Fire Country Preview: Will Bode Try to Ruin Gabi's Engagement? Or Steal Cara From Jake? Could Fans Forgive Him For Either?

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Fire Country is a show that lives up to its name in every episode.

The action sequences are unlike anything we've seen on network television before, and the writers do an impressive job of tying the show's interpersonal drama into the storylines about trapped campers and raging wildfires.

And that's a very good thing, because for all of the effort that goes into realistically portraying those towering infernos, we get the sense that it's the relationships that really keep viewers coming back for more.

Bode and Cole on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

In case you've fallen behind (and haven't been reading our Fire Country reviews! For shame!), passions have been burning as hot as a five-alarm blaze in the show's second season.

But not always in a good way.

Sharon Suits Up - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

There's plenty of romance, but it's largely overshadowed by angst.

Obviously, there's no drama without conflict, but these days, we're rooting for the writers to show a little sympathy to this show's fledgling lovebirds.

Even Vince and Sharon Leone -- who are often cited by the other characters as a living example of the perfect couple -- are being put through the wringer this season.

But no one embodies heartbreak or seems like an emo-country crossover song come to life more than Vince and Sharon's son, Bode Leone.

It seems that not a scene goes by that doesn't give new justifcation for the wounded puppy expression that Bode wears at all times.

Manny Prepares - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

Currently, the guy is at the intersection of two pseudo-love triangles.

He pines for his most recent ex, Gabriela Perez, who is now engaged to her fellow medic Diego.

But he also has a complicated relationship with Cara, who -- in addition to being in a serious relationship with Jake Crawford -- is the mother of Genevieve, who is probably Bode's daughter.

It's the sort of layered messiness that one usually finds on daytime soaps rather than primetime first responder dramas.

Now, amid news that Fire Country has been renewed for a third season, we're asking the question that seems to be on the minds of many fans at the moment:

Has this show written itself into a corner?

The above trailer for this week's episode promises a scene in which Bode is trapped in a chemical plant explosion, and honestly, at this point, incinerating the poor guy might be the only way to resolve his storylines.

The show's central character can't be without a love interest forever, but both of his current situationships are unviable.

Gabi deserves the happiness she seems to have found with Diego, and Jake and Cara seem to work well together.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that Jake is an on-again, off-again friend of Bode's, and he's a positive presence in the life of Genevieve, all of which would make it even more messed up if Bode attempted to win Cara back.

Bode Prepares - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

He's a family-oriented guy whose downward spiral began with the death of his sister.

So it would make sense for Bode's happy ending to involve the formation of a happy nuclear family consisting of him, Cara, and Genevieve.

But it's tough to imagine any such scenario that wouldn't necessitate Bode seriously screwing over his oldest friend.

And since the show is largely centered around Bode's redemption arc, that wouldn't make for a very satisfying storyline.

In fact, it would likely alienate some viewers for good.

Gabriels Suits Up - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

The same can be said of most situations in which Gabi and Bode wind up together.

Sure, she could break up with Diego for non-Bode-related reasons, but Bode has repeatedly proven that he's no good for her.

So even if Gabi winds up back on the market, she still deserves a better ending than reconciling with Bode.

Look, we know we're getting ahead of ourselves by imagining character arc conclusions for a show that's only halfway through its second season.

But the opportunity to speculate wildly is half the fun of a show like Fire Country.

Bode Does Some Coloring - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

And if we don't focus on the relationships, what are else are we gonna try to predict? The sort of conflagration that will break out next?

Look, we all know that despite trailers that might hint otherwise, Bode probably isn't gonna burst into flames anytime soon.

And despite the interference of that Irish drone operator guy, Vince and Sharon probably aren't gonna get divorced.

But the Bode romances (or "Bomances, if you prefer)?

Well, those have us flummoxed.

Bode Grabs an Ax - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

With a premise that asks us to root for convicted criminals, Fire Country was always a more morally complex series than most shows of its ilk.

Thus far, the show and its writers have done an impeccable job of navigating that tricky terrain.

But we hope it's got an exit strategy in mind for Bode and his two love interests.

Because navigating that scenario can make fighting a raging wildfire look like a walk in the park.

What do you think, Fire Country fanatics? Should Bode wind up with Gabriela? With Cara? Should the show introduce a new love interest just in time for his next parole hearing? Are we giving this entirely too much thought? Hit the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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