Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers: Will and Faith Encounter Danger at a Wedding

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While these breaks between episodes haven't been fun, it'll be worth the wait to see Will and Faith in action at a wedding.

Will has never attended a wedding before. They would be the type of event that would make him nervous. While he wears suits daily, he's never donned a tux before.

However, spoilers for Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7 indicate that he escorts Faith and her son, Jeremy, to a wedding where they encounter danger instead of celebratory fun.

Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7 Spoiler Collage

Both the weekly promo and the spoiler photos make this event look entertaining as Will impersonates James Bond. Faith has always been more than a sidekick, so she'll also be fun to see in action.

If they're attending the wedding of one of Faith's friends, why is Will escorting them and not Luke? Since they encounter danger, Will and Faith should be there together.

Trent, Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Seeing Will and Faith interact with Jeremy will be even more enjoyable. We haven't seen Jeremy on screen since his dad, Charles, appeared in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 6.

In Karin Slaughter's novels, Jeremy and Will are close, and he even goes undercover with Will and pretends to be his son while in danger at a club.

Since Jeremy is street-smart, I can't wait to see how he adapts to seeing gunmen at a family friend's wedding. Hopefully, they keep his personalty canon, and he knows enough to follow Will and Faith's lead.

Having him there could be an asset or a liability.

Sensing Danger - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Since Sonja Sohn recently teased that Faith's character arc was coming up soon, this episode may explore her complicated relationship with her son.

There is no one Faith loves more than her son, Jeremy. Like many single mothers, she wants me to have a better life than she does, which is why she works so hard.

While Jeremy recognizes that and admires his mother, he is still young and has his own dreams, which often clash with Faith's.

This will be the first time we've truly experienced that mother-son bond and how Faith protects her son at all costs, no matter how much he annoys her.

The Gunmen - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Seeing gunmen could also trigger Will. So far, Will has managed to stay relatively calm during most cases, but during this season, he's been traumatized by a murder he witnessed as a child.

Seeing gunmen, a dead body, and more hostages could trigger him, especially if he's trying to keep Faith and Jeremy safe. While it's a sad fact, Will does not care about himself as much as he does about rescuing others.

The time will be ticking, and this episode will highlight whether Will and Faith can save each other, her son, and a mansion of hostages without backup. It will also highlight their arcs and the strength of their partnership.

Many of us have wanted to see this. It really looks like a James Bond thriller, with a wedding, action, and teamwork to catch the bad guys. You don't want to miss this episode.

Frantic - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Since Faith and Will learned the truth about Amanda's past, things have been frosty between them. So many things remain unsaid that Amanda would have many regrets if she never saw them again.

We've seen Amanda act tough and vulnerable lately, so if she can safely reach Will and Faith, she will move mountains to rescue them.

Her recent experience changed her, so she might not be as likely to charge first and ask questions later as she used to when a loved one's life is on the line.

More than likely, this will involve Amanda, Angie, and Det. Ormewood teaming up to save Will and Faith. We've seen much more meshing of the GBI and the APD in Will Trent Season 2, which has upped the entertainment factor.

Crystal - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 4

Elsewhere in the episode, Michael and Angie become wary of Crystal's behavior. If they're going to focus on Angie and Crystal's relationship, Crystal needs to do more than pop up every three episodes or so.

While Michael seems to think Angie is too involved in her life, Crystal is a teenage girl who experienced trauma and was recently abandoned by her mom. She needs an adult mentor.

This is a fine line since Michael has raised a teenager and knows the warning signs of lies, and Angie has been through what Crystal has. We're unsure what situation they find her in, but it could be better to use tough love or a sympathetic mentor.

So far, Angie has been proud of Crystal's changes, but she's still a kid who needs guidance. Getting a job at a restaurant and bar where she flirts with older men might not have been the best thing for her.

Over to you, Will Trent Fanatics. What are you most looking forward to seeing in "Have You Never Been to A Wedding?"

Are you excited to see Jeremy help his mom and Will keep the other hostages safe? Would you like to learn more about Crystal?

We'd love to hear your thoughts, so share them with us in the comments.

Will Trent airs at 9/8c on Tuesdays on ABC.

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Faith: You look like James Bond.
Will: The name’s Trent, Will Trent.
Faith: Stupid, real stupid.

Okay, I know I’m only your plus one because Luke’s out of town, but I promise I’m going do everything I can to make you look good.