Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Have You Never Been to A Wedding?

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That was an action-packed wedding.

Will assumed he was being a good friend by agreeing to escort Faith and Jeremy to a wedding. He never dreamed they'd be fighting for their lives.

But, multiple gunmen held the wedding guests hostage on Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7 as Will, Faith, and Jeremy saved the day.

Their Next Move - Will Trent

We've seen Will and Faith's partnership evolve since the beginning of the series, but in "Have You Never Been to A Wedding," we saw how in tune they were to each other.

Will understood that Faith felt insecure attending her friend's wedding, so he promised to make her look important.

Okay, I know I’m only your plus one because Luke’s out of town, but I promise I’m going do everything I can to make you look good.


Trent, Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Faith has always worried about what others think of her because she was a teen mom and raised Jeremy alone.

This installment explored Faith and Jeremy's complex relationship, and how she always wanted more for her son, but he had his dreams.

It was entertaining to watch Will referee, try to be the cool "uncle," and support Faith as she melted down.

Faith: Do you want to make this wedding black eye optional? Whose side are you on?
Will: Yours. Always yours.

In many ways, it was ironic that  Will impersonated James Bond because they needed someone like that to solve this crime at the wedding. Faith is more than a side-kick Bond girl, though. She's her own badass, and they both owned it.

Faith: You look like James Bond.
Will: The name’s Trent, Will Trent.
Faith: Stupid, real stupid.

Sensing Danger - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Even though Jeremy annoyed her when Will and Faith heard gunshots and saw multiple gunmen with hostages. Naturally, the first thing Faith did was discretely check for her son.

As soon as Will heads downstairs, he remembers the night Sleeveless Jack killed his wife. This was Ramon Rodriguez's best work, as he tried not to display his emotional trauma so he could keep Jeremy and his friends calm and safe.

Will always felt responsible for keeping others safe, evidenced by the numerous flashbacks of Will's younger foster siblings begging him to intervene and help.

This prompted him to ask the gunmen to remove the dead body from the reception to make the hostages feel more at ease.

Hands Up - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

While this episode was one of Will Trent's most traumatic, it also included humor, mainly the code names. Will impersonates Ricky Morales, the defense attorney, and gets Dominique, one of the gunmen, to trust him.

It was even better having the gunmen use their code names from infamous Atlanta Hawks players. Will was so smooth as he tried to convince Dominque to let the hostages go. He almost had him, too, until Stede and Christian, the waiter, realized a guest was missing.

Since she couldn't find a gun, Faith made a makeshift weapon by filling a sock with decorative stones. Faith was a total badass and defended herself with that weapon against Christian.

When he pinned her against a table, she stabbed him with a fondue fork. Even though she was terrified, Faith was determined to save the day.

Faith's Plan - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Faith was old school and believed that sending a fax to APD would bring help, but she needed a pen.

Jeremy: I saw my mom. She said she needed a pen.
Will: Did she say why? Well, I trust your mom. If she said she needs a pen in the middle of a hostage situation, I’m going to get her one.

Using Miss Patty to fake an asthma attack was also entertaining, as Will could sneak upstairs to discuss options with Faith.

Get your hands off my son!


Playing the Cha Cha slide to lure Stede to Faith was genius, and Faith exhibited some great fighting moves, but she overplayed her hand.

The gunmen turn on Dominque and tell Will to open the safe or Jeremy's friend, Colin, will die, and Stede threatens Jeremy's life.

Get your hands off my son!


The Gunmen - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Everything Will and Faith loved was on the line. Will couldn't handle the pressure of stalling since he knew nothing about safes, but he didn't want Colin's death on his conscience.

This was so well done, as Will begged the gunmen, interspersed with young Will remembering Sleeveless Jack killing his wife. Will needs therapy after all this.

So will Faith and Jeremy, who witnessed his mother unlocking them from a cell and attacking their assailant.

No wonder he thinks Faith is a hard act to follow.

Frantic - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

You had to feel for Amanda. Her entire family was in there, but she didn't want to send a team in too early and risk hurting Will, Faith, or Jeremy.

Seeing the bond the GBI and the APD have built has been refreshing. I was relieved Angie convinced Amanda to let them go in.

Michael arrived to rescue Will just in time, and Angie was there to soothe Faith.

They've become an unlikely family; thankfully, Faith and Amanda made amends.

Crystal - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 4

If the series insists on inserting Crystal into Angie's storyline, Crystal needs to be integrated better and appear for more than five minutes every three episodes.

Since her mom abandoned her, Crystal hasn't had a role model besides Angie. While he was harsh, Michael has dealt with kids more recently and has gotten used to their manipulations.

Angie: So what do you want me to do?
Michael: I want you to stop thinking like a mentor and start thinking like a detective.

Hopefully, Crystal wasn't playing them since they both risked their careers so she could have a second chance. But she's a teenager trying to survive. After her history with Lenny, Angie had the right to stop older male customers from flirting with Crystal.

It's disheartening because, much like Angie, that lifestyle is all Crystal knows. Flirting was how Crystal's self-esteem increased as her tips grew, too. Angie must show her that her self-worth is much more than that.

First Case Back - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 3

During Will Trent Season 2, Angie has used her instincts to know when to step back and when to be there for those she loves. She made the right decision by standing by Will's side since he finally fell apart.

By his memories, she must not have been in that foster home with him because Angie didn't know about the murder Will remembered. She only cared about reassuring him that he saved the day again, and his friends came to rescue him.

Will: They were going to kill all of us, and then I’d never see you again. That would kill me twice.
Angie: It’s over. You’re not there anymore. You’re right here. You’re right here with me.

While Erika Christensen teased at the beginning of the season that Angie and Will would always love each other, that reunion and steamy kiss still seemed unexpected.

While their lives have been connected through work, this was the first time they've emotionally connected in ages. Will doesn't usually let others in. Maybe this will be a healthy change for both of them.

Dapper Will - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7

Over to you, Will Trent Fanatics. Are you excited about Will and Angie's reunion?

Did you enjoy diving deeper into Will and Faith's partnership and Faith's history with her son? Do you think we'll learn more about Sleeveless Jack?

We'd love to hear your thoughts, so share them in the comments.

Have You Never Been to A Wedding? Review

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Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Faith: You look like James Bond.
Will: The name’s Trent, Will Trent.
Faith: Stupid, real stupid.

Okay, I know I’m only your plus one because Luke’s out of town, but I promise I’m going do everything I can to make you look good.