Iron Throne by his first son, Aegon II (who was then succeeded by his nephew Aegon III).

That's one reason why some fans are surprised by this week's news.

After all, the exploits of Aegon have already been discussed and dissected on House of the Dragon.

It's easy to see why some viewers might feel that that particular topic has been covered sufficiently.

But it's worth noting that the Game of Thrones franchise has been dividing its fan base since the day the pilot episode debuted in 2011.

Daenerys - Game of Thrones

While there may have been some universal letdowns along the way (five years later, the Game of Thrones series finale has found few revisionist defenders), HBO deserves a world of credit for taking a risk on two unproven showrunners and their plan to develop an unfinished series of fantasy novels.

And even in today's risk-averse television landscape, when it comes to the world of GoT, HBO execs remain committed to shelling out for top talent and allowing showrunners plenty of freedom.

For the as-yet (officially) untitled Aegon series, the network is bringing in Mattson Tomlin, a buzzed-about writer who collaborated with director Matt Reeves on 2022's The Batman, as well as the upcoming sequel The Batman Part II.

Tomlin is currently the showrunner for Netflix's Terminator: The Anime Series.

So the guy is no stranger to the sort of genre fare that serves as a breeding ground for obsessive fandom.

Prisoner - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

George R.R. Martin adaptations have delivered the closest thing to reliability that HBO has seen in recent years.

Ratings for House of the Dragon paled in comparison to those for Game of Thrones (the GoT finale brought in 19 million viewers, while Dragon received a comparatively paltry 2.7 million).

But the latter series was still the network's biggest hit of the past two years by a considerable margin.

So it's not hard to see why HBO would be all-in on Westeros.

However, there are concerns that fans might soon experience dragon fatigue.

Rhaenys Looks Unimpressed - House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 9

After all, in addition to Dragon and Aegon, HBO is currently developing A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, which will center on Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire, Egg.

The series will be set about 50 years before the events of the original Game of Thrones.

There's plenty of source material there, as Martin has already penned three novellas in that series.

But as with A Song of Ice and Fire -- which served as the inspiration for GoT -- the author has yet to complete the saga.

Here's hoping the showrunners of the current and upcoming Martin adaptations won't have quite as much trouble as their predecessors when it comes to nailing the dismount!

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As the first century of the Targaryen dynasty came to a close The health of the Old King, Jaehaerys, was failing. In those days, House Targaryen stood at the height of its strength with ten adult dragons under its yoke. No power in the world could stand against it. King Jaehaerys reigned over nearly 60 years of peace and prosperity but tragedy had claimed both his sons Leaving his succession in doubt. So, in the year 101 The Old King called a Great Council to choose an heir. Over a thousand lords made the journey to Harrenhal. Fourteen succession claims were heard But only two were truly considered. Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, the King's eldest descendant and her younger cousin, Prince Viserys Targaryen The King's eldest male descendant. It is declared by all lords paramount and lords vassal of the Seven Kingdoms That Prince Viserys Targaryen be made Prince of Dragons tone! Rhaenys, a woman, would not inherit the Iron Throne. The lords instead chose Viserys my father. Jaehaerys called the Great Council To prevent a war being fought over his succession. For he knew the cold truth. The only thing that could tear down the House of the Dragon was itself.


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Alicent: When Princess Nymeria arrived in Dorne, who did she take to husband? Rhaenyra: A man.
Alicent: What was his name?
Rhaenyra: Lord Something.
Alicent: If you answer with "Lord Something," Septa Marlow will be furious.
Rhaenyra: She's funny when she's furious.
Alicent: You're always like this when you're worried.
Rhaenyra: Like what?
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Rhaenyra: I only worry for my mother. I hope for my father that he gets a son. As long as I can recall, it's all he's wanted.
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Rhaenyra: Fuck the Septa.
Alicent: Rhaenyra!

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